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22 December 2022

Things to Make Time by the Water, More Fun

4 types of gadgets to bring to your next water-filled fun day, to make things really special.

Summer has well and truly arrived here in the southern hemisphere, and so have the opportunities to spend time by the water. Here are some gadgets to make time spent by the water’s edge that more enjoyable.

Words By Brittany Lyons


No matter whether you’ve been blessed with your own backyard pool or are lucky enough to be situated near a public one, these water-filled oasis’ are the ideal option when you can’t be bothered to make the trek to the beach. If you’re spending a day in or by a pool, inflatable toys and things to float on make the experience that much more fun.

A classic inflatable option to dial up the fun is the swan/unicorn hybrid which is perfect for lounging, jumping and swanning-around. Our friends over at SunnyLife have perfected the inflatable swan, which is oversized enough to cater to comfortably fit an adult or a couple of little bodies. To max the relax, an inflatable ring is the ultimate in hanging out in the water and enjoying the ambiance.

If you’re not close-by a pool and need to feel refreshed, why not bring a small one to you? These inflatable options from SunnyLife are the perfect alternative, and great for little ones who want to have a splash. I’m particularly partial to the clear one filled with fun and funky glitter.

Sunnylife Luxe Ride-On Swan, $89.99, The Iconic


Nothing brings the summer vibe quite like the perfect playlist to set the tone. These days we are absolutely spoilt when it comes to portable speakers perfect to accompany you on a day by the water, no matter whether it be by a pool or at the beach.

A favourite of my own which has fast become a staple at any beach day, pool session or even a picnic, is the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 which is shock, sand and waterproof. Boasting a battery life that will last you a couple of long days, as well as an impressive sound that is incredible for something so portable and light, this option is an amazing investment for anyone. The MEGABOOM 3 is also available in a few cute colours to cater to your own personal preference. Perfect.

If you’re after something a little less expensive, and a little more on the compact side, this option from sun-loving brand SunnyLife from the Iconic is perfect. The Floating Summer Sounds is the affordable, water-proof and compact option to chuck in your beach bag and promises to provide an endless summer accompanied by your favourite tunes.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Seashell Peach Portable Bluetooth Speaker, was $329 now $247, Myer


Nothing shouts an endless summer of fun like some fun games that everyone can join in on. Whether it’s a game of classic beach cricket, something to hit with a ball or even some pool toys to test everyone’s diving skills, these little gadgets really elevate a day spent by the water.

A family favourite of mine is the Scandi game of Finska, which is like a more calculated and difficult version of bowling. Perfect for a group of many, and a game that requires a bit of skill, a bit of luck and a whole lot of laughter, you can join in on the fun with this version from JENJO at Myer.

For a game two people can enjoy, why not get stuck into a classic round of paddle ball? Perfect to pass some time by the water, this wooden set from SunnyLife, is easily portable and guarantees an activity to let your competitive juices flow.

At the pool? Challenge your gang to dive and retrieve these little weighted unicorn dive buddies in both the shallow and deep ends of the pool.

Sunnylife Bamboo Paddles, $139.99, The Iconic


Whilst extra goodies can absolutely up the ante when it comes to fun in the sun and by the water, there are a handful of non-negotiables that should build the foundation of your beach or pool packs. Things like towels, sunshades and carry-alls to house all your goodies are things that deserve to be invested into.

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beach towels to suit whatever kind of set up you like when you head to the water. Australian contemporary brands such as Emma Mulholland’s ‘Holiday The Label’ offer a plethora of towel options that are both functional and funky. This iteration in checks of sandy brown is a personal favourite.

When it comes to a long day at the beach, especially under the heat of the Australian sun, a form of shade is a non-negotiable. For a versatile and easily transportable option, a beach umbrella is perfect for a small group of beach-goers. Business & Pleasure Co. offer options that are sturdy, adjustable, and reasonably prices for something of such great quality!

Business & Pleasure Co. The Holiday Beach Umbrella, $199.99, The Iconic