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Hello Summer! Welcome the New Season with a New Space

Today marks the very first day of summer, and to celebrate, we've rounded up the best of the best when it comes to homewares that exude new life and balmy nights.

Are you ready to deck the halls and upgrade your home living experience? Summer is here, bringing a whirlwind of fresh homeware products perfect for gift-giving and home improvements. From zesty essentials to stylish upgrades, now’s the time to shift your space from cosy to COLOURFUL.

The Iconic always has our backs when it comes to being inspired to shift our spaces. Being home to a plethora of world-class living brands, this Aussie retail giant is the perfect place to pick up a summer addition to your home. For example, we are utterly obsessed with the Yves Saint Laurent bubblegum pink coffee table book which so easily will bring a colour pop and draw visitors eyes to your coffee table. Another way to overload the senses of your holiday guests? We’re glad you asked.

This Sea Salt Candle by the folks at LX Collection offers a scrumptious scent to waft through your space, which also seems like a fitting vibe going into the holiday season. The vibrant box would also make a beautiful trove to hide your treasures whilst offering a pop of colour.

Looking for colourful and eclectic designs? Gorman has you covered with their vibrant and quirky offerings that ooze summer chic. Just take these incredible tea towels as an example! The Storybook Tea Towel set offers a focal point for your kitchen and infuses some colour and interesting patterns.

For those seeking timeless elegance, Seed Heritage has a lot to choose from like these Ribbed Candles which would look phenomenal on the table of your next dinner party.

Treat yourself to that statement rug or upgrade to the home décor and furniture you’ve been eyeing, this summer. Seize the moment and dive into these irresistible homewares—the ultimate opportunity to elevate your home and spread joy this holiday season & summer.

Edit by Erin Visagie

Hello Summer! Welcome the New Season with a New Space