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How To 12 November 2020

How to Target Skincare Concerns Safely During Pregnancy

There are a few big no-no ingredients in skincare when you’re with child, this is what they are, and these are our favourite substitutes.

Certain skin issues are likely to arise during pregnancy, and some actives are out of bounds during this time. This is how to navigate both to ensure skin and baby are kept healthy and safe.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Acne and breakouts are a bit of a two-sided issue when speaking to pregnant skin. The inevitable surge of hormones associated with carrying a child and breastfeeding can often create an environment where your skin will break out. You won’t be able to predict how your skin will react whilst pregnant, but it certainly is common for congestion and acne to arise.

Unfortunately, our acne fighting, oil drawing best friend, Salicylic Acid is unsafe to use whilst pregnant. Avoiding salicylic acid, whilst heartbreaking, is totally doable thanks to a couple of amazing alternative ingredients, Glycolic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide.

Aspect skin an amazing pregnancy-safe product containing these wonder ingredients, which help to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis and draw out acne producing sebum, bringing congestion to the surface. Aspect Clear Skin Complex is especially great for those cystic breakouts that are not only painful, but hang around for far too long.

Another great type of ingredient to rely on when helping to fight acne during your pregnancy is Vitamin B. The best active when it comes to healing, repairing and rebalancing, this antioxidant rich group of ingredients is the second step when dealing with problematic, pregnant skin. Nourishment is key so remember to be kind and patient with your skin, take this process slow and results should slowly but surely follow suite.

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This concern isn’t necessarily about finding a pregnancy safe alternative, it’s all about the chances of pregnant women bring more susceptible to encountering pigment issues throughout the gestation period. Melasma is a pigment condition that is triggered by hormone imbalances or changes. Especially common in women who are pregnant, the darkening of pigment can typically be found under the eyes, around the top lip area and at the apples of the cheeks.

Unfortunately, melasma will not magically disappear once the baby is born, very unfortunately, there is no cure for melasma at all. Melasma is all about maintenance and in order to do that you must protect (SPF), prevent (pigment inhibitor) and lighten (brightening ingredients).

Vitamin C is a great pregnancy-safe active which has amazing brightening properties. Vit C can be a bit temperamental though on some skin types. If you’re one of those who can’t easily tolerate Vitamin C, fabulous alternatives can be found in Glycolic and Mandelic Acids.

All pregnancy-safe options listed about will also aid in helping vascularity concerns such as redness, rosacea, as well as pigment (brown).

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, SPF is an absolute must when treating pigmentation. If you’re in need of a good sunscreen, consult this article.

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It may come to no surprise to you, but Botox and other anti-wrinkle cosmetic injectable administered products are a great big NO while pregnant and breastfeeding.

When it comes to targeting fine lines and wrinkles where you would usually opt for your dose of tox, look for products high in hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant which means it draws a whole lot of moisture into the layers of the dermis.

Cosmetic injectables actually contain a lot of hyaluronic acid (especially dermal filler) so it’s a very similar product, just administered in a topical way. Also be on the lookout for products containing collagen to help rejuvenate the problem area.

Another fantastic way to manage signs of ageing is Vitamin A/Retinol, but unfortunately this active is also a very big no-no for pre-natal and breastfeeding women.

While retinoids are pretty much number 1 when it comes to managing the signs of ageing to the skin from a skincare level. there are some alternatives which perform similar exfoliating properties without being as harmful as others. Lactic and Glycolic Acid are both suitable for pregnant skin and will aid in keeping those pesky fine lines and wrinkles at bay for the time you’re unable to use your usual products.

While nothing will quite work as well as a dose of Botox, these ingredients will certainly help firm, plump and fill for the year or so when injectables aren’t an option.

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