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Luxe to Less
5 October 2020

Luxe to Less: The White Shirt

Words By Eliza Sears

Dress it up, or dress it down, this wardobe staple can take you anywhere.


The classic white shirt has long been a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. White shirts have the unique ability to elevate a pair of jeans and sneakers to the next level or pare back a formal skirt and heels.

Due to its status as the ultimate wardrobe staple piece, the white shirt can be found in almost all collections, no matter the season. From cotton to, to rayon or linen; the classic white shirt will never go out of style, and investing in a quality, flattering and unique shirt is a wise choice, with no shortage in the high fashion market.

Balloon Sleeve Shirred Shirt, $700, Acne Studios



If investing in a shirt is not your MO, and spending a little less is the way you want to go, you may want to consider a more modern look.

While white shirts remain a classic, there is plenty of wriggle room to add some personality.

The sheer expansiveness of the white shirt in the fashion retail space means almost every design has been explored, cut and created. So, why not make your white shirt a statement in every outfit, because what it may lack in colour, designers have made up for in shape, texture and material. Balloon sleeves, pleated details, asymmetric design and oversized collars, the modern white shirt is anything but boring.

Scott Relaxed Shirt, $280, CAMILLA AND MARC


White shirts are trans-seasonal, surpassing variations in the weather to remain a core piece in our wardrobe all year round.

Circulating in an almost endless cycle of being paired with a mini skirt in summer, midi skirt in autumn, hidden under a knit with only a sleeve or collar on display in winter and perhaps under a slip dress in spring.

The white shirt and its endless styling options make it the kind of piece that you purchase over and over again, looking for a different collar style, or sleeve, or shirt length.

It might be that you can’t wear a short sleeve in winter or you are looking for the perfect cuff to display under a roll neck, a collection of shirts will add priceless value to your personal style.

Oversize Flowy Shirt, $69.95, Mango


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