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On Our Radar
7 October 2021

6 Australian Brands You Should Have on Your Radar

The iconic brands making their way into our hearts and wardrobes.

Australia is known for its natural wonders, but now the country’s designers are proving fashion is rightfully deserving of a place at the top of the list. Seen on Melbourne Fashion Week runway lineups, past and upcoming, these six luxurious Australian brands are consistently proving themselves in the fashion sphere. Including everything from dresses to two-piece sets, jumpsuits and accessories, standout designs are what these brands are known for. And we have combined some of our favourite items to help make your spring fashion wardrobe much better.

Words By Kaylah Baker


An Australian fashion house known for being effortlessly cool and adored, Aje. knows how to balance statement features with simplistic designs.

Founded in 2008 by Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest, the brand was created to represent a quintessential coastal to urban style. And while the collections continue to be adventurous and bold in expression, the brand has not swayed from its original vision.

Known for traditional techniques of hand-painted prints, natural fabrics and raw-edged finishes, each garment is intricately detailed in design.

And this season is all about honing in on the theme ‘Olive’. Designing apparel in olive green shades and olive leaf prints, Aje is aware of what our wardrobes have been missing. Even if we weren’t aware until now.

Because Spring is upon us, the recent collection is a manifestation of our ideal warm weather apparel needs. Think linen shorts and two-piece, one-hundred percent cotton maxi skirts and cropped top ensembles.

Ideal combinations help aid shoppers with effortless styling, and for that we are thankful.

Aje is a luxurious brand making continuous steps into being the forever-evolving brand we can count on.

Oasis Olive Leaf Button Short, $275, Aje

Camilla and Marc

Camilla and Marc

Inspired by high-end designs and the art of constructive clothing, CAMILLA AND MARC is simplistic in approach and modern in design.

A successful mixing of family and business, the label’s name is representative of the siblings who established it in 2003. Business-minded Marc Freeman and design-led Camilla Freeman-Topper are the perfect execution of an unlikely mix.

Trained at Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney and Accademia Italiana arte moda in Florence, Camilla is passionate about quality textiles and couturier techniques.

Focused on sophistication and femininity, the brand manages to weave masculine tailoring and androgynous shapes throughout its collection, successfully and subtly.

And the latest arrivals promise to meet your expectations on what an effortless, chic spring wardrobe should be. From slim tailored, flared pants in a canary yellow gauze to a pastel blue midi dress with cut out detailing on the waist.

CAMILLA AND MARC is an Australian label that understands its climate.

Designed for balmy summer nights, tropical getaways and spring picnics, the latest collection knows just what every Australian fashion-crazed shopper needs.

Dimaro Top, $380, CAMILLA AND MARC

sass & bide

Established in 1999 by Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton, sass & bide is a designer label representing the seamless blend of two best friends and their creative visions.

With a first seasonal collection being seen at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia a mere two years after being founded, the label is now recognised worldwide.

Dedicated to the strong, the obscure and the beautiful, the vast range online represents exactly what their mission is.

From bold colours to distinct detailing, nothing from sass & bide screams simplistic. And with varying garments of all different shapes, colours, prints and materials, the designs cover a wide-range of styles.

Forever creative and unique, we strongly recommend sass & bide for anyone willing to be a bit more adventurous with their styling choices.

Start simple with a graphic, embellished boxy fit shirt and then step out of your comfort-zone gradually by pairing it with a high-waisted layered maxi skirt in a bold shade.

Pair with some high-top sneakers and you are well on your way to achieving the sought-after sass & bide vibe.

Moment In The Sun Top, $250, Sass & Bide

sass & bide
Carla Zampatti

Carla Zampatti

Filling the gaps in the fashion sphere has always been at the heart of Carla Zampatti’s mission. A much sought-after designer, Zampatti has been designing a multitude of celebrities since she started out in 1965.

A name and label many are familiar with around the globe, Zampatti always believed in fashion allowing women to express their own individuality, confidently and comfortably.

And with her knowledge and experience, she also understood the importance of making sustainable business choices and remaining ethical.

Always opting to support local manufacturers in Australia, Zampatti was proud of the country she lived in and knew Australian manufacturers were capable of sharing her vision.

While the fashion industry now feels the gap of Zampatti’s passing earlier this year, her legacy lives on through her brand.

Known for beautifully tailored and timeless garments, the collection manages to remain on-trend while stepping outside the norm.

Bold in design and colour palette, the Carla Zampatti designs are forever design-led. And the garments on offer this season remain sophisticated and clean-cut.

A collection the style icon should be proud to have representing her name.

Tahitian Paradise Waterfall Dress, $999, Carla Zampatti


Understanding the Australian luxury fashion industry since 1938, Oroton is a company with a rich history not many can compare to.

Founded in Sydney by Boyd Lane, Oroton originally started as a textile design company. Only to swiftly launch into the fashion scene with their iconic mesh bags. A must-have accessory for ladies with a fine eye for detail.

Committed to representing peak elegance and true craftsmanship through every design, the brand has now evolved into clothing.

While bags will always be Orotons most notable item, the minimalistic, high-quality designer clothes are worth every penny.

Creating timeless collections that remain loyal to their beginnings, Oroton continues to be a strong competitor nationally and internationally.

Designing unique stylistic apparel that steps outside of the demanding trends some brands lose themselves in.

Loveable handbags aside, the contemporary designed dresses and detailed shorts on offer this season are crafted to perfection. Ready to be the simple, everyday spring attire items your wardrobe needs.

Short Sleeve Leather Overshirt, $749, Oroton



Fashion has always been an expression in one way or the other, and no garment tells this story quite like a Camilla ready-to-wear outfit.

Designed to represent freedom of expression and freedom of the self, Camilla is as poetic as it is adventurous.

Finding inspiration in art and design, Camilla Franks is the magic behind the brand.

Starting the Camilla label in 2004 with a vision to create vibrant luxurious resort and occasion wear, it is clear to see expectations have been exceeded.

Attentive to detail, Franks ensures all the garments are unique and respected. Culture-inspired prints are hand-drawn and painted by artists, and every following stage of design is done by hand.

Explorative in collection and designs, Camilla speaks to the free-spirited souls.

And with an extensive collection of bathers, dresses, playsuits, headbands and buckled block-heeled boots, the luxury Australian brand highlights the beauty of blending imaginative storytelling with fashion.

V Neck Flared Jumpsuit, was $799 now $559, Camilla

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