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How To 26 May 2023

Skin Regeneration: How to Increase Cell Turnover

Beat the dehydration of winter and maintain that healthy glow with products that support healthy skin cell turnover.

Out with the old and in with the dew! Winter is inherently hard on our skins. The freezing snaps mixed with the harshness of indoor heating make it a playground for dryness, dehydration and dull skin. Worry not, here are 5 different ways to increase your skin's regeneration this season.

Words By Brittany Lyons


One of the most effective ways to support your skin’s natural cell turnover is to balance exfoliation with nourishment. Nourishment comes in many forms and formulations and we are absolutely spoilt in the world of cosmeceuticals for ingredients to support, nourish and hydrate our skin from the outside in.

Throughout the cooler months, it’s more important than ever to have a cohort of hydrating products in your arsenal to promote cell regeneration and hydration. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid have the ability to draw 1000x times it’s weight in moisture to the skin, so are categorically a must have in your winter skin regime. Second to that, Niacinamide or vitamin B3 is a powerhouse as not only a hydrator but also offers anti-inflammatory and protective qualities. Both ingredients work wonderfully together in the Viviology Niacinamide + HA Serum.

Another way to successfully increase hydration levels within the skin is from the inside out. Thanks to drying indoor heating in winter, often our bodies become dehydrated quicker. Replenishing lost hydration levels throughout the cooler months is very important and to help do so, adding a supplement to water can be a game changer. Rely on something like Naked Harvest’s BCAAs + Hydration to increase your levels.

Viviology Niacinamide + HA Serum 30mL, $49, Adore Beauty


Another way to ensure your skin is functioning at the correct regenerative cycle? Protecting it, of course!

Sunscreen and proper sun safety is exceptionally important in maintaining a healthy skin cycle as it mitigates cell damage by UV radiation, skin cancer development and premature ageing of the skin. If you think of the skin working like a well-oiled machine to produce new cells whilst simultaneously shedding old ones, the damage incurred when exposed to the sun absolutely disrupts this natural cycle/machine.

The best sunscreen for you is the sunscreen you wear everyday. Read that again. Finding the right sunscreen for you can be tricky but thankfully there are a plethora of both chemical and physical formulations out there that ensures that your perfect match is but a swatch away.

For everyday, something light like the Ultra Violet Supreme Screen works great under makeup and is gentle for sensitive types. A product great for oily skin types is the Bondi Sands Matte Sunscreen in SPF50.

Ultra Violette Supreme Screen Hydrating Facial SKINSCREEN SPF50+, $52, Adore Beauty


Another important way to protect the skin and support healthy cell regeneration is with the help of antioxidants. Antioxidants work during the day (just like your SPF) by shielding your skin from free radical damage. Free radical damage occurs from environmental aggressors such as our environment (pollution, the weather) as well as lifestyle choices.

A powerful and protective antioxidant is vitamin C. This ingredient is fantastic when applied in the morning to protect from free radical damage, whilst also helping to address concerns of uneven skin tone and pigmentation. This powerhouse in antioxidant form also supports healthy collagen production which depletes as we age.

The Société Triple C Vitamin Therapy Serum supports the skin with 3 different types of vitamin C and can be used at night to help target fine lines and concerns of uneven tone. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic is a cult-status antioxidant serum that replies upon the powers of vitamin c, vitamin E & ferulic acid to synergistically protect from environmental aggressors and support the skin’s structure and speed of regeneration.

Nuface Protect + Tighten Super Antioxidant Booster Serum, 30ml, $112.38, Net-A-Porter


Did you know that our skin cells divide and replenish on average each 28 days as an adult? Yep, this cycle of the skin is the process of new cells forming in the deeper layers or basal layer, whilst we deal with maintaining and looking after the upper layers that shed regularly. Exfoliation is one of the most obvious ways to increase cell turnover, but unfortunately the overuse of exfoliants can be more detrimental than helpful. One of the most effective ways to exfoliate the skin is through the use of retinoids.

Retinol, also commonly referred to as vitamin A, is a powerhouse ingredient that penetrates the skin deeply enough to create real change. When used correctly, retinol not only exfoliates away the dead and dull cells from the skin’s surface but also stimulates collagen and elastin fibres deeper down which supports healthy skin regeneration.

This ingredient, whilst skin-credible, can also be tricky to adapt to for those new to the retinol game. We recommend kicking off your vitamin A journey with a product gentle on the skin, like the Viviology 0.3% Retinol Serum, at night and infrequently to start off with.

Once you’ve started to notice the benefits of retinol without irritation, time to graduate to something a little stronger like the Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6.

Augustinus Bader The Retinol Serum, 30ml, $476.65, Net-A-Porter