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6 July 2023

Unlocking the Ultimate Infrared Sauna Experience

Create the perfect sauna kit for the ultimate infrared sauna experience.

Looking for an exciting way to revamp your wellness routine? Try an infrared sauna. We've seen them all over the wellness community ahem Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga and GOOP-approved Gwenyth-Paltrow. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas consist of wooden boxes equipped with heaters that emit rays of infrared light and boast benefits that include promoting circulation, relieving pain, boosting mood & more. You'll need the perfect sauna kit to get the maximum out of your infrared sauna sesh and some essentials can be found below.

Words By Erin Visagie

Comfy Clothes are a Must

Ready to start your infrared sauna wellness journey? You’ll need the perfect clothing choice if you prefer sauna coverage. Opt for lightweight, loose-fitting garments made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen or bamboo to allow air circulation and regulate body temperature.

Think loose shorts, tank tops or breathable dresses to ensure you get all the therapeutic benefits of the sauna while feeling comfortable. Prioritise your comfort and choose garments made from natural breathable fabrics and embrace the sauna experience’s relaxation and healing benefits.

An excellent option for superb sauna comfort is the Baserange Mississippi soft cup bra. It’s made from stretchy bamboo lyocell fabric that is super soft against the skin, plus it offers light support and is super breathable. What’s not to love?

Pair with the lightweight and breathable Bamboo Body Bamboo woven shorts. They are designed with a relaxed fit, elasticated waistband, and self-tie front, making them stylish and comfortable for sauna sessions.

Baserange Mississippi Stretch-bamboo Lyocell Soft-cup Bra, was $89.88 now $53.93, Net-A-Porter

Comfy Clothes are a Must


Relax into your sauna session by slipping into your favourite pair of bathers, relaxing, and letting the healing heat of the sauna work its magic on your body and mind.

Bathers provide an optimal solution for a rewarding and enjoyable infrared sauna experience regardless of preference for comfort, hygiene, or modesty. Bathers are a versatile and popular choice for an infrared sauna session as they are lightweight, breathable and wick away moisture thanks to their performance material.

For a comfortable sauna experience, opt for a moisture-wicking, cotton or natural swimsuit made from materials such as nylon for a more pleasant experience. Opt for a swimsuit without metal components, as these can become hot to the touch when exposed to infrared heat (thats an EXTRA hot tip).

A stylish swimsuit option is the Hunza G Rose Inc Iman Seersucker bikini; it’s made from nylon, so it’s super breathable and designed in collaboration with Rose Inc for some serious style points.

The Fisch Net Sustain Lucia stretch-ECONYL swimsuit has beautiful sheer mesh panels for a stylish look and a comfortable, breathable fit; it is another breathable yet badass option.

Hunza G + NET SUSTAIN Gigi Seersucker Bikini, was $290 now $174, Net-A-Porter


Sauna sessions require towels! Towels allow for a hygienic experience and more comfort while allowing you to reap the benefits of your infrared session. If you are relaxing naked in the sauna, use the towel to sit or lie on to protect you and the bench from sweat, germs, and bacteria.

A towel will soak up your sweat whilst cushioning you in a typically rigid, woody environment. Choose a soft, light cotton towel for ease and comfort.

Transform your wellness experience into a luxurious escape with the Frette Classic Bath Sheet. It’s incredibly soft, plush and absorbent, has a simple and timeless design, it is perfect for any luxurious sauna experience (and beyond), and is very comfortable.

The Lotus Bath Towel Set is an excellent option if you prefer sets. There are 2 x hand towels, 2 x face washers and 2 x bath towels included in the package. They are made from pure cotton combed to prevent short fibres from breaking. This kit will keep your skin fresh during sauna sessions, stay hygienic, and avoid breakouts.

Baina Organic Cotton Towel Set, $120, Farfetch



When embarking on your infrared sauna wellness journey, hydration is essential!

Drinking water is critical to stay hydrated during your infrared sauna session because high temperatures can cause excessive sweating and fluid loss. Be sure to drink enough water and listen to your body’s signals, pre, during and post infrared sauna.

Water bottles made of BPA-free plastic, stainless steel or vacuum-sealed are ideal for keeping your water cool because they are resistant to high temperatures and won’t leach chemicals. Rehydrate yourself post-sauna with another water bottle outside and some electrolytes on hand.

Keep cool with The Good BRAND Large Insulated Drink Bottle; it maintains the temperature of your water for hours and keeps it tasting fresh; it’s reusable and it helps saves our planet from single-use plastic! What’s not to love?

Another effective option is the Regent Ritual Sweat & Sip reusable glass water bottle. This allows you to stay hydrated and glow. It’s non-toxic, eco-friendly, and designe

Georg Jensen Sky Drinking Bottle Rose, $55, The Iconic


Reading books in an infrared sauna can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience; combining heat therapy benefits with the pleasure of reading can add to the rewarding self-care moment.

To safeguard your books from sauna environments, take appropriate precautions. Place them in a protective case or cover to shield them from direct heat. Use a zip-lock bag or plastic sleeves to create a barrier between the book and the sauna’s environment.

Pick a book you will enjoy or transport you into a relaxed state.

Opt for relaxing or self-help books to enhance your wellness experience, such as Zen: The Art of Simple Living by Zen Buddhist priest Shunmyo Masuno. This book is about finding your inner zen, applying it in lessons for 100 days and helping you find happiness through small changes. This will leave you feeling peaceful and calm!

Craving travel? Add the Assouline Greek Islands by Chrysanthos Panas hardcover book to your sauna experience. Whisk yourself away on a journey through 200 gorgeous pictures of Greek Islands that capture the beauty, history and spirit of the Greek Islands.

Assouline Greek Islands by Chrysanthos Panas, $170, Net-A-Porter



Infrared saunas offer excellent therapeutic benefits. Still, it’s worthwhile to remember that your body sweats out vital minerals and electrolytes during your infrared sauna experience and can leave you dehydrated. So after the sauna, you want to continue drinking water, but you also want to replenish those essential minerals and electrolytes lost by using supplements to rehydrate. The vital minerals you need to replenish include magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. Each of these balances internal fluid levels and regulates muscle and nerve activity.

For a tasty electrolyte fix, try the Cure Hydration Watermelon Hydrating Electrolyte Drink Mix; it’s plant-based, has no added sugar, has a flirty fruity flavour and helps you replenish your thirst and the drink mix can easily be added to your water, so you can have your electrolyte fix on the go.

For another easy electrolyte fix on the go, the Zaca Recovery Chewables are made with sustained amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes. These chewables help restore, revitalise and replenish your body after a lovely wellness sauna session.

Vida Glow Anti-G-Ox Antioxidant Powder, $80, Look Fantastic

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