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Get the Look 27 February 2024

Recreating our Fave NYFW Street-Style Looks, for Less

Fashion month for F/W 2024 is well underway! NYFW is always a highlight and so are the looks that the streets of the big apple yield, here we'll be recreating 4 of our favourites.

A little over a week ago, the world's most fashionable and the elite of the influential landed in New York City to kick 2024's fashion month off. We've cherry picked our 4 favourite looks, and how you can emulate their essence at home.

Words By Brittany Lyons


If you’re not following @izzipoopi or TikTok or Instagram, then boy are you missing out. Personally, I love devouring Izzi’s content especially for her zany outfits and her penchant for the weird and wacky when it comes to fashion, and breaking any preconceived rules on what you can and cannot wear.

Izzy hails from Quebec, the French part of Canada and has garnered quite a cult following across platforms thanks to her joie-de-vivre and quirky taste. At the time of writing this @izzipoopi has a whopping 1.5 million followers on TikTok, 430K on Instagram and amassed many more when combining YouTube and Pinterest. Her slight Québécois twang definitely makes her stand out from the crowd of other fashion-forward creators, and so does her funky and out of the box style.

Pictured here on the streets of New York City for NYFW F/W24, Izzi was snapped wearing a look that honestly seems a little (or a lot) toned down when compared to some of the sculptural and art-like outfits she’s usually filming herself in. We wanted to include this outfit specifically as it’s pretty trans-seasonal, meaning you could be wearing it down here in the Australian summer or the late winter of NYC.

We also chose this particular look as it’s a fresh and stylish take on the Y2K trend that seems to be going nowhere.

Here, Izzi is snapped wearing a mix of Acne Studios and other high-end labels. To recreate this grungy and grey look, for less, we’ve scoured brands housed on accessible retailers such as ASOS and The Iconic. So, we instead suggest brands such as GANNI, AERE and Country Road.


If you’re unfamiliar with the cultural phenomenon that is @whitneyeveport, then where were you in the mid 2000’s when The Hills was the next ‘The OC’? Gaining notoriety in the reality-non-reality space, off the back of the popularity of similar show, ‘Laguna Beach’, Whiteney became a household name a ripe age of 17.

Since leaving the drama filled show following the lives of a handful of Los Angeles natives spending their formative late teens figuring it all out, Whitney was the star of a spin off centred around her move to the Big Apple, to chase her dream career in fashion. ‘The City’ was a hit and lasted two seasons on prime time telly before getting the flick due to exorbitant filming costs.

These days, Port-Rosenman resides in New York City with her small family of one child and husband, Tim Rosenman, her fashion label ‘Love Whit’ and her first book. 2019 saw the launch of her podcast alongside Dear Media, ‘With Whit’, which is now her outlet to chat fashion, reality telly and everything else she’s built her career on.

When it comes to fashion influencing, Port-Rosenman is a pioneer. Synonymous with ‘quiet luxury’ before it was a thing, she’s a pillar of chic NYC style, and so, we couldn’t help but include her in this line up of street-style looks from the most recent NYFW.

Here, Whitney has truly embodied the effortlessly trans-seasonal style by mixing the delicate with the harsh. We suggest replicating this look for less, by perusing brands such as DAZIE at The Iconic and ASOS Design. This Satin Buckle Strap Midi Dress in Oyster will be the perfect layering piece.

Cowhide Cool

Whilst we have, regrettably, not been able to pin down the name or accounts of this effortlessly cool fashionista gracing the streets of NYFW in this incredible outfit, we have in fact been able to cherry pick items across the Monde-sphere that embody this vibe.

The actual coat featured on here masculine figure belongs to Acne Studios, a few seasons ago, and due to it’s cowhide fabrication and exquisite Swedish craftsmanship, would have set you back a pretty penny. We’re here to thankfully exclaim, that you do not need to be dropping thousands and thousands on high-end goodies to recreate this look. Lets jump in!

Starting with the hero of the look, this acid-esque textural coat. We’ve found two unisex options that harness the hue of orange and offer the texture of cowhide, without the cow. The Violet Romance Longline Borg Coat in Rust & the TOPSHOP Oversized Longline Faux Fur are both under $200 AUD and nail the statement aspect of the look.

For the leather pant, you could either invest in a real pair of from NEUW (which are brilliantly on-sale) or perhaps a faux leather pair of trousers that are lighter on the animal and lighter on the wallet, this Menswear option from Reclaimed Vintage of ASOS should do the trick!

Making a pretty clear assumption that the corset top and detailed cropped shirt featured in this look belonged to the likes of Australian-born, New York City-based Dion Lee, we found some dupes that nail the grungy feel, thanks to brands ASOS Design and You + All at The Iconic.

To top it all off? These inexpensive Wrap Around Sunnies from Aussie brand Le Specs.


Last up on our NYFW hitlist of style icons, but certainly not least, is German powerhouse in everything glitz, glam and phenomenal style. Now hailing from London and can be found wherever the fashion crowds are congregating that week, totally based on awards shows, fashion shows or anything else sparkly, this is Leonie Hanne.

@leoniehanne actually reposted on of our editorial pieces that featured her (hey girl!) and so, that coupled with her undeniable allure and exquisite taste, makes her a Shop Monde permanent fixture (and we make no apologies for it!).  This epitome of European chic has amassed an impressive 4.7 million followers across her Instagram, and 1.7M over on TikTok.

How you might ask? Well her expert knack of allowing her audience a peep into the 1% seems like a pretty good guess. Hanne is not shy to flaunt her high-end goodies, her elegant and opulent home and her first-class way to travel the world. Some may find her content flaunty, but we find it aspirational.

Seeing at Hanne is often dripping in head-to-toe designer goodies whose price tags would shock the socks off your Dad, lets instead recreate this very chic NYC look for less, shall we?

Starting off with this classic, wardrobe staple and capsule wardrobe piece, the black longline coat. No doubt Leonie’s would be crafted from an insanely soft and warm blend of cashmere and wool, but yours doesn’t have to be! Allow us to offer the option of this NA-KD iteration, which is a cool $144!

The crochet/knotted dress oozes effortless chic and thank goodness for brands such as Minima Esenciales and Cotton On for bringing us a similar version at a more accessible price-point.

This look is all about layering so please don’t forget your white slacks or jeans, your Bottega Drop Earring dupes (we wrote a whole article on them here) and a pair of cat-eye shades to nail the Leonie look!