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Monde Shops 29 April 2021

4 Retailers Selling Gifts for Mums Who Have Enough Candles and Slippers

Mums not like a regular mum, but a cool mum? Here’s what she’ll want this Mother’s Day.

Whether you’ve run out of gifts to give her or she’s never been the Hallmark card type of Mum, here are some brands making great stuff that we’re sure she’ll love this May.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Brosa Furniture

A matriarch, whether she’s your own or not, typically is the woman of the house. A house is a house, but a home requires love and attention to bring it to life. While it’s not always the woman who fits into this role, we understand that often it is.

So, if mum takes an astounding amount of pride in the way her home operates, looks, and most importantly, feels, a piece of furniture is a considerate gift idea.

Brosa is a relatively new Australian brand producing amazing modern furniture and selling directly to you. Their desire to create pieces that not only suit most homes, but most budgets is one of the many reasons Brosa is now found in many of the homes of the elite and trendy.

With the middleman removed, we as consumers are able to access expertly crafted, luxurious furniture for a fraction of the cost. This no skimping on quality fabrications means a little slice of bouclé or suede-like velvet is very achievable.

Brosa’s range of armchairs, ottomans, and desk lighting is the perfect place to look for mum.

If her space is her haven, then a freshen-up with a loved-filled furniture moment is the gift that will continue to give.

Brosa Furniture Lena Square Ottoman, $624, Brosa Furniture


We love an eccentric mum. Chances are if you don’t have an eccentric mum, you know one very well.

For an eccentric mum, the traditional gift of a candle, slippers, or pyjamas just won’t cut it (and nor should it!).

Not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion, interiors, lippy, and a kooky pair of glasses, these women light up our world with their infectious joie de vivre.

When we think of eccentric footwear here at Monde, we think of Camper. Camper was established in the Spanish isle of Mallorca in the mid-1970’s, and the group has been making exceptional quality, comfy shoes ever since.

With their brand foundations firmly entrenched in diversity and contrast, this Mediterranean lifestyle shoe is enjoyed by many around the world.

The shoes themselves are inspired by traditional rustic footwear native to the region but now tricked up with innovative fabrications and design details.

These days, Camper offers shoes in very vibrant colours and a range of different textures that are daring. Runners, formal footwear, and sandals make up only part of the generous offering.

Boasting comfort like no other, a pair of Camper’s are an investment as mum will not want to take them off, ever!

Camper CRCLR Sneaker, $270, Camper

The North Face

When has investing in adventure ever been a bad idea? If mum is the outdoorsy type, or you’re keen to encourage that side of her, then the best gift you can give her is gear.

No matter her level of expertise or prowess when it comes to hiking, camping, skiing, and anything else in between, the experience of it can be truly heightened with equipment that is designed for adventure.

The North Face is a serious institution when it comes to creating gear for exploration. Born out of San Francisco in the 1960s, the group has been creating performance wear, accessories, and equipment for those who seek adventure ever since.

Boasting one of the best-insulated puffer jacket and vests known to man, The North Face have really popularised winter performance gear by breaking into the mainstream market with this iconic design in particular. Who else here owns a North Face Puffer?

So, if you’ll catch mum as a city dweller more often than out there in the wilderness, most of the North Face offering is totally applicable to be used in a sprawling metropolis (well maybe not the tent), especially the puffer jackets.

For something more daring, a pair of hiking boots or sleeping bag will get her excited for the imminent camping trips to ensue.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel, $230, The North Face


If you’re not yet an Amara shopper, then do we have a treat for you! An online metropolis for homewares and wellness, Amara has got it all and we mean truly it.

For the mother who is especially tricky to buy gifts for, or those who insist she doesn’t need a thing, we direct you to gift at Amara.

Boasting a very deep offering of luxury and lower brands, this retailer has traditional gifting for Mothers Day, as well as items that are a little more creative.

Within our short edit here we have highlighted some very unique items that would make fabulous Mother’s Day gifts for most women out there. Coffee table-top chess and puzzle sets make a very classy and beautiful gift that offers a certain academic air.

They say ‘Hey mum I think you’re really clever and stylish, so here is a beautiful chess set that I thought you needed to have”. Great.

If mum has been constricted to working out from home (like most of us have been) then some chic Pilates hand weights are a very considerate offering.

Acknowledging mum’s hobbies, interests and strengths must take centre stage when it comes to your Mother’s Day gift, and thankfully, Amara has covered them all.

Shop below!

Printworks Classic Chess Set, $104, Amara