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Get the Look 27 August 2021

Beyond the Granny Blanket – How to Wear Crochet

Handmade with love, we’re officially embracing the warm hug of the crochet trend.

Granny squares have traditionally taken up pride of place in the blanket drawer at home. But quarantine boredom and a desire to take up a new hobby have seen many of us reach for the crochet hook and add to our arsenal of hobbies. The granny square has now well and truly transitioned from quirky blankets made with love to the broader world of fashion, with designers and hobbyists alike taking on the homemade trend. Crochet is the next iteration of comfort dressing, mixing quirky designs with an inherent nostalgia, and thankfully it’s here to stay.

Words By Eliza Sears


From a preppy sweater vest to a cropped halter top, there is a crocheted top for everyone, no matter your style.

The beauty of this knitted trend is that it can be worn year-round, giving you plenty of styling options.

And there’s a wealth of inspiration on hand, with fashion influencers coveting the handcrafted look just as much as we are at the moment.

For those of us that stick to a strict colour palette of neutrals, the bright florals featured in some designs probably aren’t your speed, but no one misses out here; there are plenty of monochromatic staples on the market to build into your wardrobe rotation.

Crochet is definitely a sub-trend of dopamine dressing, giving us warm fuzzies.

It’s super colourful, and there aren’t any rules leaving you free to mix and match as you like.

Seriously, if you love colour and frills, the arrival of crochet is probably the best thing to happen in 2021.

Sea Ziggy Sweater, $465, Sea


Speaking of warm fuzzies, we all fell in love with the scenes of British diver Tom Daley sitting poolside knitting to destress before and during competition during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

One of his creations, his now-famous cardigan, has inspired us to hunt down cardi’s that spark as much joy as his.

And there are a few bold and colourful standouts to choose from.

The idea of a crochet cardigan is pretty much a wearable blanket, making a case for something emblematic of Granny’s finest squares.

The colourful florals offer the laid back ‘this old thing’ vibe we aim to achieve when dressing for comfort.

The modern interpretation of crochet adopts a loose-knit with a tighter fit, perfect for the warmer months ahead and ideal for dressing up for a night out.

Arket Crochet Cardigan, US$119, Arket


Everything old is new again, this can be about many things, but fashion is perhaps the most visually representative, with the cyclic nature of style captured in photographs throughout time.

The most recent example of this is our return to the bike-short preppy look of Princess Diana in the 90s.

The coveted look has become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon and a mainstay in the mainstream.

But while bike shorts are the perfect go-to for working out or with an oversized blazer, they’re tricky to style beyond their current application.

That’s when the crochet shorts came in.

This versatile piece is ideal for spring, worn with an oversized dress shirt, your favourite baby tee, tank or square neck blouse; bring on the sun!

M.N.G. Cotton Crochet Shorts, was $69.95 now $39.95, Mango


The crochet bag is the cute, functional accessory we’ve always wanted.

An accent piece, a crochet bag will make any outfit pop and is guaranteed to have people asking, ‘where did you get that?’.

From minuscule to carry all, the crochet trend has been adopted by designers big and small, with some bags construction being entirely crochet. In contrast, others strictly use stitching as a feature.

The handcrafted nature of crochet aligns with our return to slower fashion, to one-off pieces and staples made for a lifetime.

A style from the past, enabling us to honour our values today.

Marni‘s frame zig-zag crochet bag is a throwback to the 70s with cane-like top handles and Marni’s signature mixing of prints, shape and colour.

Each bag is handmade, meaning all bags are unique, like the owner who holds their handles.

M.N.G. Flowers Crochet Mini Bag, was $44.95 now $34.95, Mango


It’s been a while since we wore our favourite dress anywhere, but the promise of spring/summer has us ogling all the best dresses on the market anyway.

Christopher Esber has gone above and beyond with the Crochet Bra Quilted Cocoon cotton and crepe maxi dress.

Simple yet so intricate, from the crochet bra to the spaghetti strap tie back and cocoon shape skirt, Esber’s design is truly a triumph. This dress is destined to be a staple at rooftop bars, and beachside gatherings come summer.

Cult Gaia‘s designs are known for garnering a second look, and their Juliana Knit Dress is no different.

This cheeky sheer midi dress features bell sleeves and exposed back, keeping you looking and feeling cool and sexy.

Cult Gaia Juliana Knit Dress, $780, Cult Gaia