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22 October 2021

How To: Bella Hadid’s Best Beauty Moments

From the industries finest runways to candid snaps in the makeup chair, Bella Hadid showcases the scope of her versatility when it comes to the world of beauty.

If anyone knows the best of beauty secrets it’s probably fashion icon and one half of supermodel-sibling-duo, Bella Hadid. With enviable cheek bones that are so sharp they could cut; part of the model’s intrigue is her chameleon like quality and ability to adapt to any fashion era. We here at Monde have narrowed down Bell’s most memorable beauty moments and broken down the steps you’ll need in order to recreate the same looks at home.

Words By Katelyn Kalafatis

Blue Shadow

You’ve probably wondered once, or maybe even twice in your life whether or not it’s OK to wear blue eyeshadow.

Well, after scrolling Bella Hadid’s Instagram feed and spotting the trend, we did our own research. And according to the model blue shadow is back.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but don’t be turned off by blue’s bad rap in the past.

SS22 runways have used the shade in a chic and simple way that doesn’t give us the same demons of fashion’s frightful past.

If you are going to wear the look, we suggest following Bell’s lead on the trend.

The supermodel wears a smoky, matte blue shadow with a serious dose of smudged black liner.

Use crayon liner to really get that lived-in look and finish with thick mascara that will seriously pump up the volume.

Add a strong brow and matte base for the perfect high fashion take on a transformed trend.

Image: @bellahadid

Blue Shadow
No Makeup, Makeup

No Makeup, Makeup

Wearing no-makeup makeup is arguably the most major beauty move of all time. And Bella Hadid? She’s the go-to-pro at achieving the look.

Yes, I’m sure she has the world’s best skin therapists and eyebrow artists at her disposal.

But there is something to say about a woman who can pull off a fresh-faced look without looking like they need an extra swipe of under eye concealer.

So, what’s the supermodel secret to a perfect canvas?

Well besides winning the genetic lottery, Hadid has made it publicly clear that skincare is the most integral step to ensuring model-like skin.

We recommend prepping your face with a stellar skincare routine and a whole lot of sunscreen before you get started with tackling this look.

Just keep in mind, less is more!

Apply minimal powdered products and more cream-based blushes and bronzers to give that fresh skin, lit from within type of glow.

Image: @bellahadid

Bold Lash

In terms of difficulty, applying fake lashes is certainly up there when it comes to beauty.

Whether it’s a skill already mastered, or you need a YouTube tutorial to talk you through the process, there’s no denying that a good fake lash is often the staple that ties your makeup together.

In this post, Bella Hadid shows off a lash focused look by makeup artist and friend, Sam Visser.

Who may we just say, has effortlessly demonstrated why long and fluttery faux lashes is a look that will never go out of style.

To achieve a similar and very Visser-like look, we suggest letting the lashes do most of the talking.

Create a solid base with your favourite foundation and setting powder.

Fill your brows in using a soft and natural approach and finally top off the look with a nude liner and lighter gloss to give the illusion of a plumper lip.

Image: @bellahadid

Bold Lash
Dark and Smokey

Dark and Smokey

No other eye makeup screams “I’m an intimidating model” more than this smoky eye look from Bella Hadid.

But contrary to first impressions, you don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to recreate the beloved look.

All you need is a selection of eyeshadow tones, a fluffy makeup brush and an unwavering commitment to blend, blend, blend!

So where do you start? Here’s the gist of it.

You’ll want at least three eyeshadow tones, a dark tone for the lid, a medium tone for the crease and a light tone for just underneath your brow bone.

If you’re making a mess, don’t stress!

We suggest beginning the eyeshadow application on a clean, makeup-free base so you can go in with a wipe later to remove any potential fall-out.

After you achieve your ideal shadow, apply the skin staples as per and admire your dark, smoky, sultry eye.

Image: @bellahadid

Faux Freckles

You’ve seen faux freckles go wrong we know, but there’s a reason behind why everyone loves the trend.

They can be really stinkin’ cute – just look at them on our girl Bella.

The key to achieving this look is to be extremely light handed and to start small.

Trace over the sprinkling of freckles you already have or create a new feature on your face by concentrating on the nose and dusting smaller dots over the cheeks.

You can use a few different products for the freckles themselves, but your best bet is to utilise your brow essentials.

Whether you’re using a pencil, pomade or liquid pen, the golden rule remains the same. Apply less and blend more.

To really sell the “naked” look add lots of blush, a little bronzer and a touch of highlighter to create a dewy base.

And remember, a bare face isn’t rid of pores or texture so create a look that compliments, not covers, your real skin.

Image: @bellahadid

Faux Freckles

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