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12 January 2021

Must-Have Beauty Products If You’ve Had Too Much Fun In The Sun

Sooth the sun damage to your face, hair and skin.

We know the sun is harmful, in many, many ways. Unfortunately, even when we practice sound sun safety, we occasionally slip up and sizzle our skin or hair in the UV rays. Below are the products we use on our face, hair and skin when we’ve copped a bit too much sun.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Wearing SPF daily is important in summer, winter, spring, autumn. But it’s in summer that we must be especially diligent to keep the sun’s harmful rays off our beautiful and delicate faces.

If you’re stuck on a good face sunscreen read our recent article here.

When you’ve had a bit too much sun on the face it’s very important to be gentle with your skin.

Once you’re home and realised what you’ve done, pull back on anything active such as Vitamins (A, C, salicylic) and anything too exfoliating, whether that be chemical or physical.

When it comes to skincare ingredients to add to your post-sun routine, look for gentle products that nourish, rehydrate and repair. Seek out products high in Vitamin B (niacinamide), hyaluronic acid, peptides, probiotics and products rich in oils. Ingredients high in viscosity such as natural oils, will adhere to the skin, and help reinforce the skins barrier. Night creams work well too.

SUNDAY RILEY Juno Antioxidant + Superfood Face Oil 15ml, $64.37, Net-A-Porter



As with the skin, our hair can get extremely damaged if proper care isn’t taken whilst it’s exposed to the sun (as well as the surf and sand).

Especially for those who have dyed their hair, those who use heat tools frequently and those whose hair is especially high maintenance, taking effective care throughout the sunny months is imperative.

Prior to sun exposure, there are actually hair products that contain SPF to apply prior to stepping into the sun, that help protect from UVA and UVB rays.

For those of you who may have missed that memo and need a gigantic surge of hydration to get your hair back to health, we recommend using a combination of treatments as well as protectants to not only repair but stop any further damage occurring.

If your locks are feeling a little brittle, course and in need of a surge of moisture, we recommend looking out for ingredients such as keratin, Vitamin E and coconut oil.

SACHAJUAN Hair After The Sun 100ml, $47.53, Net-A-Porter


While getting sunburnt is a lesson we should only have to learn once, its occurrence happens far greater than that, unfortunately.

Being surrounded by a vast and magnificent coastline is one of the gifts many of us have been blessed with, so we’re sure you’ve still got a few days of surplus sun to deal with yet.

While it sounds dramatic, sun damage to the skin is trauma to the skin. Sun affected skin can look or feel like peeling, redness, heat, pigmentation, sensitivity and in very traumatic cases, blistering and bleeding.

Once the damage has been done, it’s important to act fast to try and reduce the severity of the effects your sun exposure will cause (concerns like pigmentation can last for years!).

Ensure hydration, nourishment and soothing ingredients are applied to the skin directly after the sun exposure occurs. Products containing aloe vera, rich in natural oils and extracts will calm the area down and reduce the severity of your burn.

Please stay away from scrubs and super-hot water, these will aggravate your already very fragile skin.

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