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Get the Look 7 July 2021

Monochrome Moments for Lovers of Layering

If you see red every time you try monochrome layering, we have the just guide for you.

Adding colour into any outfit can be daunting, even more so when you’re trying to stay within the shades and hues of one colour. Monochrome layering is a great way to play around with different shades and textures, all while sticking to your favourite – or most on trend – colour.

Words By Eva Marchingo


Forest, emerald, sage, and lime – green comes in many enviable shades. A dark, earthy green like khaki or olive seems to be a colour that suits everyone. It’s a staple colour in any wardrobe and one that can be worn to contrast or compliment many other colours, as well as layered upon itself.

Our green look starts with a Dolce & Gabbana roll-neck sweater in icy green. Made from fine, virgin wool, this piece layers nicely under chunkier sweats, like the Raey crew-neck wool-blend sweater in khaki. The Barena Venezia Bativoga cotton-twill trousers elevate the oversized-profile of the sweater, providing an air of class while remaining comfortable with a drawstring-waist.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Keeping a low profile, we’ve chosen khaki accessories to match the bulk of the outfit. The Fendi Baguette leather cross-body bag features a pebbled leather, which adds texture to the look. In contrast, the soft leather of the Alexander McQueen Chelsea boots adds sophistication to the chunky rubber tread. A ribbed knit sock adds subtle texture when visible.

Clockwise from Left to Right:

Dolce & Gabbana Roll-neck Virgin-wool Sweater, $845, Matches Fashion
Raey Crew-neck Wool-blend Sweater, $626, Matches Fashion
Fendi Baguette Leather Cross-body Bag, $1,850, Matches Fashion
Pantherella Danvers Ribbed-knit Socks, $19, Matches Fashion
Barena Venezia Bativoga Drawstring-waist Cotton-twill Trousers, $291, Matches Fashion
Alexander McQueen Tread Leather Chelsea Boots, $920, Matches Fashion


While pink is overwhelmingly associated with femininity and softness, its history lies in power and strength as a hue close to the warrior’s colour, red. Regardless, pink is the colour of unabashed confidence – an exciting colour for any occasion.

The base to this pink outfit is a matching set, woven on a handloom in India. 11.11 / eleven eleven is known for their fine artisanal craftmanship and this set follows that philosophy. The relaxed nature of this outfit continues with a light pink Daisy sweatshirt by YMC. The loose draping fit of this sweater, mixed with its light pink colour act as mood regulators, calming everyone around.

Dior’s DiorBlackSuit aviator sunglasses with soft blush-pink tinted lenses add a layer of much-needed sophistication to this outfit, showing how a simple staple like sunglasses can have a major impact on a look. Pairing pink ribbed-knit socks from Pantherella with the soon-to-be iconic Bottega Veneta puddle rubber sandals in pink will make you feel like you’ve gone from lounging at home to New York fashion week.

Clockwise from Left to Right:

11.11/Eleven Eleven Bandhani-dyed Cotton Shirt, $601, Matches Fashion
YMC Daisy Loopback Cotton-jersey Sweatshirt, $161, Matches Fashion
Dior BlackSuit Aviator Metal Sunglasses, $472, Matches Fashion
Bottega Veneta Pink Puddle Rubber Sandals, $700, Browns Fashion
11.11/Eleven Eleven Pleated Cropped Cotton-khadi Trousers, was $235 now $141, Matches Fashion
Pantherella Danvers Ribbed-knit Cotton-blend Socks, $19, Matches Fashion


If you think there’s only one shade of white, prepare to be overwhelmed. From ecru to ivory, and everything in between – this is one colour that is easy to layer. Wearing all the same colour white – especially bright white – can make you feel a little bit like an inpatient, whereas mixing shades of white can prove especially chic.

Our white outfit begins with the number one staple of any wardrobe – a crisp white shirt. The collar on this cotton-poplin shirt by Officine Générale works perfectly popping out of Jil Sander’s cream crew-neck wool sweater. Tuck the sweater into a pair of Nanushka’s cream Gini slubbed-cotton suit trousers and finish it off with a cream trench coat from Jil Sander.

When you’re wearing all white, accessories are crucial. Accessories with either a black or gold accent are perfect for bringing out an extra layer in your outfit. A pair of white Bottega Veneta leather boots with their black waved-sole tread works perfectly. Take a leaf out of Harry Style’s book and invest in a pearl necklace. The éliou Agata baroque-pearl and gold-plated necklace is a perfect jewellery staple.

Clockwise Left to Right:

Jil Sander Off-White Sport Trench Coat, was $1,955 now $1,447, SSENSE
Officine Generale Giacomo Cotton-poplin Shirt, $283, Matches Fashion
Jil Sander Crew-neck Wool Sweater, $1,935, Matches Fashion
Bottega Veneta Tire Waved-sole Leather Boots, $1,590, Matches Fashion
Nanushka Gina Slubbed-cotton Suit Trousers, $625, Matches Fashion
Éliou Agata Baroque-pearl & Gold-plated Necklace, $265, Matches Fashion


For those who find black a little too heavy, navy is a stylish and timeless alternative and, unlike black, can be worn in amongst various shades of itself while maintaining its sophistication. From Kensington blue to Naval, there’s a shade of navy to suit every skin tone and every occasion.

When playing with textures, your base can be as simple as two garments. Raey’s funnel-neck sweater is a classic example of Raey’s ability to perfectly create pared-back staples focussed on fabric and fit. This sweater is knitted in Italy and the slubbed wool gives and interesting texture, which is paired perfectly with these Homme Plissé trousers. Featuring Issey Miyake’s signature pleats, these straight-leg trousers are a staple piece for any wardrobe.

With a simple base, layering can be achieved in accessories. We’re keeping the top half heavy with Acne Studios’ navy Canada New fringed wool scarf and Moncler’s Appliquè-logo padded phone pouch. To balance the outfit, Doré Doré’s navy ribbed cotton-lisle socks lead the eye to a pair of Dr. Martens navy1461 Smooth Oxford Shoes.

Clockwise Left to Right:

Raey Funnel-neck Slubbed Wool Sweater, $682, Matches Fashion
Acne Studios Canada New fringed Wool Scarf, $270, Matches Fashion
Moncler Appliqué-logo Padded Phone Pouch, $660, Matches Fashion
Homme Plisse Issey Miyake Technical-pleated Straight-leg Trousers, $426, Matches Fashion
Dr. Martens 1461 Smooth Oxford Shoes, $169.99, Dr. Martens
Dore Dore Ribbed Cotton-lisle Socks, $25, Matches Fashion


Orange can be a difficult colour to wear, even as an accent. Especially when you’re going all out with a monochrome outfit, you need to make sure you’re wearing the right shade for you. Some skin-tones dictate a burnt orange, whereas others suggest a mustard might be better.

Again, we’re focussing on a simple base and layering with accessories. 11.11 / eleven eleven is perfect at creating a matching set. This rich mustard-yellow shirt and pants, made from locally sourced cotton, are lightweight and tactile. Both garments are spun and loomed by hand, supporting the livelihood’s of local Indian artisans.

Acne’s large-check logo-label felted scarf in burnt orange and turmeric yellow is made of soft alpaca and smooth mohair. When the winter sun rears its head, Flatlist’s orange Lefty aviator sunglasses in tortoiseshell-acetate are there to save the day. When it comes to shoes, we’re championing socks and sandles. Specifically, Pantherella’s orange Danvers rib-knit socks and Our Legacy Camion buckled backless coated-suede loafers.

Clockwise Left to Right:

Flatlist Lefty Aviator Tortoiseshell-acetate Sunglasses, $340, Matches Fashion
11.11/Eleven Eleven Cotton Shirt, $243, Matches Fashion
Pantherella Danvers Rib-knit Socks, $22, Matches Fashion
11.11/Eleven Eleven Cropped Pleated Cotton-khadi Trousers, was $235 now $141, Matches Fashion
Our Legacy Camion Buckled Backless Coated-suede Loafers, $597, Matches Fashion
Acne Studios Large-check Logo-label Felted Scarf, $410, Matches Fashion