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21 September 2020

9 Yoga Studio’s Streaming Classes Online

Words By Eliza Sears

For when you need to take a break without leaving the house.

Good Vibes Yoga

From their light-drenched studios located in Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs of Collingwood and Northcote, Good Vibes Yoga will leave you feeling energised and empowered.

Built on the philosophy of providing yogis with a mindful, strengthening and holistic yoga practice and fostering an empowered, healthy and mindful community, Good Vibes lives up to its name.

With lockdown currently in place in Melbourne, Good Vibes is offering yogis 24/7 access to their virtual studio with meditation, and slow flows, as well as more energising classes.

With practices ranging from 10 to 45 minutes, it has never been easier to fit in a quick flow when best suits you. All videos can be accessed on the Good Vibes Yoga website or through their Good Vibes Yoga YouTube channel.

Cost: The Good Vibes Yoga Virtual Studio is free.

Delight Yoga

Founded in 2006 Delight Yoga aims to help you reconnect and find peace within through a delightful practice that equally values movement and stillness.

Delight has a heavy focus on connection, to your mind, body, breath, and the moment to find happiness and energy from within.

With a plethora of classes to try, the Amsterdam based studio you can decide what style of class to take based on how you feel each day will it be a dynamic or grounding, energising or meditative class?

Live-streamed classes at Delight Yoga welcome all experience levels to participate in meditation, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama and pre-natal practices, with the option to rewatch live streams up to 7 days.

Cost: 7-day free trial for Delight Online, then €10 per individual class or €50/month for unlimited access to classes.

One Hot Yoga

Syndey and Melbourne based bespoke studio, One Hot Yoga, has movement at its core, with heated practices designed to make you sweat. Studios are heated to a pleasant 27 to 37 degrees celsius, meaning even the slowest flow will make you glisten.

Specialising in both yoga and pilates, the studio’s latest venture, One Hot at Home, offers a full schedule of live-streamed classes from dawn to dusk.

For those wanting to pick up a new skill during this time, One Hot Yoga has also added online courses, masterclasses and workshops to its schedule.

Cost: Casual classes $10/class; 10 online classes $80; unlimited 7 day pass $49; unlimited 4 week pass $196.

Brooklyn Yoga Club

Established in 2019 by Alicia Ferguson and Paris Alexander, Brooklyn Yoga Club is a body-positive studio, intending to grow an inclusive community from its New York City Dumbo location.

With a focus on community, artistry, & health BYC is a place for anyBODY to move and find stillness. If you like the sound of a studio where post-class wine and chat sessions with fellow yogis are on the cards, BYC might be your kind of place.

Classes at BYC are open to all skill levels and many feature inspiring soundtracks to keep you present in the flow.

To get a taste of NYC flavoured yoga from the comfort of your own home, BYC now is offering live-streamed classes every day via Zoom.

Cost: Virtual classes via Zoom US$12/class.

Humming Puppy

With locations in Melbourne, Sydney and New York, Humming Puppy has long been an international affair.

Known for its iconic hum, designed by sound engineers to move you deeper into your practice and dark ‘shala’ (yoga space) yoga, is a truly unique experience.

Now with on-demand streaming, you can access the hum from anywhere.

If you are looking for meditative movement, Mellow Hum offers a chilled class with deep openings and gentle movement. For a steady paced class, Unified Hum is a comfortable challenge. And, for the more advanced yogi, Dynamic Hum allows you to explore more complex transitions and have a play with inversions.

Cost: Limited time offer of 50 cents per day ($15/month).

Alo Moves

Activewear brand, Alo Moves is well-known for its yoga pants, mats and sports bras but what might be lesser known is that the retailer also hosts yoga classes from its flagship stores in New York and California.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Alo’s online sanctuary has become a staple in many a workout routine. They are offering member’s opportunity to make mindful movement a daily ritual.

With hundreds of on-demand videos to choose from, Alo Moves caters to all skill levels and needs of members, with videos series like ‘Desk Therapy’, designed to loosen stiffness caused by hours spent in front of the computer.

If you like mixing up your wellness routine with a variety of movements, Alo Moves offers online classes in strength training, barre, pilates, meditation, and mobility and flexibility training. You name it, Alo Moves offers it.

Cost: Unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation for US$20/month or US$199/year.

The Yoga Flat

Born from a love of mindful movement, yoga, and meditation, The Yoga Flat keeps it simple by allowing you to pull up your mat and press play.

Acknowledging the stress associated with modern urban life, The Yoga Flat encourages students to be present in the space and decompress from the day to deepen your relationship with yourself and your yoga practice.

The Yoga Flat’s classes are rooted in the traditions of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, whereby classes are not differentiated by yoga style and use a combination based on the instructor’s preference. With Hatha being considered a gentle style yoga, focusing primarily on enhancing strength, flexibility, and balance, and is a great place to start for beginners.

From their light-filled Copenhagen studio, the experienced teachers at The Yoga Flat will take you through all class styles, from fast to slow, energising to relaxing.

Cost: 1-day video access KR50,00; 1-week video access KR100,00; 1-month access KR200,00.

Little Mandarin Yoga & Pilates

From their beautifully designed studio’s in Melbourne’s iconic Nicholas Building and the city’s newest and most eco-conscious shopping centre, Burwood Brickworks, Little Mandarin Yoga and Pilates has created a diverse, tight-knit community.

With both grounding and energising classes on offer, the team have made every effort to ensure we can ‘be alone, together’ during this time.

For those unable to make it to scheduled live-streamed classes, the studio’s initiative ‘Together We Practise’ was developed to provide all with the access to movement, by uploading class videos to YouTube.

Cost: Get a one-week free trial when signing up for the $29.90 weekly unlimited live-streamed classes (offer ends October 31); single session live-streamed $16; monthly unlimited live-streamed classes $139.

Yoke Yoga

With its urban home in South Melbourne and a beachside locale in the Surf Coast town of Torquay, Yoke Yoga truly practices what they preach.

‘Yoga of the Heart’ was born from a vision to support the community and help others make choices from the heart. Now, in a time of crisis for many, Yoke is helping its community of yogis navigate these challenging times by providing a generous offering of classes online.

Yoke’s On-Demand Library of pre-recorded flows and meditations offers members over two hundred classes to choose from, along with newly uploaded pre-recorded classes each week, giving you an almost endless array of choices. Subscribers can choose from Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Pranayama, Slow Flow, Pre and Post Natal, Asana Lab, Beginners and Yoga Nidra.

And if you find you’ve moved your way through the library or that live classes are more your thing, Yoke Yoga offers 21 live-streamed classes per week.

Cost: $8 per class; $20 for a one week pass or $44 per month for unlimited access.