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Beauty Bytes 4 December 2023

Our Top Cult-Status Beauty Products of 2023

Our Head of Community wraps up the best beauty products of 2023.

2023 has been all about beauty. How do we know? By the sheer amount of beauty trends that have emerged from the rough and tumble of 2023. For example, coquette-core, strawberry makeup, blueberry milk nails, the list goes on. To celebrate the beauty brilliance of 2023, we've rounded up our favourite cult-status products of the year.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Charlotte Tilbury

To kick off our favourite cult-status products when it comes to beauty, what better place to start than the British Queen of glow and the creator of undoubtedly, the biggest collection of viral products, Charlotte Tilbury, of course.

Whilst the entire collection of cult-status products are worth your time, we’ve curated some of our ride-or-die beauty must-haves to get you inspired to stock up, or try for the first time.

Personally, I have used Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Filter Setting Spray for a few years now, and all I can say is that this product has made me a true loyalist. It simply just makes my makeup application look flawless, and effectively corrects any mishaps I make when I’m rushing to slap on my face whilst running out the door.

Another item that has reached beyond cult-status, and has been imitated numerous times but never duplicated, is the Charlotte Tilbury PillowTalk Matte Lipstick. Dubbed a universally flattering shade, this everyday lip-enhancing formula offers the perfect pout, so picking up a new bullet a no-brainer- really.

Favouring skincare over makeup? Well Charlotte’s Magic Cream might just be your introduction to the Charlotte Tilbury beauty empire. This skin perfecting cream was actually the very first product that Charlotte ever created. Made from peptides, Vitamins C & E + Hyaluronic Acid, this elevated moisturiser deserves a space in your beauty repertoire.

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream, $149, Charlotte Tilbury

The Iconic

Home to some of the best brands when it comes to fashion, homewares and beauty, The Iconic is a great homegrown place to shop some of the biggest bits in beauty that this year has churned out, or that we’ve continued to love.

Something that continues to trend and something that will never go out of virality should and will be, sunscreen. A daily ritual that protects your skin from the many negative effects of the sun (ahem, skin cancer, sun damage and pigmentation), you need to have an SPF you’re obsessed with on hand. Ultra Violet is an Australian brand that have revolutionised the SPF game, and we continue to adore Hydrating Supreme Screen.

Another viral product we’ve fell in love with in 2023 comes from Makeup Forever’s iconic HD Skin range. The All-in-One-Palette is a multi-use face and complexion tool filled with cream products to nail a dewy and contoured face. Travel-friendly, compact and ideal for all skin types and tones. Now available in two harmonies to flatter all skin tones and introducing a new shimmer highlight shade to take your look to the next level.

Whatever beauty must-have from this year you’re curious to test out, The Iconic almost certainly will have it available for you to try!

GHD Platinum+ Hair Straightener in Black, $395, The Iconic


Sephora is undoubtedly the global cosmetic retailer, and for good reason! Sephora, especially in the United States, is home to the biggest names in beauty and skin. They offer most, if not all, of the most viral products of 2023, and we’re here to list some of our favourites available on the Australian iteration of the Sephora empire.

If you’re seeking to dip your toe in the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez pond, then Sephora Australia is literally the only place to shop. Rare beauty is Gomez’ baby brand which doesn’t seem like a baby anymore. Boasting epic formulations, pretty packaging and a charitable initiative to tie it all together, Rare beauty offers it all when it comes to the makeup game.

One of the most viral Rare products that this year churned out would have to be the Warm wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick. Creamy, pigmented and available in a generous amount of shades to support skins of all backgrounds. This bronzing stick is also the perfect product to try the other viral makeup trend that 2023 adored, ‘underpainting’ which was popularised by Kendall Jenner’s MUA, Mary Phillips.

And if you’re feeling bougie, which is perfect this time of year, why not indulge in a beauty product from the luxury market that has well and truly earned it’s stripes this year. Gaining much of it’s popularity thanks to creators such as Meredith Duxbury, this Gucci Blush is one to last a lifetime. Gucci is renowned for their powder products, such as their bronzers and highlighters, and this Blush de Beaute is certainly worth the hype.

Rare Beauty Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick, $45, Sephora


Chez NET-A-PORTER, beauty is luxurious, bougie and certainly a treat!

Whilst not technically a ‘viral product’ of 2023, the NET-A-PORTER Ultimate Gift Set is actually one of the best ways to invest in a product that features not one, but 15 viral beauty products that have been adored this year.

Featuring sample sizes in a Gucci Lipstick (actually this one is a full-size!), Augustinus Bader ‘Rich Beauty Cream’, a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette, Dr Barbara Sturm Serum and more, it’s actually a Christmas miracle that these coveted beauty advent calendars are still in stock. So, if you’re interested in sampling some of the best when it comes to the upper echelon of beauty, we couldn’t recommend this set, any more!

It’s certainly true that eyelash and brow hair encouragement serums had a moment this year, have you tried one? One that has been coveted by beauty bloggers and junkies alike, is the wand bought to us by the world-renowned hair bond repairing specialists, Olaplex. The Olaplex LashBond Serum from NET-A-PORTER promises to encourage growth, thickness and length for your natural set of lashes and brows. Say bye bye to extensions and falseys in 2o24 when you welcome this wand of magic into your life this side of the New Year.

Net-A-Porter The Ultimate Gift Set, $545, Net-A-Porter