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Get the Look 12 August 2021

The Wolf Cut Hair Trend

Danielle Marcan shows us how to style the 2021 update of the shag haircut.

Somewhere between a shag, a mullet and a grungy mop, the Wolf Cut is the new age, Gen Z hair trend making waves on TikTok. This is how to style it from wet for full wolfy effect. Coined by TikTok and celebrated by those willing to take a risk with layers and texture, the wolf cut emerged as a viral hair trend somewhere between 2020 and 2021. Living up to its (somewhat garish name), this style features a curtain part fringe, long wispy layers and a ‘party at the back’ choppy mullet. When created professionally, the result is a grungy homage to the shag, and we are very much obsessed with it! TikTok royalty Danielle Marcan documented herself getting the famed hair transformation via the app. Whether an emo scene culture revival or just a better evolution of the home-job quarantine mullet, we’ll never know. Regardless, we’re big fans of the edgy and modern wolf cut if styled correctly, here’s how to achieve that from wet hair.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Heat Protectant Must-Haves

Any self-confessed beauty junkie will understand the importance of protecting their locks prior to exposing them to the heat of a styling tool.

So, if you’re not yet privy to why, let us help explain.

Taking your hair from damp to dry requires an excessive amount of heat and breakage-causing blowing (if you’re using a blow dryer).

To best protect your locks, a pre-heat product in the form of a spray, cream or balm works to coat the hair with a protective layer, shielding it from damage, breakage and burning.

In this TikTok styling clip, Marcan applies a small amount of blow dry cream in a scrunching motion to the ends of her hair.

This option from Shu Uemura via Adore Beauty is the perfect sub-in for protecting your ends from splitting throughout the styling process.

Following, she sprays a liberal amount of heat protectant spray throughout the full head of hair to adequately coat and shield root to tip, before going in with a heated tool.

Voila, heat can now safety be applied.

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray 175ml, $123.05, Net-A-Porter

Necessary Hot Brush Tools

A non-negotiable when it comes to properly styling the wolf cut is volume.

Va-va-voom needs to be achieved in order to properly hero the wispy, bouncy and full effect of this haircut.

For those with flat, straight and untextured hair, volume needs to be achieved and so, a hot brush tool is the way to go.

You can see that Marcan starts off her TikTok with quite thin and straight hair, so you fine haired readers need not be deterred, we got this!

First, section off your hair into smaller potions with clips.

Starting underneath, use the hot brush tool on a hot setting and dry out the underlayers in a rolling downwards motion with the portion of hair at the top of the brush head.

When you get to the upper layers of the cut, this is where the fun really starts.

Grab each section of wet hair and place it under the bush head, ensuring the direction is flicking the hair up when pulling away.

Emphasise the flick especially on the fringe and bits of hair framing the face.

ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush, £169, Cult Beauty

Texture, Yes Please

To ensure this flicky, volume is maintained and doesn’t flop down to a lifeless mess, styling products are an absolute must!

Dependant on your hair type and its ability to stay put, we recommend a combo of either a holding pomade, texture spray or volume cream to properly set your hot brush hard work.

To her otherwise straight and fine hair, Marcan applies a texture spray to the mid potion of her hair and scrunches the product in to set it.

If you haven’t been blessed with wavy hair, this type of product is necessary to ensure the artificial waves don’t completely drop.

We love the Wave Spray by OUAI Skincare to tame as it tousles for beautiful bounce.

Quickly following, Marcan applies a mattifying texture paste to the ends of her hair which gives a lived-in, grungy look.

You’ll know what products work right for your hair, but below are some of our faves when it comes to texture and setting.

Think volume, texture, playfulness and a little 70s flare to boot. Mwah.

Ouai Curl Crème 236ml, $58.40, Net-A-Porter

To Finish Off

To finish off your expertly styled wolf cut, we recommend nourishing the hair with a rich hair oil.

We’ve just put our hair through an extensive process so it’s only right we add in some goodness to ensure health is maintained.

Hair oils are a fabulous way of adding shine, nutrients and hydration to hair that goes through the styling process often.

For us here at Monde, we cannot go past the cult-status achieved and deservingly so, hair oil Elixir by Kerastase.

Packed full of 5 natural oils including argan and camellia, this protective, reparative, and controlling formular is a must-have for every hair type.

Decant a few pumps of your oil to your palm before evenly dispersing it into your fingers. Gently fluff the oil into the mid and end sections of your hair until most of the product has left your hands.

Directly following, scrunch the product further into the hair gently to ensure it’s been adequality scattered and absorbed.

You’ll notice an instant radiance left on the hair that looks, feels and smells like a dream.

Rossano Ferretti Parma Vita Rejuvenating Serum 50ml, $74.87, Net-A-Porter