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6 June 2023

Golden Slumbers: Creating the Perfect Bed

It's a new season and the perfect time to perfect your sleeping set up. Here's how achieve the ultimate slumbers this winter.

We spend about half of our lives asleep, in our beds, so it makes a whole lot of sense to invest in the best. Below you'll find a curation of soft, cuddly goodies that are sure to help you achieve the ultimate rest each night.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Doona & Pillows

Aside from the bed frame and mattress (which are obviously both very important), the perfect bed set up is contingent on the correct pillow and doona situation. Both of these crucial elements are heavily based around personal preference, so we’ve included a few options to cater to whatever you’re into.

Kicking off with the place where you’ll lay your head every night, the height and firmness of a pillow is a very personal choice. For those who prefer a firm level of support we recommend a latex or partially latex pillow. Also commonly referred to as ‘memory foam’, this material made from polyurethane has been designed to be sensitive to pressure and temperature. This means the memory foam not only stays cooler than other pillow options, but it also moulds to your body, or in this case, head. The Dream Ready Memory Foam Pillow in white from Myer seems like a great option to try if you’re unfamiliar with this type of pillow.

When it comes to a doona (or duvet), for me personally, the heavier the better. Duck and goose down quilts are notably heavier, warmer and more luxurious when compared to their wool or synthetic counterparts, and my preference for sure. While they usually come with a heftier price tag, this luxe option from Adairs is very luckily on sale! Shop the Supreme Silver Goose Quilt at a lower price and make your bed a haven in winter.

MiniJumbuk Thermal Australian Wool Quilt-King, $749.99, Myer

Doona & Pillows


Now you’ve chosen your ultimate pillow and doona weight and type, it’s time to cover and protect them. Sheet sets and covers for your bedding is where you can continue customising your sleeping set up (this happens when choosing fabrics and wight) but most importantly, where you can really add your personal flare and bring you bed to life!

Starting from the bottom, the sheet set is of utmost importance. Between the fitted and flat sheet is where you will lay, day in and day out, and so choosing the right material is key. Linen is great for summer as it’s breathable (but can become scratchy), standard cotton is versatile (and can be purchased in a plethora of different varieties and thread counts), flannelette is great for winter and silk is perfect t if you’re bougie.

Personally, I think you can’ really go wrong with a good-quality high thread count cotton sheet set. Great no matter the season and retailer such as Country Road and Adairs offer complete sets at very reasonable prices.

If you’ve not ye discovered the benefits of seeping on a silk pillowcase, then boy are you in for a treat. Said to be better for your hair, skin and overall sleeping experience, this option from Country Road is very reasonably priced.

Anthropologie Washed Linen Duvet Cover​ – King, $318, Anthropologie

Blankets & Throws

Whilst not as necessary as the doona/pillow or sheet situations discussed above, a throw blanket adds a serious snugness to any bed setup, we promise. Considered (personally) as the ultimate finishing touch to the presentation of your bed, a heavy, textural and colourful throw can really tie everything together.

Personally I love a weighty knitted blanket made from cosy wool. If I had my choice, this Loewe one would be adorning my bed (all almost $2,000 of it!). For something similar, but at a fraction of the cost, this Anthropologie Home Checkered blanket ticks all boxes!

If you’re a lover of textural elements, then perhaps a throw made from faux fur is right up your alley. Chuck the Loui Faux Fur Throw on top your bed to now only add serious warmth but a sprinkling of luxuriousness. If you’re after more of a minimalist vibe then the Sarra Sherpa Throw from Country Road might just be the one.

The great thing about a beautiful blanket? The versatility! Chuck it over the couch when the temperature becomes unbearable, wrap it around yourself when you’re hanging out by the backyard in the fire or leave it in the car for cold and miserable Saturday morning sports! Warmth is always welcome.

Country Road Loui Faux Fur Throw, $249, Country Road

Blankets & Throws
The Cherry on Top

The Cherry on Top

To really elevate your bed setup, lets chat about adding that ‘Cherry on Top’ element. The below cohort of items will take your bed’s comfiness and cosiness from a 10 to a 12, promise.

Lets kick off things with a mattress topper. A mattress topper is essentially an addition that gets added after protector and before sheets, that adds a level of comfort to your mattress. A topper allows you the ability to change the firm or plushness of your bed without having to get a new mattress. An affordable and very effective addition to your sleeping set up, a mattress topper can change the game. For an option at the high end of the scale, this MiniJumbuk topper oozes luxe. At the more affordable end, the option from Royal Comfort will ease you into the topper way of life!

For me personally in the cooler months, an electric blanket is a need and not a want. Cutting out the chill of your bed before you jump in of a night is the element of luxe that is welcome, every single night. If you’re yet to jump aboard the electric blanket train, Sunbeam have a range that will promise to keep you snug as a bug for years and years to come.

MiniJumbuk Sleep Therapy Wool Mattress Topper – Queen, $799.99, Adairs

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