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Get the Look 16 December 2022

What to Wear on Christmas Day, According to Your Plans

Forget the halls, it’s time to deck yourself out! Here’s some outfit inspiration for the festive times ahead.

The dress code of your compulsory holiday events will totally depend on the formalities your family choose to make tradition. So, whether you’re in for a relaxed lunch, formal festivities or gearing up to greet the hordes of cousins, we’ve got you covered when it comes to your outfit.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Extended Family Festive

If you come from a long line of family-first lineage, then chances are the lead up to Christmas is jam-packed with weekend gatherings, ticking off seeing different pockets of family members. Personally, I don’t have that much extended family to relate, but understand that a drawn-out Christmas period can be a lot to handle socially, emotionally, and when it comes to picking the perfect outfit.

The scene is set at a local park, because let’s be honest, the guest list far exceeds anything that could be contained in a household. The weather is nice, mild, let’s say 25 with some welcomed cloud covering. The perfect outfit needs to say festive, not ironically, and something formal enough that your extended family members feel like you’ve dressed for the occasion.

Our solution? Opt for a Chino, like these from Club Monaco, instead of denim! Pair them with a festive t-shirt and a linen shirt over the top to bring the whole look up a notch. You’re absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to linen shirtings, especially from our friends over at The Iconic.

Finish the look off with one of your freshest, cleanest pair of sneakers (like these cool options from New Balance) and voila! Now, who’s ready for pav?

Huffer Dusk Party Shirt, $99.90, The Iconic

Casual Coastal Cool

This option is way more my family’s speed. If you take a very Australian approach to Christmas, meaning eating outside and always leaving time for a beach dip, then the outfit offered here will be something perfect to chuck on for the day.

Coastal casual cool should allow you to feel relaxed, comfortable and unrestricted when it comes to enjoying an impromptu game of backyard cricket, dip in a body of water or a post lunch food-coma nap. Perfect.

Presuming we’re in for a hot day, which if you’re located in the South-Eastern part of the country, you absolutely are this year, then a simple t-shirt, flowy pair of linen pants and pair of Birkenstock Arizona’s are the perfect combo.

The Wrangler Tee offered below is a great graphic tee staple that perfectly balances surfy vibes and enough colour to brighten any summer look.

If you’re feeling a little funky and trying to avoid the annoying sun throughout the meal outside, we think this Crochet Hat from ASOS is a fun accessory that matches the colours in the printed tee, perfectly. The hat would double as a great festival addition if you’re planning on spending time at any over the summer break.

Wrangler Galene Baggy Tee, $64.95, The Iconic

All Out Formal

If your family is one that prefers to leave the culinary and hosting stresses to professionals come holiday time, then this is the one for you. Whilst I have never eaten out on Christmas Day, I know there are families and those who don’t particularly celebrate Christmas that prefer to do so. If you’re part of a clique that book in for a fancy degustation or dinner to celebrate the festivities, then here’s some fancy clothes to wear to them!

Of course, nothing says suave and formal than a suit, but why not bring it into the festive realm with something a little jazzier-right? This deliciously rich agave-toned suit from our friends over at YD is that little bit of fun that Christmas calls for. It also possesses the versatility to wear individually year-round to work and other events!

Pair the suit with a crisp white tee to keep everything on a stylish level and not too formal. This luxe option from the French House Celine is a touch of designer frosting that never hurts.

Oh and if you’re into a designer touch, these classic pair of shades from Prada are on sale. Rude not to, right?

YD. Lukey Skinny Stretch Suit Jacket, $199.99, The Iconic

Food Coma Appropriate

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have another casual option for those who keep it relaxed over the Chrissy period. This short, tee and sneaker combo is the perfect go-to summer look that prioritises comfort and cool, no matter the occasion, honestly.

Starting from the ground up, we think this colourway in the iconic New Balance 550’s is nothing short of wicked. This style of lifestyle sneaker has been almost impossible to find since their relaunch about a year ago, and since then releases of new colourways has been feeding the appetites of sneakerheads worldwide.

We thought a linen pair of shorts with a drawstring waist was the perfect bottom option for a day of eating in excess. Breathable, adjustable and easy to wear, we couldn’t ask for a better option.

Lets add in another graphic tee to the mix, this option from Harley Davidson is a classic, and throw in a mid-authentic denim jacket for when the sun goes down.

Top the whole look off with an easy baseball cap and you’ve got a rancho relaxo holiday look that you’ll feel good in, all day.

New Balance 550 Unisex, $200, The Iconic