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Get the Look 22 June 2021

Nail Art Trends and How to Do It at Home

Our favourite nail art trends and the tools you’ll need to nail the looks at home.

Another year, another lockdown and another boredom induced beauty project. Whether you’re trying to save or you’re staying at home, getting the hang of the at home manicure is a niche skill that’s sure to serve you well. We’re breaking down all the tips and tricks you’ll need to tackle the craft of nail art, just like one of the pros.

Words By Katelyn Kalafatis

Rainbow Swirl

Bored of nude nail polish? Yep, us too.

The rainbow swirl trend is potentially the most eclectic approach to the at home mani we’ve seen yet.

Everyone has felt the pressure of being asked to pick just one polish from the plethora of colour choices displayed at the local nail salon. Well stress less my fellow nail fanatics, because with this season’s current trend, you don’t have to choose.

Instead of making a panicked decision that you’re likely to resent for the next 3-4 weeks (it’s ok, we’ve all been there) with this method, you can harmoniously combine all the colours of the rainbow.

Ok so yes, we agree, perfecting the art of the painted rainbow may take some patience and a whole lot of practice. But, there’s little explanation behind the method. To make your own masterpiece, go crazy with creativity and continue painting thin layers until you have a symphony of swirling colours.

To successfully nail the trend, you’ll need some seriously vibrant polishes. So stock up, and shop below, to achieve this colour punched look.

Abstract Nail Art

If you have a phone and an Instagram app, chances are you’ve seen this nail art trend floating around your feed.

The abstract nail trend of 2021 is the messy manicure you’ve been waiting for. Pulling inspiration from actual art work, this look uses mod-inspired shapes and asymmetrical brush strokes to achieve a more minimalistic approach to your classic mani.

This particular trend focuses on mostly negative space and a whole lot of creative freedom.

The first step? Focus on finding your perfect nude shade and create a solid base. Allow the foundation colour to dry for at least two minutes before you let your creativity control the brush. And remember, keep the paint nice and thin!

There’s no limit to the colour combinations achievable for this trend. We’re loving the blue and pink hues of this style image but it’s up to you to add as many or as little shades and tones as you’d like!

Feeling inspired? Forget the understated and make your own take on this season’s favourite modern mani.

Neon French Tip

If you’re anything like us, you may also fear venturing outside the comfort of your nail salons nude and pink colour wheel. After all, it can be daunting to transition to the brighter colours when you’re coming from beige.

But fear not Monde readers, we just so happen to have a fun, happy-medium solution for you. And it’s trending now.

It’s the French tip reinvented! To achieve the look, start with a nude base and
paint on your neon colour of choice with a fine art brush. Allow to dry, apply a glossy top coat and voila – you’ve nailed it!

Oh, but If only it was that easy.

Let’s be real here, if you’re a beginner to the world of nail art you’re likely to mess up. But don’t panic. Just add a little nail polish remover to the end of a cotton tip and correct any misshapen lines.

We implore you to try this update on an old classic. Incorporate a touch of colour on your nail tips this season! Check out our style inspiration below and the products you’ll need to achieve the look.

Block Colours

Who said rainbow nails are only a staple in Summer? Here at Monde, we don’t believe in seasonal beauty trends and endorse the feeling of sunshine all year round.

It isn’t hard to understand the excitement and mania behind the insta-worthy skittle mani. The trend is ultra-bright, beautifully basic and ever so easy to nail at home.

Seriously, if you can paint your own nails, chances are you can also achieve this look.

Keep the look tonal with shades from the same colour wheel or choose a clashing combo that will please your internal, and most gloriously indecisive, you.

Further elevate the look by using a matte top coat to dull the finish and seamlessly blend the shades together. That’s literally it, so cute, so easy and so much more fun than a single nail colour.

Walk around with a manicure embodying sunshine and happiness on your fingertips. Come on, just look at these babies, they’re bound to make anyone smile.