Veja X Mansur Gavriel: The Nature Dream

Refreshing to the eyes, embracing the feet

How two of the biggest brands of the moment collaboratively transformed the humble sneaker.

Words By Thuy Nguyen

The new Veja x MG collaboration brought to you a nature-inspired take on the classic Veja’s Campo sneakers. It is dazzling, comfortable and sustainable – everything we need to brighten up any winter days.

The collaboration offers the iconic Campo sneakers in four colours, yellow from the sunlight, blue from the clear sky, crema from the sand dune and rosa pink from the blooming hibiscus.

Campo sneakers are definitely the cult-favourite item from Veja, a brand immensely loved by many celebrities. Ever since its launch in 2005, the Paris-based brand Veja Project has proven its stand for high quality, socially and environmentally aware sneakers. Their sneakers are not just sneakers, they are a statement of nature-loving and care.

The partnership brand taking part in this incredible transformation is the New York luxury fashion house Mansur Gavriel. The brand is the definition of simplicity yet luxury, with the core inspiration of colour, nature, art and craft. Creating pieces simply with colours and silhouettes built up with sustainable materials, Mansur Gavriel is truly innovative and unique.

The two brands met in their great desire to protect our planet and a love for minimalism, there this gorgeous collaboration was born. Veja’s silhouettes in Mansur Gavriel’s pallet – it is promised to win everyone’s hearts. Not only the colours reflect their love for nature but also the materials. Campo sneakers are made of chrome-free leather and other organic and recycled materials, like Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, rice waste etc.

The gender-neutral Campo silhouette is absolutely flattering but still comfortable and super casual. It is minimalistic with colours covering every part of the pair, even the laces, but will not fail to be the protagonist to your casual outfit or a great complementary.

The collaboration is available to shop now! Let’s dive in and hype up the winter days ahead with these beauts!