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3 April 2022

Make Entertaining Easy this Easter

From dinner parties to raging parties, host your friends and family without a hitch!

Although not everyone celebrates Easter, everyone should find a reason to celebrate by coming together again and enjoying their entertaining spaces as much as possible. So, to help you make the most of this time off work, we’ve compiled a collection of homewares, books and products to enhance your in-house dining experiences. All that’s left to do is to sort out the guest list, we’ve organised the rest.

Words By Ruby Staley

The Foodie

Although chocolate eggs and bunnies are the traditional diets of Easter, technically you’re free to cook and eat whatever you like for your guests whether you’re celebrating the holiday or not!

If you’re expecting a large party, or just catering for your immediate friends, a solid cookbook intended for entertainment purposes would be a great place to start.

For a no-fuss, but still delicious approach to cooking for a crowd, try out Alison Roman’s Nothing Fancy Unfussy Food for Having People Over, or A Table For Friends The Art of Cooking for Two or Twenty by Skye McAlpine.

Not only will these two options look fantastic as coffee table books, but they’re also chock full of easy to create and tasty to eat options.

If a cookbook is a foodie’s right hand, then a stand mixer is surely their left. This vintage-inspired one from Smeg would make the perfect pastel finishing touch to any kitchen arrangement, and is also highly functional (great at stirring) as well.

For something a little less functional, but a tad more fun, pour yourself a cup with Degoey Planet’s fun Orange Prawn Tumbler Mug that has a cute little crustacean detail around the rim.

In the foodie spirit, finish your table setting off with this Janie Korn’s Yellow Lemon and Shrimp Candle that honestly looks good enough to eat!

SMEG Green Retro-Style Stand Mixer, $850, SSENSE

The Party Lover

When it comes to celebrating, the more the merrier!

Where drinks are flowing, tunes are pumping, and laughter is loud – that’s where you thrive.

Offer your party-comers some in-house cocktails, made all the fancier with Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s Multicolor Piano Cocktail Glass Set – perfect for clinking.

Throw it back and play some of your favourite tracks with a nostalgic looking turntable, this one from Crosley is portable and is a little modernised as it works using Bluetooth.

Keep the party going even after your feet start to hurt with a game of cards, done in style with a Smythson Black & Blue Playing Card deck.

Keep your beauty bottles of wine on display while chilling with Corkcircle’s nifty Air Wine Cooler that will ensure your precious vino is always at the perfect temperature.

Add a bit of quirky décor to your party space with Mellow’s fun and unique White Cowboy Boot Vase, and a mixture of fun candles Hannah Jewett’s fun shaped candle collection.

Combined with your regular homeware collection and the entertaining space of your choice, you’ll have the party started in no time.

Mellow White Cowboy Boot Vase, $1,035, SSSENSE

The Chiller

Find time to kick back and relax into the holidays, after such a tough couple of years, you’ve earnt it after all!

Sail away with a beautiful hardcover book, Ibiza Bohemia by Maya Boyd and Renu Kashyap, complete with gorgeous imagery and guides to the faraway destination.

Not only is it great for helping you manifest your next overseas trip, but it also looks fabulous as a coffee table accessory.

Whether you light it before or after your guests leave, feel instantly relaxed at the scent of Diptyque’s limited Edition Camomille scented candle.

Known to have calming properties, Chamomile is the perfect ingredient to help you wind down after your at-home celebrations – no matter how big or small.
Perfect for freshly brewed herbal tea, SGW LAB’s Blue Distorted GT007 Mug has a modern look and a weighty feel that will have you relaxed in no time.

Cuddle up on the couch with Jiu Jie’s knotted Green Baby Avocado Cushion, that’s soft to the touch with a luxurious velvety outer, and KIP&CO’s Spun Colour Blanket for an extra layer of comfort and warmth.

Who says finishing the party early to watch Netflix on the couch is such a bad thing?

KIP&CO Spun Colour Blanket, $119, The Iconic

The Modern Muse

When luxury is your middle name, entertaining should be exciting.

Treat yourself and your esteemed guests to an entertaining space that is clean, sleek and modern.

Not that you have anything to learn about beauty and aesthetics, Sarah Andrews’ Principles of Style is not only educational but adds a touch of sophistication to any living or entertaining space.

Functional and aesthetically stunning, Stories of Italy’s Black & White Nougat Flutes Set is contemporary perfection in wine glass form.

With a weighty feel and sleek look, these flutes are sure to make even the cheapest of prosecco feel expensive.

For a surprising touch of beauty to even the most casual of dinner parties, Completedworks Brass L01 Napkin Ring Set is an easy way to elevate the table setting and make your company feel extra special.

For a subtle matching moment, add the White Faux-Pearl Small Vase to the table and Tom Dixon’s Black Tank decanter to solidify an aura of sophistication about the placement.

Add a striking pop of deep colour with In Bed’s extra soft Turmeric Linen Placemats that will not only protect the tabletop but also amp up the formality of the setting.

Tom Dixon Black Tank Decanter, $285, SSENSE