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Get the Look 22 December 2021

On Screen Moments to Inspire your Home Décor

Scenes on the big screen that have us wanting to completely change the interiors of our home.

A slice of interior heaven, why drawing inspiration from period film and television is the ultimate way to fill your home with a concise aesthetic. While Pinterest is a fabulous way of deep diving into an interior mood, period film and television truly brings aesthetics of the past to life. Here are 5 stories on the big screen that truly encapsulate interior moods, and the cohort of products available today to help you bring them into your own space.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Mad Men – Mid Century Charm

I am such a sucker for moody mid-century interiors, furniture and nods to anything retro from the 1950’s to 1970’s.

A brilliant 21st century adaptation of what life, work and interiors were like in the United States throughout the 60‘s is the television series, Mad Men.

The period drama follows the stories of an advertising agency and its team, working in New York City.

Critically acclaimed and awarded for fabulous storylines and performances, this series also totally nailed the mid-century interiors for both the office and home space.

Luxurious velvets, moody oranges and browns, hints of chrome and gold speckled throughout each space and deep teak furniture to tie everything together is a true representation of what was found inside spaces during this time.

To emulate and honour mid-century interiors in their truest form in 2021, we are happy to announce that the brands of today and spoiling us for choice.

Options like retro classics from Italy, Kartell, have been designing and producing plastic objects and furniture since 1949. If you’re looking for authentic items that have been loved for the mid-century and enjoyed ever since we recommend shopping Kartell at retailers such as Finnish Design Shop.

Call Me By Your Name – Mediterranean Classicism

If you’re yet to watch this 2017 masterpiece starring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, do yourself a favour and jump straight in. The story is one of coming of age, as well as romance and drama.

Set in the late 1980’s in a Northern Italian town bordering a lake, every scene within this movie is an absolute retro dream.

Mainly located in the palatial home of the family of the archaeologist father and stunning Italian mother, the décor of the castle-like manor is romantic, authentic and full of character.

Filled with provincial style furniture, charming Italian ceramics and art filled with culture and history, the antique vibes are high throughout this film.

Luckily for us, provincial is still on trend and some of the pieces available totally nail the Call Me By Your Name vibe.

Shopping at furniture brands like Brosa Design make bringing this Mediterranean dream easy, and affordable too.

To amp up the whimsical Italian romanticism, opt for fun ceramics such as plates, tableware and vases, Bed Threads is a fabulous place to shop these.

The Great Gatsby – 1920’s Maximalism

Chances are you’ve seen the Baz Lehrman interpretation of the F.Scott Fitzgerald masterpiece that is The Great Gatsby.

In true Lehrman style, the set design and interiors captured during the feature film are excessive beyond belief. And if there is any era that lends itself perfectly to extra-ness it is the roaring 1920’s.

The decade of the flapper, prohibition and extreme wealth, the team behind this Gatsby rendition featuring Leonardo DiCaprio have made the 1920’s super glittery, celebratory and full of Art Deco glamour.

Typical to the era, lush hints of gold hardware and crystal and absolutely abundant throughout the whole film.

Plush pink velvets, curved shapes and feminine touches truly transport you to the time of the roaring 1920’s.

Not unlike most interior trends based in our history, Art Deco and 20’s aesthetic remains exceptionally relevant in the present time.

Brands such as Adairs and Wedgewood successfully bring the Art Deco trend into the modern day.

With an offering of plush furniture pieces, drinks trolleys and accents of gold to bring a feminine touch to the home, we’re all for Gatsby inspired pieces in our own home.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Hollywood Glamour

Taking inspiration from the glitz that is the Art Deco era and mixing it with Hollywood glamour, the interiors of these homes in Beverly Hills are all about the showy.

One of the longest standing franchises of the Real Housewives empire is the one set in one of the wealthiest, most glamorous and covetable suburbs in the world, Beverly Hills.

Sporting a postcode of 90210, the ladies starring in this reality series are some of Hollywood’s finest and most dramatic.

The homes of these women are filled with excess. Maximalism in the form of crystal, chandeliers, fur, prints, wallpaper and everything in between.

An interior style to be labelled as Hollywood glamour but bordering on tacky, where less is definitely less and more is best, it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

In order to properly achieve the aesthetic of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills there are so many extra options to choose from!

Our picks are anything metallic, plush, sparkly or animal print. Retailers such as Adairs and brands such as Ralph Lauren are a great place to start.

Lost In Translation – Japanese Modernism

For something absolutely in the opposite direction to the above, we introduce to you minimalism, and in particular, Japanese Modernism.

One of my all-time favourite flicks is Lost In Translation, a 2003 romantic comedy-drama written and directed by Sofia Coppola, and set in Tokyo, Japan.

Starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannsen, this insanely clever, funny and interesting films perfectly surmises the parity and juxtaposition between the classic and pared back elegance of Japanese culture, with the Harajuku, neon and cutesy Hello Kitty side.

Mainly set in the Park Hyatt hotel in the heart of Tokyo, classic and traditional Japanese elegance is the one that has inspired us in particular.

Taking note from traditional Japanese minimalism and modern design, Japanese modernism is a beautiful, considered and paired back aesthetic that oozes calm.

To emulate the less is more Japanese aesthetic in the home, look out for objects devoid of colour (black, white and beige are a preference), some plants to bring zen and an Akari lamp like the one by Vitra below.