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The It List 4 August 2022

Slay Your Hair Game On-The-Go

Hair essentials perfect for your next vacation.

Are you dreaming of a gorgeous holiday escape but not sure what products to bring to keep your hair looking fabulous all seasons round? Whether you're jet-setting off on a luxury flight, taking a road trip down the coast, or on a gorgeous island cruise getaway, Monde has curated the most effective hair travel essentials to keep your hair looking post-hair salon/runway ready.

Words By Erin Visagie


Taking care of your hair is the key to looking fabulous on the go. If you want your hair to feel bouncy, silky, and soft, invest in moisture/hydrating conditioners, shampoos, and hair masks.

The good news is that bite-sized products are readily available, so you don’t need to worry about overpacking your luggage.
One of the greatest secrets the Monde team has discovered is the power of a gorgeous travel haircare set.

This VIRTUE Recovery Discovery set might be helpful if you struggle with frizz, especially in humid or wet environments. The set includes a shampoo, conditioner and mask that all work together to revive dull/dry hair. In addition, these products are formulated with Keratin, which gives you those soft, smooth locks! With the Recovery Shampoo, for instance, you can repair damage caused by heat styling and allow your hair to recover from different environments, such as humidity.

This gorgeous Oribe Gold Lust Conditioner is my curly gals’ perfect hair care product. Besides defining your lovely curls, this product adds shine to hair, is lightweight, and smells terrific!

For those looking to maintain that bouncy blowout look on the go, the Hair Rituel by Sisley: Voluminizing discovery kit is perfect. The three-part set includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, which all cleanse and give your hair the silky soft, voluminous look of your dreams!

The MilkShake colour maintainer pack is a must-have for anyone with coloured or highlighted hair. Keeping your hair healthy, smelling delicious, and preventing colour fade is possible when using this shampoo and conditioner. Plus, this brand is used in hair salons!

Discover Monde’s must-have travel hair care essentials below.

Virtue Recovery Discovery Kit, $58.40, Net-a-Porter


After the last few turbulent years, plenty of people are beginning to travel globally to destinations in Europe and Asia.

Every vacationer should have a heat protectant spray with them. This one from Oribe is perfect for fighting the frizz, protecting your hair from the damage of your styling tools and helping you get that runway-ready vibe.

One of the holy grails of hair care is a serum or oil. One of the hair oils we recommend is O&M Frizzy logic. You can use the serum to tame your mane when it doesn’t behave due to rain, humidity or dehydration, and it smells great.

A trip away can be challenging for curly and wavy girls who want their waves and curls to be defined and frizz-free. Our Monde team recommends using the OUAI wave spray to maintain your hair’s bouncy, beachy, and healthy look.

Get 15 minutes extra in the morning with the IGK JET LAG dry shampoo. With this dry shampoo, you can moisturise your hair, remove oiliness and replace it with a fresh fragrance. In addition, you will be able to make your hair soft to the touch. After purchasing this dry shampoo, you won’t want to search for another one.

Take a look at Monde’s styling options below.

OUAI Wave Spray Luxe 50ml, $23.76, Cult Beauty


Pack these portable styling tools into your suitcase before your next trip so you can slay your hair game on the go.

One of the must-haves is the GHD mini straightener. With its carrying case, it can easily fit into your carry-on. Considering it’s cordless, it’s worth the splurge to keep your strands looking sleek when you’re in a hurry.

With this GHD mini blow dryer, you can attach a diffuser to embrace your curls and avoid constantly styling your hair with heat.

Hair ties, scarves, headbands, and even a silk pillowcase are essential for any trip. It is no secret that hair can be a little frizzy after long journeys on an aeroplane or in a car, but by purchasing a silk sleep scrunchie, you can minimise the chance of your hair being a mess.

The perfect hair kit would be incomplete without some SLIP silk scrunchies. A silk scrunchie helps minimise frizz by gliding smoothly over hair and causing less damage. Additionally, these luxurious scrunchies can elevate your look and help you reap the silk’s benefits.

Here are some of the hottest hair tools on the market.

ghd Flight Hair Dryer Mini, $99, Sephora