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12 October 2020

Your Spring Wardrobe Essentials Sorted

Embrace the season of warm days, cool nights, and blossoms abound with these spring wardrobe staples.

Every woman needs a capsule of essential pieces to help flaunt her style, effortlessly, every day. Each garment will help transform the rest of your wardrobe into a treasure trove of style made especially for spring.

Words By Eva Marchingo


The love child of a shirt and a jacket, this garment will literally add a whole new layer to your outfit.

As the winter winds sweep into the past, you won’t be caught out cold when you’re wearing an overshirt.

An overshirt is the perfect level of thickness for when you know you’ll be too cold without a jacket, and too warm with one.

It’s the perfect piece of outerwear for in-between weather.

You can wear an overshirt through all seasons and styles, button it up or keep it loose – anything works with an over-shirt.

An overshirt is practical, style-centric, and unbelievably versatile, making it a must have for any capsule wardrobe.

Nanushka Beige Vegan Leather Martin Shirt Jacket, $1,170, SSENSE



Sweaters, jumpers, fabric-hugs; whatever you call them, you need one in your closet this spring.

Keep a sweater handy for that time in the late afternoon when the cool breeze gets a little too cool.

Slide into a sweater and cuddle into someone you love, because this garment is made for carefree comfort without compromising style.

We’re leaving winter behind, so make sure your spring sweater is light-weight, cropped, and light-coloured.

Sweaters are the best friend of your garments; they enhance the bright moments and provide comfort on darker days.

Take a sweater with you wherever you go, it will compliment any outfit and any moment.

Gorman Stacey Jumper, $99, The Iconic

Stretch Top

Keep it close to home during the sunnier months with a stretchy top.

Coming out of lockdown, comfort has become a priority, but luckily not at the expense of finesse.

A top made of stretchy material is both flattering and comfortable.

Sitting close to the skin, there’s no excess of fabric to hinder your movement or get too hot.

Whether it’s ribbed, jersey, or smock; a long sleeve, t-shirt, or bandeau; square neck, halter, or crew – a stretch top is the ultimate base for a great outfit.

Base layers are a staple for any wardrobe and you can tailor the base you choose to suit your style.

JACQUEMUS Adour Scoop-neck Ribbed-knit Bodysuit, $445, Matches Fashion

Stretch Top
Smock Dress

Smock Dress

We’re not talking about the smock you use to wear in childhood art class in, or the kind of smocking your mum loves to do.

Smocks have been reinvigorated: bright colours, different lengths, but still the same concept that has made its name as an enduring fashion garment.

Smocks are the easiest of all garments. You can whip one on and clean the house, pair it with a bright lip and a sandal to take on the day, or jump into a pair of heels for an event.

A smock is also a great layering piece, especially at the beginning of spring.

Pop on a turtleneck underneath and let your legs soak up the last of the winter sun.

Apiece Apart Simone Broderie-anglaise Cotton Dress, $885, Matches Fashion


With all this talk of smocks and slacks, you might think you’ve stepped into your grandmother’s wardrobe, but not quite.

Slacks are here to bridge the gap between your oh-so-comfortable track pants and your stiff jeans.

Italian-French designer Pierre Cardin allegedly once said, “The jean is the destructor. It is a dictator. It is destroying creativity.”

Whether you agree or not, the time has come to retire your jeans in favour of a more comfortable pant: enter slacks.

The versatility of a slack shows most in the vast array of fabric opportunities an design features like the pant rise or leg length.

You can have slacks that are shimmery, leather, linen and more. All perfect for spring.

Topshop Peg Trousers, $74.95, The Iconic

Mini Skirt

Mini Skirt

Force summer to come early with the power of the mini skirt.

What was once the go-to garment of the mid 2000s, is coming back with a vengeance.

Pinched straight off your old Bratz doll, a plaid, pleated mini will aid you in your e-girl style mission.

Reclaim your feminine wiles with a single or double side split, available in all kinds of fabrics.

Pair your mini with a big sweater and boots too get you through colder days, and find a cute t-shirt for the warmer ones.

Give this 1960s invention new meaning in this new decade; an homage to days (and styles) gone by.

Gil Rodriguez SSENSE Exclusive Green Terry Tennis Skirt, $150, SSENSE

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