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Beauty Bytes 18 February 2022

Summer Spritz: 5 Brands Making our Favourite Summer-Inspired Fragrances

5 boutique fragrance houses bringing us a breath of fresh scent this season.

New season, new scent. Just like as a shift in weather prompts a new wardrobe, so should it trigger a new fragrance. In summer we love to switch to a fragrance that is light in feeling and fresh in fragrance. Often associated with the warmer months, we love dousing our sun-kissed skins in top notes of florals, botanicals and anything that evokes that carefree summer mood. Here are 5 lesser-known brands providing new season scents that induce a summer’s day feeling. Explore them below.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Maison Louis Marie

One of my personal favourites when it comes to boutique fragrance houses is Maison Louis Marie.

With deep and meaningful roots in French history, the brand’s female founder, Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars gained her impeccable knowledge and passion for exotic scents from her grandfather, who was a pioneer in French botanical history.

The Belgian brand and lovechild of the married couple (Marie and her husband) exists now as a boutique fragrance house boasting impeccably balanced scents available in oils, Eau de Parfums and Toilettes, candles and body products.

Each Maison Louis Marie product is certified vegan, produced in a clean and ethical manor and totally luxurious.

Due to each fragrance profile being totally inspired by botanicals and florals due to the influence of her grandfather, every single Maison Louis Marie scent is perfect for the spring and summer months.

For three that particularly jump out as a summer celebration, we recommend Bois de Balicort due to its top notes of cinnamon and vetiver, Cassis due to its heart of cassis and white rose, and finally Le Long Frond because of its heavenly array of botanicals that’s reminds us of a spring day in the wind.

Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Eau de Parfum 50ml, $135, SSENSE


Marketed as a ‘Luxury Niche Fragrance Brand’ Lumira is the relatively new kid on the block that we cannot get enough of.

Founded less than a decade ago in Sydney, the candle, personal fragrance and accessories brand is the lovechild of Creative Director, Almira Armstrong.

Guided by a passion for design, art and travel, each signature scent brought to us via Lumira seeks to replicate a memory of Armstrong’s that has a deep connection to a specific destination.

While the notion of scents having such a vivid connection to our memory and moments of travel is absolutely no new phenomenon, the way Lumira presents it is absolutely romanticised and inspired by a feeling and not just a place.

Inviting the wearer to enter a portal to a different country, world or even universe is the idea of escapism we can’t help but reveal in.

Our three picks for summer perfect scents chez Lumira have got to be Bois D’Epices for its top notes of grapefruit and mid tones of jasmine, Soleil du Maroc for it’s incredible warming capabilities that feel like Lumira have successfully bottled the sun, and finally La Primavera due to it being inspired by a summer spent in San Remo amongst the Italian blooms.

Lumira Bois D’Epices Eau de Parfum 50ml, $135, RY

Abel Odor

Another young outfit coming to us within the last decade is New Zealand based brand Abel Odor.

An example of a deeply considered, impeccably designed and impressively sustainable perfume brand who was founded by an artisan wine maker and master perfumer.

Abel’s ethos is profoundly entrenched in the need to create perfumes that challenge the industry norms to create biodegradable, environmentally friendly fragrance alternatives for conscious perfume lovers all over the world.

Each element from each of the renewable ingredients, packaging and even shipping has been considered and only used if it met the high standards of the brands creators, Frances Shoemack and Isaac Sinclair.

Operating out of Wellington, New Zealand, Abel is not only responsible to shifting the industry norms and challenging the status quo, but they make some absolutely celestial scents.

Intricate fragrance profiles of botanicals and earthen materials, each plant derived eau de parfum is exceptionally organic in scent.

For our summertime scent picks we recommend Cyan Nori for its hints of tangerine and white peach, Pink Iris for its floral heavy profile, and finally Green Cedar because of its full potency of Magnolia.

Abel Odor Most Loved Eau De Parfum Sampler, $35, SSENSE

Who is Eijah

An even younger boutique brand bringing the world fragrance from the shores of Sydney is 2018-born, Who is Elijah.

Created to purposefully defy conventions set by traditional fragrance houses, Who Is Elijah seeks to create scents that exists beyond the constraints of gender binaries.

Each gender-neutral scent is not only created to be enjoyed by anyone but is also cruelty free and produced in small batches to ensure waste is eradicated totally.

The scents are ephemeral and monochromatic, perfectly paired back and intentional.

An example of true minimalism, the playground of less is more is the perfect space where masculine and feminine can meet in true harmony with one another.

Created to be worn every day and with intention, each profile of fragrance is the perfect mix of aromatic top notes and grounding woods and darker bases.

Our picks for summer scents courtesy of Who Is Elijah are Nomad due to its powerful top notes of Bulgarian rose and Egyptian jasmine, Haze because of its fresh orange blossom and vanilla notes, and finally Muse because it simply reminds us of days spent under the sun.

Who is Elijah Muse 50ml, $115, The Iconic

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

A very luxurious and renowned fragrance house changing the world one scent at a time is Parisian label Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Created in 2009 when world renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian joined forces with Marc Chaya, the duo are responsible for bringing to market a cohort of eau de parfums which seek to be sensual, luxurious and multi-faceted.

Alongside the exquisite and precise array of fragrances, the maison is known for incorporating a little slice of French romanticism and joie de vivre within each bottle.

Each cult-status scent is guided by Kurkdjian’s enchanting yet precise codes which are purity, sophistication, timelessness and the boldness of classism reinvented.

All this combined equates to exceptionally precise and balanced scents which transcend gender, trend and season.

Today the maison creates personal perfumes, home fragrance, bath and body products as well as gifting sets that make the most incredible offering to those you love.

When it comes to our top picks for summer scents, these are our picks.

Baccarat Rouge 540 for its top notes of Egyptian grandiflorum, jasmine, saffron, Aqua Vitae Cologne Forte because of it celebrating orange blossom and ylang-ylang, and finally Grand Soir due to its soft vanilla warmth.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum 35ml, $196, Selfridges