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10 February 2023

8 Dupes for the Bottega Veneta ‘Drop Earring’

Here are 8 dupes for the Bottega Veneta earrings if you don’t feel like ‘drop’ping an eye watering $1,800 Australian Dollars.

It’s no surprise that Bottega’s ‘Drop’ tear shaped earrings are piping hot this season, what isn’t so hot are their exceptionally steep price tag (almost $2k for plated gold?!) and the fact that they’re sold out everywhere. Here are 8 iterations that are easy on the eye and bank account.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Gregory Ladner Thick Hoop Earrings

The first Bottega Drop Earring dupe on our list come at a very attractive price point thanks to the Myer Mid-Season Sale. The Thick Hoop Earring in plated gold from Gregory Ladner are a great option as they have a similar thickness to the Drop Earring, which makes them almost identical when looking from the front.

The chunky hoop has a similar thickness to the real deal, and really do resemble the tear drop shape that make the iconic pair so easily recognisable.

Due to being hollow, they won’t be heavy on the ear which make wearing a breeze! A great option that wont set you back too much at all.

Gregory Ladner Thick Hoop Earrings In Gold, was $39.95 now $27.96, Myer

Orelia 18K gold plated molten stud earrings

These 18K Gold Plated Molten Stud Earrings courtesy chez ASOS, are architectural and stunning.

The smaller shape makes them a little different to the originals but the curvature of the bottom means they will hug your ear lobe just as the Drop Earring do.

The perfect option if you’re a little unsure about the scale of the Bottega iteration, this dainty and fabulous pair of studs are understated enough to be able to be worn and enjoyed well after the cult-status of the Drop Earrings have run their course.

A fabulous option for the fashion trend appreciator who loves to put their own spin on things!

Orelia 18K Gold Plated Molten Stud Earrings, $53, ASOS

Lovisa Gold Plated Sterling Silver Oval Huggie Hoop Earrings

This pair of Lovisa dupes have made their rounds on TikTok for being the best, most accessible and dead ringer to the Drop Earring. Thanks to reaching virality on the social media platform, the Oval Huggie earrings are actually hard to come by now that they’re being snapped up by fashion appreciators all over the country.

One of the best things about these dupes? They are gold plated sterling silver which means they wont irritate even the most sensitive of ears.

The perfect pair of Drop dupes that come in well under $40, rude not to, right?

Lovisa Gold Plated Sterling Silver Oval Huggie Hoop Earrings, $32.99, Lovisa

Etsy Girls Gold Earrings

This beautiful pair from Etsy seem like they have absolutely been created to mimic the Drop Earrings.

One of the beauties of a retailer like Etsy which showcases the goods of artisan creators around the world, is that you have access to a plethora of designs that are totally unique, and in this case, totally not unique, but a great dupe.

Whilst they are still not an exact replica of the Bottega originals, they are a pretty amazing ‘inspired by’ which perfectly hug the lobe and drop just like the real deal. At a mere fraction of the designer price tag, we think this pair of studs are up there for one of the better dupes!

DelicateComfort Dome Earrings, $45.81, Etsy

Etsy Gold Chunky Hoop Earrings

Akin to the Etsy dupes above, these Gold Chunky Hoop Earrings are the perfect and compact version of the Bottega originals.

The curvature of the shape is very reminiscent of the high-end earrings but are certainly less rotund and smaller in shape. They perfectly hug the earlobe and are chunky and glamorous enough to deliver a similar aesthetic to the Drop.

Just like many of the iterations as dupes put forward in this line up, this pair from Etsy are so chic you will certainly be able to sport them long after the virality of the Drop Earrings has subsided.

A beautiful pair of huggies that might just be your new go-to pair of gold earrings.

WokeStyle Gold Chunky Hoop Earrings, was $57.94 now $28.97, Etsy

Etsy Dome Huggie Earring

If you’re a fashion trend appreciator but a little hesitant to not only fork out close to $2,000 but jump on something that’s so hot, then this option from Etsy are the perfect introduction to ease your way into the Drop earring persuasion.

Smaller in scale than the real deal and a lot more understated, the Dome Huggie Earrings are more of a modern twist on the hoop, rather than a dead ringer of the popular high-end style.

The thick stature will provide the amount of gold glamour and bling you seek, without such scale that might not suit every look in your repertoire.

AtelierSaint Dome Huggie, was $121.90 now $73.14, Etsy

Anine Bing 14kt gold chunky hoop earring

A little on the pricier side when compared to many of the other dupes in this round up, the Gold Chunky Hoop Earring by Anine Bing still ooze class and high-end, but with a drop of almost $1,500 when compared to the Bottega Veneta Drops.

A little less curvy in shape and a little more traditional in their scale, this upmarket option still whispers ‘Drop’ without being such an obvious dupe.

Perfect to wear everyday you’re feeling great, this versatile pair of earrings are of the quality and design that would make you want to wear them for years and years to come.

Anine Bing 14kt Gold Chunky Hoop Earring, $289, Farfetch

Anthropologie Gold Oval Drop Earrings

Last but not least, these Gold Oval Drop Earrings courtesy of Anthropologie are certainly more elongated than the version brought to us by Bottega Veneta.

While containing the name of the viral earrings inspiring this post, this pair from Athropologie are much longer in shape and are reminiscent of a dangly earring more than a stud.

If you’re looking to make a statement, the sheer size of these will ensure you do! The perfect accompaniment to a slicked back hair do, soiree event or even when you’re looking for a piece of accessory that will life your mood instantly. We adore this dupe from Anthropolgie and think you will too!

Anthropologie Gold Oval Drop Earrings, US$38, Anthropologie