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Trending 17 December 2023

The 5 Sunglass Brands We Have Our Eye On

The one accessory that completes all summer looks. Bonus: you can never have too many.

Coming into the high point of the crescendo to summer, it's time to invest in a new pair of shades to keep the glare out, and add a pop of flare to any look.

Words By Kaylah Baker

Le Specs

You’re probably already aware of the brand Le Specs, so let this serve as a reminder to put the brand front-and-centre once again.

Since being established in the late seventies, the Australian brand has continued to make a name for itself all around the globe. One search of celebrities wearing Le Specs’ sunglasses alone will have you realising just how much you love this classic brand.

One significant moment for the brand was when Olivia Rodrigo absolutely nailed the laidback look in the slimline oval Outta Love nineties style shades. If you do not own a pair, we highly suggest scrapping your current wishlist fast and adding these to the top of it (in bold and underlined!).

As a brand that puts chic styles first, Le Specs’ shades are renowned for playing with trends all the while making sure they serve the purpose of being a classic go-to.

Our favourites being (although not limited to) the Work It nineties-inspired oval pair in a vintage translucent blush frame, and the oversized, dramatic Air Heart pair. The latter being a go-to for both Meghan Markle and Olivia Palermo.

Le Specs Tres Gauche Small Rectangular-frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses, was $80 now $48, Net-A-Porter

Miu Miu

If there is something that Miu Miu does well it is ensuring they have a diverse range of sunglasses to suit all personal styles. Are you after a sleek design, a bold pair reminiscent of the noughties, or an oversized pair in a bright hue? Miu Miu has you covered.

Miu Miu is the sister label to Prada, founded in 1992 by Miuccia Prada. The brand was designed around the concept of being a more youthful and playful brand than its older sophisticated sister. Although, do not be entirely mistaken because the brand is still a high fashion brand with elegant undertones.

To help convince you to add a pair of Miu Miu shades to your street style, look no further than Gigi Hadid at the brand’s Summer Club Beach Party in Malibu. Her street style was everything we want this summer, and we credit the chic Miu Miu shades for completing the look.

Replicate with a pair of the brand’s black oval, butterfly or rectangle shades; all with the bold gold logo detailing on the side. Or, better yet, wear on rotation with a vibrant pair of the MU 52YS and MU 51YS shades.

Miu Miu Eyewear Regular Universal Fit, was $566 now $452.80, Sunglass Hut

Free People

Free People is a brand that is all about getting back to your roots, and it’s exactly how the brand came to life. Free People’s journey dates back to the seventies, after being founded by Dick Hayne. Although within a year it became Urban Outfitters.

After a few more evolutions in the brand, a wholesale line was created and separated from the main brand of Urban Outfitters in 1984, becoming what we see as Free People today.

With its return and establishment as a bohemian and lifestyle brand, Free People has gone from strength to strength with its sunglasses. Now sporting a wide collection that plays across a number of different styles and trends.

If you’re after a fun, cute pair that lifts the mood of your overall outfit, we suggest the Luna classic aviator sunglasses. Perfect for days when the sun is out, they have effortlessly cool down pat.

For a staple sleek pair that always deserves a prime spot in your handbag, go for the Monroe or Olympic cat-eye shades. You’ll be begging for them this summer season, trust us.

Free People Luna Classic Aviator Sunglasses, $25, Free People

Luv Lou

One brand hitting the global market in a big way, after only launching in 2018, is none other than Lov Lou. Created by Sydney-based sister duo Hayley and Jayde Hall, the brand’s shades have already made it overseas on to the eyes of well-known trendsetters.

Notable celebrities the brand’s designers have been fangirling over, after seeing them wearing their shades, are Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, and Pip Edwards.

Everyone knows that if there is one celebrity you want wearing your shades at this current point in time, it is Hailey Bieber. If Hailey is seen wearing your product, all we can say is, “Congratulations, you’ve made it”. In this case, we’re looking at you Lov Lou.

What makes the brand so special, and is the reason it’s making waves, is the commitment to creating timeless shades in classic frames; the beloved cat-eye of the Leui shade, the retro rectangular Helena shade, and the throwback shape of the Boston shade.

Masterful at their craft, the designers of Lov Lou are ensuring they have all your ideal sunglasses, ready for you to wear on repeat and rotation.

Luv Lou The Iconic Exclusive Leui, $120, The Iconic

Poppy Lissiman

Having at least one pair of sunglasses from Poppy Lissiman’s eponymous label should be considered a necessity. The West Australian-born designer first established her brand in 2008 as a ready-to-wear, before making a successful pivot in 2014 to accessories.

This shift is when the inclusion of one of the brands most recognisable accessories came into play; unique, bold, and quirky sunglasses. Starting out as an Australian designer with a big dream to create her own label, Poppy Lissiman can now say her designs have been worn by A-list celebrities and trendsetters all around the world.

Most notable times being when Beyonce wore four pairs of the brand’s sunglasses in her Black is King visual album, and that viral moment when Justin Bieber was seen sporting a pair of the oversized “bug-eyed” Cherloi shades. A moment we know Poppy Lissiman will not soon forget.

If you love the idea of following in Bieber’s bold footsteps, we also suggest the round-framed Ketyl pair or the Alkari alien-inspired shades. Go big or go home, right?

Alternatively, the simple yet effective La Cerva pair is sure to be your favourite staple all year-round.

Poppy Lissiman Casino Torti Pearl, $165, Poppy Lissiman