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Figuration Libre: Cotton On x Keith Haring

A pop culture icon has been revived with the latest collaboration between Keith Haring and Cotton On.

Emerging from the New York subculture of urban graffiti, Keith Haring created iconography that has transcended time. His style became known for its use of ‘Figuration Libre’ or ‘Free Style’ art, utilising bright saturated hues contrasted with thick black borders.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Haring’s artwork acts as a social commentary on politics, consumerism, war, and sexuality. The use of bold shapes and bright colours have given Haring’s art an urban edge, that has become a favourite for fashion collaborations. The latest collaboration with Australian fashion house, Cotton On sees Haring’s pop culture icons become wearable art.

The ‘Untitled – Love Heart Motif’ is seen as a feature on oversized T-shirts and hoodies in a variety of colours. The cartoon simplicity of this image is seen with radiant line details being held up by one or two cartoon figures. Designed in the 80’s, it sought to promote the acceptance of homosexuality, a controversial topic during the AIDs epidemic of the time.

Another progressive design was the animated figures linked by the gender symbol. The union of same-sex figures represents Haring’s advocacy for same-sex love, an empowering design that continues to be important today. Haring’s designs were influenced by the sub-culture of hip-hop which birthed his drawing of ‘Dancing Figures’. These animated silhouettes in bright primary colours are surrounded by lines to emulate movement and energy.

In the latest collaboration with Cotton On we see these motifs featured on a collection of street style staples, from oversized track pants and t-shirts to graphic caps and bucket hats. Add these iconic designs to your home interiors with them featuring on cushions and crockery.

Embrace these empowering ideologies of freedom with the latest collection from Cotton On x Keith Haring.

Edit by Cara Briggs

Figuration Libre: Cotton On x Keith Haring