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3 December 2021

Perfect Your Shades for a Hot Boy Summer

Finding the perfect shades is as simple as knowing your face shape.

Sunglasses are essential for this time of the year, but sometimes we make finding the perfect pair harder than what it should be. Instead of opting for the latest styles on offer, only to be confused as to why they don’t look right, accept the amazingly unique face shape you have been blessed with and its preferred styles. To help improve your frame game, we have compiled a range of sunglasses that compliment every inch of your round, oval, square or diamond shaped face.

Words By Kaylah Baker

Diamond Face

Characterised by sharper angles, diamond faces have a similar length and width.

Demonstrating to everyone how blessed they are with well-defined jaws and cheekbones.

While there aren’t many notable disastrous options for an elegantly pointed diamond face, it is suggested to not rely too heavily on sharp squared frames.

Instead, we highly recommend double-bridged aviators with rounded frames.

Not only are aviators a flattering classic style but they are continuously trending from season to season.

A safe investment, the larger than average lens also manage to complement wide cheekbones without being too overpowering.

For an option that is a little bit more adventurous and a different variation from your accustomed set, we could not suggest the Tom Ford Aviator-style tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses more.

Radiating a retro vibe, they complement the much sought-after, unique features of a diamond face.

Saint Laurent Aviator-Style Gold-Tone and Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses, £297.91, Mr Porter

Diamond Face
Round Face

Round Face

One of the easiest face shapes to recognise, round faces are full and circular with round cheeks and a wide hairline.

Which can sometimes make picking the perfect pair a little hard.

Because while we believe in confidence being key when it comes to fashion, you may unfortunately end up doing yourself a disservice by wearing glasses that are too round.

But, don’t worry because there are still a range of styles on offer that will have you looking great.

Instead of imitating your face frame, we suggest opting for sunglasses slightly wider than your cheeks and choosing more angular frames.

For a style that will serve its purpose in balancing out your features, the wayfarer sunglasses are a clear winner.

Square-shaped with rounded edges, they are wider than your cheekbones and serve to balance out the curvature of your face.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140, $205, The Iconic

Square Face

While it is nice to sometimes match shapes, we suggest avoiding going for square shades on an already square face.

The identical geometric shapes can mistakenly make your sharp outer-edged features look a little too harsh and pronounced.

Instead, we suggest going for sunglasses with more round-edged frames.

Or better yet, the trendy vintage 60s circular frames which are now popping up everywhere.

A great tip to also note when shopping for your sensational summer pair is that lighter coloured frames can also help soften your sharp edges.

And because summer is all about having a little fun in the sun, we can’t top the Oliver Peoples and Matsuda round-frame, green lensed frames.

Fashion-forward, the rounded frames effortlessly blend with square-shaped faces and continue to flatter your already strong features.

Oliver Peoples O’Malley Round-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate Sunglasses, £353.92, Mr Porter

Square Face
Oval Face

Oval Face

By far the easiest face shape to accommodate is that of an oval.

Long in length with a slightly rounded jaw and cheekbones, oval faces can seamlessly move through all styles of shades.

So, if you are genetically blessed with an oval face, then shopping just got a whole lot easier.

From square to circle, to sharp-edged and irregular, if you have an oval face then you will be comforted in knowing that you have probably already been wearing your optimal shades.

And so, for this look we have decided to have a little fun and experiment, choosing one of our favourites; Ray-Ban Octagon 1972 shades.

Stylish and chic, they are a pair unlike anything you may already have.

After all, if you have a face shape that can suit just about anything and everything, then you owe it to all of us to be a little more playful when accessorising.

Ray-Ban Octagon 1972 RB1972, $215, The Iconic

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