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A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.
15 October 2023

Turn Heads with the Trending Tomato Chic Look

Rock the latest Tomato Girl makeup look.

With millions of views on TikTok, #tomatogirl is being embraced through different seasons. Look no further than Mia and Lucia from season 2 of The White Lotus and Hailey Bieber as key figures to embody this look. Whether you prefer a stunning sunkissed makeup look with bold red lips or a flushed and flirty red cheeks for a bold yet calm look, tomato girl makeup is a cute choice.

Words By Erin Visagie

Tomato Red Blushed Cheeks

It’s all about the flushed, flirty red or terracotta cheeks in this look.

It’s best to use a red-toned blush to achieve this cute look (this is universally flattering), warm the blush on your hand, and apply it gently with a light tap to your cheeks, nose bridge, and forehead (highlight areas where the sun would hit you) and use either a beauty blender or blush brush to blend the blush into your skin to create a pretty flush.

A cream blush, such as the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch blush, is perfect for this look.

For the dewy red-toned blush of your dreams, try the shade Grateful.

This liquid blush is easy to blend, buildable, pigmented and made to last all day with a natural-looking finish.

Try Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Yummy Skin Flushed Blurring Powder if you prefer powder products.

The flushing texture can be used for both lips and cheeks and it creates a natural-looking flush by hydrating the skin, balancing oil production, and balancing moisture.

Plus, the shades ‘golden hour’, ‘Jubilee’ and ‘dancing queen’ are shades of red that can be rocked on different skin tones!

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, $41, Sephora

Bronzed Goddess Cheeks

Another part of this look is to add a little bronzer for the kiss-by-a-sunny-day effect. If you want to replicate this look, use a lightweight cream bronzer or a cute bronzing powder.

Bronzer is all about placement, so make sure to apply it to parts of your face that are normally exposed to the sun’s rays, like your cheekbones.

A gorgeous cream bronzer, such as the Milk Makeup Bionic Bronzer, can be the key to this look.

For hydration and plumping, it contains mushroom extracts, vegan collagen, and hyaluronic acid and is easy to blend for a breathtaking glow that is natural yet breathtaking.

Use ‘Time Travel’ if you’re looking for a lighter bronze tone, ‘Shapeshift’ if you’re looking for a medium bronze, or ‘Indestructible’ if you’re looking for a deeper bronze.

Milk Makeup Bionic Bronzer, $57.42, Cult Beauty

If you’re seeking another minimal-effort bronzer that you can easily fit into your handbag, the MCoBeauty Super Glow Bronzing Drops are for you.

You can mix these drops in with moisturiser to create a bronze look that looks natural but glowy AF.

If you want a glowier look, try mixing it with your favorite foundation or using it as a liquid bronzer! Go figure!

Bold Red Eye Look

Ideally, tomato girl summer makeup should mirror your eyelid’s color or be just one or two shades darker than your natural eyelid color. However, why not spice it up a bit if you’re feeling adventurous?

Make your eye makeup routine more fun and flirty this summer by switching up your eye makeup.For a splash of colour that will turn heads, grab the perfect red eyeshadow for a super lowkey but fun look.

A red look is ideal for experimenting with a new look. For this, we recommend a pigmented but easy-to-blend shadow like the Sample Beauty Single Eyeshadow in the shade Cardinal.

Sample Beauty Single Eyeshadow, $7, Beauty Bay With its blendable formula and ultra-pigmented color, this red-hot shade creates a dynamic eye look that lasts all day long. Whenever you crave a new look, you can easily grab it out of your handbag or kit.

Another bold way to rock a red look is by using bold red eyeliner. With eyeliner, you can do an intense wing or any cool artsy look, so why not give it a go?

The SUVA Beauty Hydra Liner is a must-have eyeliner. It’s smudge and transfer-proof, delivers intense colour, and you can activate it with water for a bold matte effect that lasts all night long.

Tomato Red Lips

Match your lips to your flushed cheeks with a tomato-red-hued lippie to complete your tomato-girl makeup look. This adds that flirty, delightful la dolce vita vibe to your face.

For a long-lasting, glossy lippie, I love Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick.

A flawless matte finish is provided and it lasts up to 16 hours. Using the shades Ground Breaker, Pioneer and Voyager offers different shades of red that last the night or day without leaving your lips feeling dry. Personally, I wear this one every time I go out!

You can also choose a reliable lip and cheek tint; multi-use products are great for any occasion, including the Benefit Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain.

This one is the winner. It’s kiss-proof, offers hours of wear, is suitable for your face and lips and creates that gorgeous, subtle yet sexy red tone that is sure to be a good choice for upgrading your kit to that spicy tomato girl level.

Benefit Cosmetics Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain, $34.65, Cult Beauty