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Luxe to Less
8 December 2023

Luxe to Less: Inclusive Swimwear On Our Radar

Long days of sunshine are on the rise, and this time we plan on making a splash.

Everyone deserves to wear bathers that make them feel their best at the beach or poolside. To help out this summer season we have compiled some of our all-time favourite swimwear brands that put you, and your budget, first.

Words By Kaylah Baker


It’s bather season again! While the thought of the sun shining down on us as we lay beachside (with sunscreen on!) or swim through crystal clear blue water is exciting, the practicality of finding bathers is not.

For many people, the task can be made unnecessarily difficult due to the limited sizing range of swimwear brands. But thankfully, some brands are becoming all the wiser and understanding the diverse needs of their customers.

Some of the more luxurious brands gearing up to help make the beach your personal runway are Eres, Lygia & Nanny, and Form and Fold.

Eres’ vibrant blue Les Essentiels Arnaque swimsuit is not only eye-catching but is also made with the label’s innovative peau douce fabric (a second skin material created by the House). Making the fits comfortable, sculpting, and supportive.

Founders of Form and Fold also used their own frustrations over limited sizing in the market for larger-chested women to create their own bathers alongside a team of expert D+ technicians.

Dive in and have fun enjoying these chic bathers all summer long.

Eres Les Essentiels Arnaque Swimsuit, $725, Net-A-Porter



If you are looking to refresh your swimwear drawer with some beautiful pieces, but are not keen on it costing what a night at a fancy resort would, then these sets are for you.

These brands understand the importance of bathers being all about suiting you, rather than the other way around, which makes them hot property.

Making it onto the must-have list once again is Form and Fold, but this time with the gorgeous Triangle Underwire Top which is available in D-G sizing. To help make it easier for customers, the sizing is equivalent to one’s normal bra cup size. Why this is not a written rule for every brand selling a triangle bather top, we believe it should be.

Retro-inspired brand Hunza G is also a must for this season with its one-size fits all collection. Yes, you read that right! Made with a heritage seersucker fabric, the bathers stretch and mould to the wearer, no matter their size.

Plus, the pops of colours and silhouettes are what summer dreams are made of so prepare to be tide down (pun intended).

Form and Fold The Crop Underwire D-G Top, $210, The Iconic


Sometimes it’s nice to completely restock your bathers; out with the old, and in with the new.

But for anyone who has ever struggled finding the perfect bathers, and isn’t keen on spending too much, it can be hard to let go of an old familiar pair. Well, not anymore.

Here to help you look the part, without letting you settle for flimsy bathers that don’t support you, are two of our favourites; Modibodi and Artesands.

If you are unfamiliar with Artesands then its mission of being “110% behind the design of perfectly fitting swimsuits for your curves” is sure to make your head turn. Whether you’re after a two-piece set, a sleek one piece, or an elegant swimdress, this brand is for you.

Modibodi is making waves with its simple yet effective designs. Its secret weapon being that the bathers can help you combat your period on a beach or pool day. Making sure nothing stands in the way of your day in the sun, the briefs are made with a super absorbent lining that puts a halt to leakage.

Talk about the finer things in life not always coming with a high cost.

Artesands Aria Botticelli Underwire Bandeau One Piece, $144.95, The Iconic


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