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21 September 2021

The Incense Scents to Uplift and Refresh Your Space

The ultimate fragrances let burn in your home.

The smoke spirals of incense make up one of the oldest rituals in the fragrance world. Significant in practises from religious worship and ceremony, to aromatherapy and meditation, incense has brought importance to many cultures across the world. More diversified than ever before, discover the perfect incense fragrance to transform your space this season.

Words By Eleanor Wilson


Whether burned in the form of a stick, cone or coil, there’s always something magical about the orange glowy ember and smouldering smoke trail of incense.

While it remains a sacred and ritualistic practice for many cultures and communities throughout the globe, many of us also use incense as a tool to deliver blissful aromas, and peaceful attitudes in our own private spaces.

When it comes to incense holders themselves, a similar approach exists.

While incense holders are practical, made with heat proof materials like ceramics, glass and brass, incense holders can offer a second purpose as a decor piece.

Whether you want your holder to complement existing minimalist decor, or stand out as an eccentric centrepiece, there are a myriad of options to choose from. Make a statement with this chic ceramic

Oh Mon Dieu Incense Holder from L’Objet, or if you prefer incense cones, a sleek Tom Dixon Incense Holder is understated and versatile.

L’OBJET Oh Mon Dieu Incense Holder, £77, Mr Porter



Guaranteed to bring warmth to any space, spiced incense is often enriched by decadent notes of clove and cinnamon, which mingle with rich patchouli and amber for a luxurious blend of fragrance.

Cinnamon itself is connected to the oldest recorded use of incense, where the ancient Chinese used it with a mix of other spices to form incense used in religious worshipping.

Spiced incense remains popular as a fragrance tool to this day, setting the tone for long summer soirees with friends, or perhaps to wind down after a busy day.

In fact, incense is commonly used for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, with ingredients such as clary sage and lavender popular fragrance choices to foster a calm and focused space.

With many of us balancing life and work from home due to the pandemic, burning a stick of incense can act as a physical representation to end the work day.

Cinnamon Projects Incense Solo – 12AM (25 Sticks), $52.64, Net-A-Porter


Frankincense and sandalwood are fragranced materials strongly rooted in the cultural history of incense.

Frankincense, which derives from tree resin, was commonly binded with wood powders like sandalwood to create incense for various ceremonies throughout history.

Tolu Balsam, the warm woodsy scent used for the base of the Fornasetti Otto Incense Sticks, is another popular resin that evokes the nostalgic fragrance of incense.

If the smoky haze commonly emitted by incense is turning you away from the prospect of incense, the Bodha Smokeless Incense claims to provide a gentle fragrance and smokeless burn.

Their ‘Ground’ variety features Japanese hinoki wood, cedar and frankincense for a truly immersive experience.

While frankincense and sandalwood promote the familiar fragrance of classic incense, pairing the base notes with earthy layers of cedar and oud make an irresistible woodsy blend that will make you feel as though you are on a balmy holiday in a tropical paradise.

And for the most dedicated fans of wood scents, the Cinnamon Project’s Incense Solo -8PM introduces leather, mahogany, tobacco and carnation, for a truly intoxicating scent.

Fornasetti Otto Incense Sticks, £161.51, Mr Porter



If you’re fond of filling your house with the scent of floral blooms, incense can provide a longstanding, low-fuss option.

The umbrella of floral incense stretches far and wide – from pure arrangements of full-bodied rose, to green notes of violet, lily and magnolia.

With the festive season approaching, consider treating a loved one to a deluxe floral fragrance by virtue of the Gucci Freesia Bamboo incense sticks – where fresh African freesia and violet flirt with the light, balsam-like scent of galbanum for a refreshing fragrance.

And if you’re feeling extra generous, stay on brand with a ceramic Gucci incense burner.

Sadly, not all of our bank accounts bounce back as easily from splurges at Gucci.

So if you’re on a tighter budget, the Maison Balzac set in ‘Paris’ gives similar chic vibes and a deep floral essence, at a much more attractive price point.

Maho Sensory Rose Bois Incense Sticks and Burner Set, $35, The Iconic


For citrus lovers who are in the market for some incense, lemongrass provides the perfect zesty aroma to freshen your day.

But it doesn’t just smell good, lemongrass is widely used in aromatherapy to freshen the air and relieve stress.

And, it may also be your best friend during outdoor get-togethers in the summer. Containing citronella, lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent, making citrus incense sticks a multi-purpose solution for summer.

The Floral Society’s incense sticks are made specifically for the outdoors from therapeutic grade essential oils like lemongrass, orange and clary sage, and can be placed in an incense burner, or directly into the ground or soil.

But If you’re looking for a milder approach to citrus incense, Cinnamon Projects’ Incense solo – 4PM invites sweet mandarin to table along with fresh iris, and juniper, and a warm base of patchouli for an uplifting summer scent.

The Floral Society Lemongrass, Orange & Clary Sage Essential Oil Outdoor Incense, $76.36, Bloomingdales


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