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19 August 2021

Creative Ways to Stay Active at Home

Why watch the same workout videos on repeat when you can mix up your movement routine?

Staying active while at home can be hard. There are only so many workout videos you can watch before you start to lose your mind. Why not turn a hobby into exercise? When stuck at home we tend to cook, clean and get creative, so becoming an expert in those activities is an excellent way to spend our time. To get you started, here's a list of unique ways to keep busy while you are stuck inside.

Words By Olivia Davendra


Now’s the time to prime your green thumb.

Gardening requires a lot of attention and care, but can often mood your mood and enhance a physical space.

However, being a plant parent may not be for the faint hearted and requires some rewarding manual work, it can also be very therapeutic for the mind.

To inspire you to get outside, while still at home, why not buy a pair of stylish garden gloves and multi-purpose tools from Amara or a cute array of seeds from Nordstrom.

To take care of all the plants at your abode, a chic watering pot could do the trick, or even discover an intricate string of pretty wind-chimes designed to serenade your backyard.

If you want to go big straight away this gardening wagon from Myer will help you get the ground prepped for some bigger plants.

To top it all off, a fancy hanging pot plant will make you a gardening professional in no time and have your friends and family calling you up for gardening advice in no time.

Saarde Lale Watering Can, $65, The Iconic

Elevating Activities

Elevating Activities

A simple walk around the block, solo dance party or fun board game night can easily be turned into exercise with the right attitude.

Why not swap out your daily walks for a funky rollerblading session with a pair of beautiful pink rollerblades from Saks Fifth Avenue?

And instead of another game of gruelling Monopoly, switch that out for some classic Twister, if you don’t live alone, to elevate your mood and heart rate.

Maybe ending your nights with an energetic round of homestyle karaoke will do the trick to help you break out of your monotonous workout routine and will get your blood pumping.

If you prefer to exercise the traditional way, not elevate your current workout plan with some interesting equipment? Elevate your at-home workout and discover your new favourite boutique workout gear.

May it be a pair of pink wrist weights, a printed towel or a nifty pair of mini fans you can wear around your neck keeping the sweat on your face in control with – there’s something for every home workout boundary pusher.

Frescobol Carioca Brown & Black Trancoso Beach Bat Set, $310, SSENSE


Yoga is a great way to keep you calm and active all in one.

With all the benefits of stretching, pilates, and meditation all at once, yoga is one of the easiest ways to get fit and care for your body.

It’s the perfect activity to find peace, relaxation, all the while feeling the burn with an incredibly wide selection of yoga styles and guides to follow along with.

Whether you’re just a beginner who needs a simple yoga mat to start, or maybe you want to take your yoga game to the next level and require foam shapes and straps to elevate your routine, or become an expert by using a yoga wheel – there’s something for the yogi at every level.

A relaxation set from Essence might be perfect for your meditation routine while this yoga mat spray will keep everything smelling nice before, after and during your yoga and meditation sessions.

In any case, the yoga lovers here at Monde have got you covered for all your stretching and relaxing needs.

Oak and Reed Yoga Block & Strap Set, US$30, Anthropologie



Creating a wholesome meal can have more positive impacts than simply tasting great.

Cooking away in the kitchen can actually be more physical than you may initially think and the amount of work that goes into preparing one meal can often surprise us.

Why not take a break from your living room and backyard exercise regime and enter the kitchen for your next workout?

Making pasta or bread from scratch may be hard a task, but once you put your time and effort in, your achievements will equal any strenuous workout session you’ve done in the past.

Making homemade pasta or bread requires a lot of muscle so it’s best to start early.

Some of the fun of cooking comes from the plating experience, a glamorous pair of serving utensils and intricate plates can add to that experience or even a pair of cool salt and pepper shakers.

*chef’s kiss* !

Lily Pearmain SSENSE Exclusive Black & White Pestle & Mortar, $220, SSENSE

Interior Designing

There’s never been a better time than now to re-fresh your space.

What makes personally decorating your home a fantastic indoor activity is its ability to both work your mind and body.

Moving furniture around, putting up photographs and rolling out rugs, will surely get you out of breath, and setting a colour scheme or theme will definitely nourish your creative side.

You can also bring the outside in, by purchasing some furniture inspired by nature like an armchair from Adairs or a wastebasket from Macy’s.

And remember building furniture from the ground up is always a workout in its own right.

For something less strenuous Matches Fashion, Brosa, Elvis and Kresse and Nordstrom provide some stunning decor moments for you to sprinkle around your home.

Mix in intricate homeware pieces, vases and fresh flowers for a truly rejuvenated space that you’ll never want to leave.

Brosa Kaneko Sideboard, was $1,249 now $999, Brosa

Interior Designing
Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Everyone knows that cleaning your home can be a daunting and tiring task, but it is always rewarding – in more ways than one.

With an influx of free time, why not take the time you have at home to spring clean your house from top to bottom?

Sorting, piling, vacuuming and washing will offer you a light workout and give you something different to do instead of running on the treadmill or watching the same workout YouTube video in your study.

An efficient handheld vacuum from Saks Fifth Avenue could do the trick and get you started.

Trying a new multipurpose spray could be a nice fragrant inclusion to your cleaning routine, like the below listed Capri Blue Volcano multipurpose spray.

Finnish Design Shop has some stylish cleaning essentials to get you moving as well.

Iris Hantverk Set of Table Brush, $63.52, Finnish Design Shop

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