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On Our Radar 6 October 2020

5 Online Dance Workouts to Get Over the COVID Funk

Sometimes you’ve just got to have a dance party in your lounge room by yourself.

When dealing with stress some rely on meditation, and many incorporate some form of movement. While these are rewarding, sometimes all you need is some great music and a good old boogie. When we want to dance our socks off, we book in with one of these online studios, and always feel much better after!

Words By Eliza Sears

Groove Therapy

With the simple ethos of providing dance classes for ‘people who think they can’t dance’, Groove Therapy has fast become a favourite in the adult dance space.

Groove Therapy’s experienced team of instructors are keen to help others discover the social, mental and physical benefits of dance.

As for the style of dance you’ll learn, classes are centred around street dance. That is any style that didn’t originate in a dance studio; hip hop, house, dancehall and afrobeats.

With both live stream and online courses on offer, you can pick whatever best suits you, and your schedule.

While Groove Therapy classes are strictly judgement-free zones, the idea of dancing still makes many of us feel overwhelmingly awkward, so if you’re feeling especially self-conscious, an online course might be the best way to start. All classes are bite-sized and designed for you to pause, rewind and replay, meaning you can take things at your own pace and go over the moves as many times as you like.

Live-streamed classes are currently available three times a week, so throw on your favourite trackies, yoga pants or PJs and get ready to groove.

With a focus on groovin’ rather than choreography, Groove Therapy classes will prepare you for the next time you find yourself in the middle of the dancefloor. No longer will you search for the nearest exit, while bobbing from side to side, drink in hand. No, you’ll be the first to start booging with your new repertoire of moves.

Cost: Live Zoom classes – US$8 per class with all profits going straight to your Groove Therapist; Online Courses start at US$69.

The Sculpt Society

The Sculpt Society (TSS) by Megan Roup was created when Megan herself had trouble finding a fun and effective fitness regime that helped her maintain motivation and enjoy working out.

TSS method is designed to improve your cardio fitness and strengthen and sculpt your muscles by combining dance cardio with resistance training.

When initially creating TSS, Megan had even the most uncoordinated among us in mind, making her workouts as easy as possible. All TSS workouts break down moves to their simplest form, making them easy to follow.

Celebrities like Elsa Hosk and Hunter McGrady, as well as your average jo down the street, have embraced the dance-based fitness method.

Today, TSS has a worldwide following and community of devotees, all singing the praises of Megan and her team.

With workouts ranging from 5 to 50 minutes, TSS makes working out easy and accessible no matter how jam-packed your day might be.

Cost: 14-day free trial of TSS App; US$19.99/month.

Amanda Kloots

Former Broadway dancer and Radio City Rockette, Amanda Kloots is known for her boundless positivity, contagious smile and her hardcore skipping and dance cardio workouts.

There is no shortage of endorphin release when it comes to AK! workouts; you’ll be grinning through the burn and reaping the mental and physical benefits of moving your body in no time.

No need to set aside hours of your day; all workouts are under an hour, so you can jump around, get sweaty and be ready for the day, all before the dreaded 9 am Zoom call.

The AK! app has an extensive library of prerecorded workouts, giving you plenty to choose from, and with new classes uploaded each week, and live-stream classes there’s plenty of variety to keep you engaged and motivated

Like Amanda, the AK! Workouts don’t take themselves too seriously and are made to be fun, taking the dread out of working out and empowering you to feel ‘POW, WOW, WONDERFUL!’.

In addition to the usual range of AK! classes, there’s also a Bump prenatal series explicitly designed to cater for mums to be so that everybody can move their body and free their mind.

Cost: 7-day free trial of AK App; US$9.99/month.

Body by Simone

Founded by Aussie and former professional dancer, Simone De La Rue, Body By Simone was first established in 2010.

Following her retirement from the stages of Broadway and the West End, Simone pivoted to the fitness world, creating a studio rooted in dance and movement that put technique above all and aimed to prevent injuries while exercising.

BBS soon grew a cult celebrity following and became a household name in the fitness industry for unmatched results. If you follow Jennifer Garner (dance enthusiast) on Instagram, you’ve probably seen her bounding around a small studio space with a wide grin right next to Simone herself.

No stranger to the online space, BBS first graced our TV screens back in 2013 with BBSTV, since then they’ve developed an app with hundreds of workout in the one place.

The BBS app offers users a wide range of workouts, including Simone’s signature high-impact dance cardio classes and daily live-streamed classes. BBS provides a well-rounded approach to fitness with resistance training targeting specific muscles in the upper and lower body, weaved in within dance cardio workouts to create long, lean muscles.

There is no doubt BBS workouts are as challenging as they are fun and will have you smiling through the burn and dripping in sweat.

Cost: 14-day free trial; US$17.99/month.

305 Fitness

At the very core of 305 Fitness is inclusion. Accessibility and ensuring all bodies can access their classes is absolutely crucial to the 305 Fitness Team and community.

With the ethos of making sweat sexy and dancing like no one is watching, 305 Fitness has created a judgement-free community where dancers can let loose and sweat it up.

Typically, you would take a 305 Fitness class in one of their flagship studios in NYC, Boston or Chicago. The disco dance vibes would be off the charts, and wearing your most outrageous Fluro aerobics outfit would be encouraged, but it’s 2020 and these times are anything but typical.

In response to COVID-19, 305 Fitness has taken things digital, in turn opening their community to the rest of the world, and giving us a peek into a space that genuinely celebrates all bodies and encourages us to take a step back from the day, dance and enjoy the moment.

Cost: 14-day free trial; US$40.46/month.