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Trending 27 April 2022

7 Men’s Fashion Brands Bringing Vibrant Colours Back

Extend your wardrobe's colour palette

With just three primary colours, red, blue and green, we have millions of shades to play with, fashion-wise. This means there are millions of possibilities for designers to get creative with colour. These 7 brands are not limited to stereotypes and see the gap in colour usage in men’s and women’s fashion. Each brand has its own aesthetic, yet they share the same vision of incorporating a great variety of shades into men’s wardrobes.

Words By Thuy Nguyen


Embody the Japanese aesthetics and vintage America, KAPITAL sets its own uniqueness in the crowded fashion world. It has brought together East and West charms.

KAPITAL was founded in  Kojima, Okayama – the capital of Japen denim by Toshikiyo Hirata in 1984. It started with his love for American culture and denim style, he started his very own line of jeans. After decades of launching, KAPITAL has extended their products range and creativity.

KAPITAL introduced an artistic and adventurous take on denim wear with the vintage influence. They apply a large variety of vintage approaches to modern clothing. First of all, KAPITAL’s denim has reached a high level of authenticity when it comes to distressed garments, giving their products a real workwear feel. On top of their high-quality denim, vintage techniques, especially patchwork and graphic print were utilised. The brand does not shy away from colourful and eye-catching patterns to express its concept and idea of men’s wear.

KAPITAL Patchwork Bandana-Print Cotton Jacket, £395.76 – available at MR PORTER


Another brand that has brought a happy vibe with the colour choices in their products is ICECREAM – high-end luxury sportswear and streetwear label.

ICECREAM was launched in 2005 by musician Pharrell Williams and fashion designer Nigo as a part of their Billionaire Boys Club universe. The brand is fueled by Williams’ aspirations and various cultural references. ICECREAM’s items are innovative, relevant and original in the highest quality materials produced in Japan.

ICECREAM is infused with art, skateboarding and hip-hop culture traits – vintage yet classic and timeless. They use simple and familiar silhouettes but put on vibrant colours and playful graphics. The signature ones are definitely ice cream cones and running dogs. What makes ICECREAM so special is its richness in self-expression. Every item simultaneously stands for the brand’s vintage and playful image and motto “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.”

Icecream Logo-Appliquéd Padded Cotton-Twill Jacket, £147.13 – available at MR PORTER


Rhude is the next brand we want to talk about that has an interesting and unique take on colour palette and print. Rhude radiates youthful energy and nostalgic feeling.

Rhuigi Villaseñor launched Rhude in 2015, based in Los Angeles. Within a few years of being introduced, Rhude has quickly gained recognition for creativity and innovation in men’s fashion. Villaseñor’s design reflects his story and aesthetics with an infusion of streetwear culture.

Rhude stands out for its narrative fashion. Villaseñor really redefined and sharpens what men’s fashion is like. There are many American icons and nostalgic cultural references, such as British punk and high fashion style. Villaseñor, through his design, is bridging the culture and different aspects of the world and pulling them all together in Rhude’s items.

Rhude’s clothing is easy to wear for its classic streetwear silhouette, yet will promise to make a statement for its unique and vibrant colours and print. Definitely look out for their graphic and abstract print!

Rhude Merino Wool & Cashmere-Blend Jacquard Sweater, £991.37 – available at MR PORTER

The Elder Statesman

Relaxed yet still luxury, colourful and eye-catching, nostalgic yet relevant is what The Elder Statesman is all about.

The Elder Statesman was founded by Greg Chait – a surfing enthusiast in 2007. It all started with a collection of cashmere blankets, the brand extended and earned great recognition, especially for its knitwear line. From a small workshop in Los Angeles, Greig Chait has brought The Elder Statesman to a high global status of luxury ready to wear.

The Elder Statesman is no doubt a must for knitwear, it’s the finest and softest with a unique design that will not fail to impress. Their textile is sourced from Italy with the best quality cashmere. The brand honours handicraft aesthetics by using a small team of craftspeople to produce high-quality knitwear. What makes The Elder Statesman stand out is also Greg Chait’s choice of pattern and colours. The brand especially experimented with the tie-dye effect and you don’t want to miss it!

The Elder Statesman Tie-Dyed Cashmere Sweater, £1250 – available at MR PORTER

Collina Strada

Collina Strada is the fusion and the embodiment of playfulness and boldness in a sustainable fashion. It is not just clothing, but a statement of fashion and social awareness.

Collina Strada was founded by the New York-based designer Hillary Taymour with the vision of building a brand on sustainability and social awareness foundation through easy to wear and self-expressive clothing. The brand’s motto is to “encourage self-reflection through clothing.” It is truly reflected in her design through experimenting with colours and prints.

Collina Strada generates such joyous and vibrant energy. We see a lot of floral and tie-dye patterns, as well as abstract print. Taymour is undoubtedly redefining men’s fashion and clearing the men’s and women’s fashion stereotypes. There are gentleness and elegant details in her design for men. It is simple, yet eye-catching, so rich in expression and empowerment.

Collina Strada SSENSE Exclusive Off-White Doodle Flower Jacket, $740 – available at SSENSE


Casablanca is the next brand worth mentioning that has taken a unique path in men’s sportswear. The brand is a combination of luxury fashion and leisurewear.

Founded by designer Charaf Tajer, Casablanca is famous for its contemporary and aesthetics take on sportswear. The brand was named after the Morrocan city Tajer’s parents fell in love. Tajer is a Frech-Morrocan, and it is greatly infused into his design.

Casablanca radiates both romantic and youthful energy. There is the familiar aesthetics of Paris, yet there is also the distinctiveness and wildness of Morroco. Casablanca stands right at the fine line between high-end fashion and sporty and leisurewear. Tajer does not only play with colours but also with materials and methods to create the uniqueness of Casablanca. We see silk, knitwear, crochet, etc. And let’s not forget to check out their print shirts and hoodies, you won’t be disappointed!

Casablanca Floral-Print Flared-Leg Jeans, $648 – MATCHESFASHION


The last brand we want to talk about is ERL, all the way from the California beach with the sunlight and blue ocean. There is no doubt ERL manifested California beach aesthetics into its image.

ERL was launched by Eli Russell Linnetz in 2018. Eli Russel Linnetz was famous for his photography skill. He has experienced and gained the skill of design in various areas, prior to fashion design and launching ERL. The designer breathed into his design the livelihood of Venice Beach, California. It has the heart and soul of Californian youthfulness.

Eli Russel Linnetz chose the most vivid colours and eccentric combinations to represent in his products. It is easy to wear and laid-back – the Venice beach energy, but still shines the youth’s spirit. ERL’s competitive edge is certainly its simple yet bold print, like floral, hearts, patchwork, typographical elements, etc. ERL’s design is not challenging to wear and coordinate but will not fail to be original and self-expressive.

ERL Floral-Print Puffer Cross-Body Bag, $515 – available at MATCHESFASHION