Kate Moss Stars in the Latest Anine Bing X Terry O’Neill Collection

Now, more than ever, art and fashion are intrinsically linked.

Creative partnerships tend to push the limits of craftsmanship to produce and exhibit some breath-taking pieces and A.B X T.O is no exception.

Words By Matilda Lloyd

When it comes to merging the two disciplines, the team at Shop Monde may have found a front-runner – photographer Terry O’Neill and Anine Bing’s collaboration; A.B X T.O. It’s effortless, yet chic, simple yet feminine and no collab seems quite as special as this seasons.

With each installment has been dribbled to the public since November 2019, the collections feature O’Niell’s work across Bings best-selling wardrobe essentials. In Bing’s most recent installment, the 38-year-old designer merges her past with the present, channeling her former modelling days with a 1993 photograph of the youthful, notable muse Kate Moss.

Bing’s clothing is a work of art, with details of intricate lace and structural trousers. This installment is paired with her most minimalistic design, through this, the designer ensures the focal point is on the photograph.

O’Neill has been an inspiration for Bing since she erupted on the fashion scene. Both individuals use their creative prowess as an avenue to express their love of rock n roll. For Bing, it is through her vintage looking tees and louche leather pants and for O’Neill, through his powerful music photographs, taken on the front line of fame.

The fashion world mourns O’Neill’s tragic death in 2019, just three days before Bing launched installment number one of their collaboration.  What a magnificent way to honor an iconic man, a timeless piece of fashion showcasing some of the photographer’s finest work.

Shop Monde eagerly welcomes the third installment of T.O x A.B, this one will make history.