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On Our Radar 9 January 2024

The Best Home Trends of 2023, Set to Stay in 2024

Get to know 4 of the biggest trends in living from 2023, which are all so good, they'll be sticking around in 2024, too.

Post covid, we've all learnt to appreciate how important cultivating a serene, inspiring and comfortable space at home really is. The homewares and furniture market has all but boomed since 2020 and we're consistently spoilt for choice when it comes to filling our homes with things we love. Below we've identified 4 of the biggest home trends of 2023/2024, and curated a selection of beautiful goodies to recreate the vibe at home.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Statement Stone

Stone will forever be a classic choice and statement of opulence and luxury. So, it’s no surprise that statement stone was a trending homeware element throughout 2023 and predicted to be well into the new year.

When it comes to incorporating stone into your home, you can opt for large pieces to make a bold statement, or instead offer little accents here and there to offer a sense of grounding and add texture to the space. Small stone items to liven up your communal areas in the home can be as functional or non-functional as you like. For example, these candle holders from Marloe Marloe chez NET-A-PORTER offer a little element that can be moved from the dining table to the sideboard, to the bathroom when opting for a bath by candlelight.

For a piece that demands more focus to the eye, we’re obsessed with the unique stone pattern that this side-table from Freedom offers. The Champy Side Table combines a few different earthy tones like pink and green, and the swirling of the marbles mixing almost makes it look like planet earth from afar. This table sitting atop a shaggy rug in a living space would be beyond fabulous.

For a little stone element for your kitchen or to bust out when you’ve got people over, this serving board from Anthropologie is a beautiful and feminine option that feels all too regency with its scalloped edges.

Marloe Marloe + NET SUSTAIN Amal Set of Two Speckled Iron Clay Candle Holders, $605, Net-A-Porter

Organic Curves

Organic shapes and curvature is a sure-fire way to add softness to any space within your home. Examples of soft lines and organic curves can be found in literally any object or piece of furniture that adorns your home. But, speaking of items that typically offer organic curves, plush items such as couches, armchairs that envelop and embrace your body, as well as objects make from glass and ceramic are all where you can lean into this trend.

One of my favourite ways to add in organic curves to a space is the addition of an ottoman. Not only are ottomans one of the best ways to make yourself comfortable on the couch while working on a laptop (those who get it, get it) but they also ultra portable so can be used in many rooms as seating, or as somewhere to prop up your feet. I’m beyond obsessed with the Muntz Velvet Ottoman from our friends at Anthropologie because of it’s heavenly softness.

For an item that can also be moved around from space to space, we adore anything ceramic from Anissa Kermiche. This French-Algerian jeweller come ceramicist is best known for creating vessels that honour the shape of a woman’s body, and there is nothing more ‘organically curved’ than that! Pop the Love Handle Ceramic Vase in any nook or cranny of the home and a curvy focal point has been achieved.

Mush Studios Orange Small Bur Rug, $580, SSENSE

Bold Hues

On of my favourite home trends that came out of 2023, and one that is truly never going anywhere, is the concept of bold hues. Championing vibrant colour over a monochromatic or muted palette is what this trend is all about, and for me, I couldn’t be in agreeance any more if I tried.

Colour brings life and vibrancy into any space and to create a home void of bold hues is almost akin to living your life in black and white, there, I said it!

Every choice within the home is an opportunity to add colour into the space. Whether it be the colour of the walls, the art that hangs from them or even the choice in lighting and shades, colour can be introduced wherever, whenever.

For items of bold hues that may be a little more renter friendly, we’ve curated a selection of goodies that can be moved from room to room, to add a pop of colour and suit your mood, wherever you choose to hang out.

Orange is a bold hue many of us associate withe the 1950-70’s, especially when it comes to homewares, and this Louis Poulson lamp is an ode to this era. The Orange Panthella 160 Portable Lamp offers a muted light (not colour!) and can be moved from room to room without the need of messy cords. It’s the perfect pop of colour and light to nail the bold hue brief!

Lastly, glassware is the perfect vehicle to brighten the home and any dinner party. This organically shaped and technicolour set from our friends over at Completedworks is a 10/10.

Louis Poulsen Orange Panthella 160 Portable Lamp, $585, SSENSE

Inner Sanctuary

Lsat, but certainly not least, is a trend that sits on the other end of the technicolour spectrum. ‘Inner Sanctuary’ was a 2023 interior design trend as coined by our friends over at Harper’s Bizarre USA. Inner sanctuary is all about inviting earthy tones, organic materials and homewares that offer a sense of peace and tranquility to the home. A great reference point is to think about what kind of interiors or homewares would feature in a holistic spa or wellness space, but an upmarket one at that.

Earthen tones such as browns, off whites and whites all offer a clean palette to work off and to inspire grounding. We’re obsessed with this linen Pear Shaped Pendant light Shade from Aura Home which perfectly sets the mood and lighting for a room filled with inner sanctuary goodness.

We think plush elements such as this bolster, which also offers support in the practice of yoga, is a soft addition to further deepen the intention of what a space of inner sanctuary should feel like. Comfy, chocolate in colour and available for a myriad of different uses, big thumbs up to this piece from Aura Home.

As mentioned above, the inner sanctuary trend of ’23 oozes elegance and subtle opulence thanks to it reliance on great design. Great design to us means iconic pieces and you really cant more iconic that the Herman Miller Eames Chair & Ottoman. The ultimate in impecable design, comfort and a chair that has and will stand the test of time, an investment that wont be regretted, we promise!

Aura Home Cloud Fringed Linen Pear Pendant Bronze, $299, Aura Home