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20 October 2023

Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Everything Shower

Pamper yourself with the hottest self-care trend: the everything shower.

Step aside, basic showers! There's a new hottest trend in town: the Everything Shower, elevating the self-care game for millennials and Gen Z. TikTok's #everythingshower has amassed 123.7 million views. The phenomenon is a lavish process about self-indulgence and requires around an hour or more of your day for relaxation and features pre, during and post shower rituals with an emphasis on self-care.

Words By Erin Visagie

Dry Brushing and Essential Oils

Step one to the Everything shower is to start your pre-shower ritual with dry brushing and using essential oils to rehydrate your skin after exfoliating it.

Dry brushing helps with creating radiant skin and removes dead skin for a nice glow. You’ll want to find a body brush with firm natural bristles like the Salt By Hendrix Dry Body Brush.

Gently massage your body in upward, circular motions in a soft way to allow for a relaxing exfoliation experience ( and make sure your body is 100% dry for the best benefits).

Some people also use essential oils to replenish the skin and restore the skin’s barrier, allowing for a more relaxing experience.

Applying topical oils can provide a thin, comforting layer of protection between your skin and the hot water.

For a super relaxing experience, try the cute In-essence Wellbeing Roll-On set. This trio features three roll-on oils (named anxiety, breathe and headache). Each oil offers an array of gorgeous replenishing scents and helps reduce stress and other ailments.

Browse our other picks for the must-have products for your pre-shower ritual below.

Salt By Hendrix Dry Body Brush, $29.95, Adore Beauty

Luscious Locks

Next up is rocking your hair wash routine, depending on your hair type. One of the best things you can do during your Everything shower is to start off with a hydrating shampoo to ensure your strands are super clean and give yourself a scalp massage with your fingertips for a relaxing but clean hair, then go in with your favourite conditioner or treatment.

A great shampoo to try is the Vegamour HYDR-8 Shampoo. It helps nourish your hair, reduces breakage and frizz, makes it shiny, is colour-safe, hydrates for 72 hours and protects against environmental aggressors.

Another tip for your everything shower is to pop in a conditioner or swap it out for a hair mask you can leave in while you do the rest of your pampering. It helps with dry hair or coloured hair and is excellent for curly hair to do a hair mask, too. My favourite hair mask is Milk_shake Argan Deep treatment; it makes my colour-treated hair super silky and soft, repairs excess breakage, and smells great.

Discover more fantastic hair products for your next everything shower below.

Vegamour HYDR-8 Hydrate and Repair Shampoo, $62, Sephora

Silky Smooth Shaving

Ready for the ultimate smooth shave? It’s all about timing and the right products. After exfoliating, when your skin is fresh and free from dead cells, it’s the perfect moment to pick up that razor. Say goodbye to those annoying ingrown hairs and razor burns! This post-exfoliation shave gives you a closer, smoother experience that feels fantastic and leaves your skin looking flawless.

But it doesn’t stop there. After your shave, it’s time to bring back that glow. A cleansing body wash revitalises your skin, rehydrating it for that refreshing and rejuvenated feeling.

If you’re looking for the ideal shaving kit, look no further than the Nära Shaving Starter Kit. It’s got everything you need: a safety razor, scented shaving oil, and quality blades.

And for that extra dose of pampering, don’t miss the Fur shave cream. Packed with skin-loving ingredients like vitamin E, tea tree oil for controlling excess sebum, and soothing lavender oil, it’s your secret weapon to reducing razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation.

Browse more top picks for shaving product saviours below.

Nara Shaving Starter Kit – Matte Gold, $85, Adore Beauty

Double Cleansing

Now is the time in your everything shower to help show your skin some extra love and TLC, depending on your skin type. If you want to embrace the magic of double cleansing, start with an oil-based cleanser. An oil-based cleanser is perfect for removing any makeup, debris and sunscreen before beginning the rest of your self-care skincare routine.

Regarding oil-based cleansers, the Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil reigns supreme. It’s a universal champion, suitable for all skin types. What’s in its arsenal? The ability to effortlessly whisk away even waterproof makeup. But that’s not all. It’s also a guardian of your skin’s protective barrier, ensuring it stays hydrated and blissfully free from irritation.

But we’re not done spoiling your skin just yet. For a burst of hydrating goodness, meet the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. Infused with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, it’s a multitasking marvel. Not only does it cleanse, but it fortifies your skin’s protective fortress, preventing potential irritation. And the best part? It’s your trusty companion for both your face and body.
Check out our top cleansing picks below.

Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil, $62, Adore Beauty

Skincare Bliss

As you bask in the warm embrace of the steamy shower, why not take your skin on a joy ride with eye and face masks? These tiny self-care superheroes work their magic as you multitask, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and radiant. Slip on an eye mask to combat puffiness and dark circles while your face mask soothes and nourishes your skin. It’s the ultimate multitasking move for that enviable post-shower glow.

We recommend the Urban Jungle Hemp Day clay mask for a refreshing and hydrating face mask. The mask features natural ingredients like hemp, kaolin clay and matcha, balances oil production, removes impurities and hydrates the skin quickly. Plus, hemp seed is excellent for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing inflammation.

But if you’re more of an eye mask girlie, try the Wishful Eye Lift & Contour Double Peptide Hydrogel Masks. These eye masks brighten and refresh the under eyes and are infused with peptides, orchid extracts and cooling gel to reduce puffiness, soothe tired eyes and leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Browse Monde’s top picks for skincare below.

Urban Jungle Hemp Day Clay Mask, $36, Sephora

Glow On

The Everything Shower declares self-love and self-care and is here to stay. So, why settle for an ordinary shower when you can have the everything shower of your dreams? Dive in and experience the epitome of lavish self-care with the final step.

The post-shower ritual isn’t just a mundane task; it’s a luxurious journey to silky, radiant skin. The secret to success? While your skin is damp, use a moisturiser to lock in moisture and leave it feeling soft and supple. Long showers can be refreshing but dehydrate your skin, leaving it vulnerable to irritation. For this, Weleda’s skin food body butter is a great choice. A natural moisturised finish is achieved through cocoa, shea butter, chamomile, calendula, and pansy.

Seize these precious moments to indulge in a soothing massage with your moisturiser, sinking deeper into relaxation. And if you’re a fan of a sun-kissed glow, apply a touch of face tan water after exfoliating and hydrating. The perfect one to try is the Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water; it’s a gradual self-tanner for the face that takes all the fear out of adding a beautiful glow to your complexion, won’t clog pores, and is packed with anti-aging ingredients to keep skin looking fresh, tan, and youthful all in one go.

Below are some fantastic products you can use to create your post-shower ritual.