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A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.A new world of choice, curated for you.
The It List 6 July 2023

Unlock Your Radiant Glow with Notox Skincare Products

Your dewiest, most radiant skin yet.

Find your inner glow with a variety of no-needle anti-ageing products available, anytime, anywhere. With the hashtag 'Notox' garnering 10.3 million views on TikTok, it's quickly becoming the alternative to invasive anti-ageing methods. Besides improving skin elasticity, Notox methods allow you to show off your natural glow.

Words By Erin Visagie


Our skin loses collagen and elastin as we age, which provide structure and bounce. Collagen-based products and treatments improve skin elasticity. Collagen supplements, serums and moisturisers are the most popular anti-aging remedies on the market.

Collagen softens and moisturises skin, minimises wrinkles, and adds plumpness. Many skincare and supplement products contain collagen derived from animal sources (bovine, fish), though fermented algae can also be used.

Invest in Dr Dennis Gross Skincare C+ Collagen Deep Cream and pamper yourself. The moisturiser is worth the price with vitamin C, collagen, and amino acids. It is the secret to transforming dry, dull skin into plumper, energised, and wrinkle-free skin.

If you’re a sensitive skin baddie, the First Aid Beauty Ultra Firm Collagen Cream will be a godsend. This moisturiser prevents fine lines and wrinkles and soothes and reduces skin irritation using skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide and colloidal oatmeal.

The Inkey List Collagen Face Serum is a must-have serum for hydrated and refreshed skin that lasts all day and leaves it with a refined tone and improved texture that reduces the signs of aging.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare C+ Collagen Deep Cream 50ml, was $126 now $100.80, Selfridges


Retinol is brilliant for boosting your skincare routine, reducing pore congestion and giving you a youthful glow. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to use it once a week and gradually increase usage. And remember to protect your skin with a 30 SPF sunscreen when using retinol!

Use retinol once weekly for best results and eventually work up to every other night. Seeing the benefits can take 3 to 6 months, so be patient! To reduce sensitivity, moisturise sensitive areas like your eyes, smile lines, chin, and neck and leave for 15 minutes.

Skinstitut Retinol is perfect for beginners and leaves your skin radiant and healthy. It’s loaded with peptides to strengthen your skin barrier and help you achieve glowing, healthy skin.

For a gentle retinol option, try La Roche-Posay Redermic Retinol B3 serum. It contains low-dose Retinol and Vitamin B3 to soothe, strengthen and hydrate skin without irritating sensitive skin.

Use the Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask to address puffiness and fine lines around the eyes for a nourishing option with anti-aging, moisturising, and brightening ingredients.

Skinstitut Retinol 30ml, was $59 now $41.30, Adore Beauty


Enjoy salon quality at home with an LED mask. It only takes a few minutes daily to stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, lines, and inflammation and achieve healthier skin.

LED light therapy usually involves exposing your skin to different light wavelengths. These devices can be strapped to your face for safe at-home skin treatments, and celebrities, including Bella Hadid and Kate Hudson, love LED masks.

Boost your skincare routine with the Skin Gym Wrinklet LED Mask. Using this wireless mask for a few minutes can help you achieve a radiant/glowing complexion with its light settings: blue for blemishes, red for anti-aging and redness and orange for glowing skin.

LightStim For Wrinkles: LED Light Therapy is a dermatologist-recommended handheld device that diminishes ageing signs, promotes collagen production and boosts skin plumpness for skin radiance.

Use the FOREO UFO 2 for the ultimate spa-like facial at home. Add your favourite sheet mask or serum and press the on button to drive skincare activators deeper into your skin. Say goodbye to fine lines and puffiness and hello to firmer-looking and youthful skin.

LightStim For Wrinkles: LED Light Therapy, $382, Adore Beauty


A top-tier youthful skincare routine can only be complete with hyaluronic acid, the key to smooth, flawless skin. If you’re new to hyaluronic acid, it’s a sugar molecule that keeps our skin hydrated and youthful. Hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines effectively, giving the skin a dewy, healthy look.

Apply a hyaluronic acid serum to damp skin to deepen penetration, then a moisturiser as a finishing layer.

Hyaluronic Cloud Serum by Peter Thomas Roth provides ultimate skin hydration. A liquid cloud of lightweight moisture drenches the skin with moisture while reducing fine lines and rough texture to smooth skin.

There is no better serum for delicate, sensitive skin than La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It’s gentle, hydrating soothes inflammation, and hydrates all day; plus, it’s packed with vitamin B5.

If you are a fan of natural ingredients, then the Surge Hyaluronic Acid Booster by Cosmedix is for you. It includes kiwi fruit extracts to even skin tone, apple, lemon, and lime extracts for glowing skin, and niacinamide to strengthen your skin’s barrier. It’s well worth the cash.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum, $113, Sephora


Microcurrent devices allow salon-quality skincare treatments at home. With these high-tech devices, electric currents are used to boost collagen production, tone facial muscles, stimulate skin and lift facial wrinkles, sculpt cheekbones, snatched jawlines, and reduce fine lines.

Seeking a non-invasive facelift? Trophy Skin RejuvatoneMD is worth trying, and it helps lift and tone your face over time, regardless of whether you’re heading to a special occasion or need a little TLC for the day.

With the BEAR mini, you can exercise your face with fun and energising. Toning the jawline, cheeks, and forehead is easy with this non-invasive device, and this rechargeable device produces long-term results. Plus, It’s suitable for all skin types, has results quickly, and is super petite, so it could even fit into your suitcase for a trip away!

Using NuFACE’s Trinity Facial Toning Device, you can lift, tone, contour, minimise wrinkles, and leave your skin radiant and glowing. You’ll reap miraculous benefits in just five minutes a day… With this small edition, you can enjoy all the benefits of microcurrent technology in a compact, portable, and powerful device.

Foreo BEAR Mini, $359, Adore Beauty