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Fitness 13 November 2023

Wellness Trend of 2024: The Rise of Strength Training

Introducing: Your Strongest Self

It’s official, strength training is in. Now is the time to lift more than your morning coffee and test your limits. In case you missed it, the time has come to stop avoiding strength classes and start adding them to your routine. A recent 2024 Wellness Trends prediction from fitness and wellness company Mindbody, has revealed strength training is on the rise … and for good reason.

Words By Kaylah Baker


Before you take that first step into a strength training routine, we believe it doesn’t hurt to look the part. Sometimes a cute workout outfit is the first step to motivating yourself back into the gym or some at-home exercises.

For strength training, which can encapsulate various moves and styles of classes, we suggest an outfit that moves with you. Nothing that gets in your way or restricts you.

We love the matching P.E Nation Backcheck Bike Short and Sports Bra, which offers the perfect amount of support for everything from running to HIIT workouts, and strength training.

You also need a pair of shoes that are stable and supportive. A personal favourite being the Adidas Originals Ozweego runners. Made for all workouts, they’re ideal for helping to provide balance and comfort, all the while offering a sleek and stylish look.

Keep your hair tied back with a Lululemon Fly Away Tamer headband, and the title of “serious weight lifter” is yours.

P.E Nation Backcheck Sports Bra In Cantaloupe, $99, P.E Nation

Hand Weights

If you are unsure about where exactly to start when it comes to strength training, then don’t worry because we have the list just for you.

Having at-home equipment there and ready to use is great for when you are trying to squeeze exercise into your already too busy schedule. Whether it is five minutes here, or twenty minutes there, it all helps.

The most obvious weights to use when starting out are, of course, dumbbells. The MoveActive Hand Weights and the PowerTrain Adjustable Dumbbells Set are both exemplary, no matter what stage you are at in your strength training journey.

When adding weighted squats into your routine, we suggest using the Onsport Fitness Kettlebell which offers a secure hold when doing high repetition exercises.

We can see you now – shoulder pressing, rowing, bicep curling, squatting, and swinging your way to your strongest state yet. Don’t worry if all of those phrases mean nothing to you yet, they will soon.

MoveActive Hand Weights, $69, The Iconic

Extra Strength-Related Equipment

In addition to the classic dumbbells and kettlebell, there are many other pieces of equipment that could help you on your strength training journey.

But like always, when it comes to trying new exercises don’t forget to consult professionals, do your research to ensure you have the correct techniques down pat, and listen to your body and its limits.

Strength training doesn’t always need to involve lifting heavy weights, in fact there are many other exercises that can inject a little bit of fun into your routine.

Boxing is a prime example. It focuses heavily on building strength and endurance, all the while adding something a little different to your routine. If you are working out with a friend or partner, the Red Corner Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads are ideal for shaking it up.

It’s also amazing what can be done with some Core Trainer Fabric Resistance Bands and MoveActive Ankle Weights. Hello, tired and weary day-after legs.

MoveActive Ankle Weights, $89, The Iconic

Useful Accessories

Ok, you’ve started out and you know you are committing to this trend. You love the way strength training helps improve mobility and flexibility, and you read about its numerous health benefits (ie. lowering cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among others).

You’re officially ready to step it up a notch, and have committed to the two to three day a week ideal (or up to five if you are rotating between different muscle groups).

Now is the time to check out all the super useful accessories that will help you continue to improve your strength.

First things first – Nike Gym Elemental Fitness Gloves. If you are going to be lifting a lot, calluses are going to start to show. While calluses are not the end of the world, and the gloves are predominately for helping to reduce slipping and improving grip, it’s still nice to know.

If you have the space for a little at-home gym set-up, the Everfit Multi-Station Weight Bench and Onsport Fitness Super Chin Up Bar can help to take your training to new heights, literally and figuratively.

Nike Gym Elemental Fitness Gloves – Women’s, $40, The Iconic