COACH x Champion: The Sport Luxe Collection

How COACH whirled themselves onto the radar of Millennials and Gen-Zers across the globe.

Heritage accessories label COACH teams up with the cool kids on the block to bring us the sporty collaboration we so desperately needed.

Words By Brittany Lyons

New York designer accessories label COACH have, for the first time, has teamed up with uber-cool sportswear label Champion to bring us a fresh take on what luxury looks like in 2021.

Perfectly marrying the luxury accessory with a sportswear label catapulted back into the spotlight thanks to the 2020 sweats era, the result, we think, proves that luxury still has a place in our wardrobes, even in the time of quarantine.

Very cleverly, the collective efforts of both very well-known American brands is a glow-up of loungewear and cool-down of luxury leather bags. The pair have successfully brought Champion sweats into the high-end space through the use of materials such as merino wool and leather and manoeuvred COACH’s classic bags into a space more achievable for every day (or younger) consumer.

The collaboration confirms the intention of creating for the younger generations, with subsequent imagery featuring a myriad of very popular members of the Millennial and Gen-Z influencer crowd.

If you’re active on Tik Tok, you’ll recognise the faces of stars Wisdom Kaye, Maha Gondal, and Jeffrey Tung within the campaign shot by Alessandro Simonetti.

A very playful depiction of what the clothing and accessories represent, the collection was also launched on the viral-video inducing platform with a Tik-Tok challenge, catapulting the collaboration into the forefront of every Millennial and Gen-Z’s mind and feed.

The 17-piece capsule stands as an offering of high top-notch quality, elevated loungewear, outerwear and bags for both men and women, and we certainly cannot wear it ourselves.

Shop the exclusive collaborative collection below.