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How To 28 November 2022

How To Up the Luxe for Tub Time at Home

After a busy day at work, there's nothing better than taking a nice, relaxing bath to energise or take care of yourself.

A therapeutic oasis awaits you, complete with a multitude of ways to reduce stress. The Monde team has handpicked the best products to add to your next bath time experience so you can emulate a luxury spa experience without leaving your home.

Words By Erin Visagie

Body Scrubs & Body Wash

An essential part of a spa-like bath experience is washing away the day’s worries for smooth, moisturised skin and a clear mind to boot. Your self-care routine can greatly benefit from adding a body scrub to reduce the gunk of a long day. Body scrubs can also help refine skin texture by gently removing dead skin cells and enhancing your your skin’s complexion.

Try the Aesop Redemption Scrub if you’re looking for a product that uses natural ingredients such as sage leaf, milled pumice and bamboo stem to help remove dull skin to make way for glowing, soft skin.

Choosing the proper body wash is another important ingredient for the tub. It should suit your skin type, smell incredible, and help to remove worries and help you start afresh.

With a sweet, creamy scent of coconut frosting and gentle cleansing and conditioning properties, Philosphy’s Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath pampers your skin and can be used as a three-in-one product. Easy!

Aesop Redemption Body Scrub, $40, Adore Beauty


Bath time can be more relaxing with the addition of the right bubble bath product. The sound of bubbles bursting around you is super calming, and a bubble bath can reduce pain and inflammation, while simultaneously cleansing the skin.

Relax with the L’Occitane Lavande Lavender Foaming Bath wash. A fusion of rosemary and lavender makes up this heavenly formula. The benefits of lavender include enhancing sleep, relaxing the muscles, and relieving period cramps and as well as anxiety.

If you’re looking for a twist on the traditional bubble bath, try Philosophy’s Raspberry Sorbet Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath. In addition to its luxurious formula, this gentle bubble bath has a refreshing raspberry sorbet scent that will leave you feeling and smelling wonderful.

Enjoying a romantic or self-care bath with the Sunday Rain Rose Rubble Bath is also a treat to look forward to! This is an excellent option with a romantic rose fragrance, a gorgeous colour, and a soothing cleansing formula.

L’Occitane Lavande Lavender Foaming Bath, $55 , Adore Beauty


There’s nothing to love better than a bath that smells amazing paired with some time in the day to journal and reflect, joined only by gorgeous aromas. Aromatherapy oils, fragranced candles, or even incense sticks can help elevate your experience by cleansing the energy, reducing stress, and helping you relax with the ideal lighting and scents.

To create an atmosphere where you can see your surroundings and feel calmer, dim the lights, light some wax candles, and light some incense sticks (think rose-scented for self-love or sandalwood for calm).

One of our all-time go-to candles is the Wavertree & London Macaron Candle. Not only does it capture Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl’s extra lifestyle, but it also adds that air of escapism with the gorgeous macaron scent that will relax you and allow you to sink deeper into a relaxed trance.

Aromatherapy oils can also enhance your bathing experience by aiding in relaxation, and they should be added and mixed before bathing (to reduce irritation risks). If you would like a sensual bath, try sandalwood, rose, or patchouli; if you would like a relaxing bath, try lavender or chamomile; if you would like to sample different oils, try AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES Ultimate Wellbeing Bath & Shower Oil Collection.

Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Wellbeing Bath & Shower Oil Collection 10 x 9ml, $161.75, Net-a-Porter


The tub it the perfect occasion to read that book or magazine you’ve been looking forward to, and if you’re not a reader, to simply reconnect with yourself.

For books, candles, incense sticks, gemstones, or whatever catches your fancy, the Couchmate Bamboo Caddy Shelf is a perfect choice to ensure your precious items don’t get water damaged and so you can read safely!

You will want to take advantage of the Assouline Chanel three-book collection if you’re a fashion enthusiast like us. Chanel’s heritage, spirit, and designs are captured in these three books. These books feature fashion, jewellery, watches, fragrances, and beauty products that are perfect for fashion lovers who love history and are constantly looking for inspiration!

Taking the Assouline Travel by Design coffee table book with you to the bath is also a great idea. This book will immerse you in over 200 illustrations of unique designs worldwide. Nothing is more relaxing than feeling that feeling of escapism, planning an overseas vacation, or seeing a stunning array of images that capture creativity.

Chanel Set of Three Hardcover Books, $130, Net-a-Porter


The perfect addition to any bathtime ritual are bath salts, soaks, and teas. Bath salts and soaks address ailments such as sore muscles and bath teas help by soothing the skin.

One hero product to try is the Ouai Chill Pills Bath Bombs. All you need to do is pop them into the bath and relax thanks to the melange of jojoba, safflower and hempseed oils. This perfect blend of natural oils work hard at calming inflamed skin, plus the addition of rose and jasmine scents to calm your mind.

A cute kit to add to your routine is the SALT BY HENDRIX Dream Body Trio Gift Set. This includes SALT BY HENDRIX Dream Body Oil, SALT BY HENDRIX Dream Crystals and SALT BY HENDRIX Dream Polish. In addition to antioxidant-rich bath salts from the Southern Dead Sea, this set includes dragon fruit-enriched bath salts.

You can also elevate your bath experience by using a bath tea. This is a recent trend that’s worth trying for people who love tea and enjoy long baths. Your skin will be nourished and softer after bathing with bath tea, which leaves a gorgeous scent in the tub. Suppose you’re looking to get in on this trend? The SALT BY HENDRIX Bath Tea Baby – Coco Mojito is a delicious start. The delectable Mojito scent will transport you into a relaxed vacay mode, and the tea bags are biodegradable, so the ritual is eco-friendly too!

OUAI Chill Pills Bath Bombs x 6, $40.67, Net-a-Porter