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On Our Radar
22 December 2020

Australian Labels Leading the Way With Conscious Collections

These brands are decreasing their environmental footprint through sustainable fashion.

Calm your environmental conscience with these sustainably-minded capsule collections from your favourite Australian brands.

Words By Eva Marchingo

Seed Heritage

Since its inception as a childrenswear Boutique in 2000, Seed Heritage has sprouted into an accessible, reliable and cheerful brand.

Seed has become a go-to destination for simple garments with a feminine flair. Their dedication to utilising natural fibres and fabrics is just one of the ways the brand has sewn itself into our hearts.

Seed is committed to safe and ethical manufacturing, sourcing, and goods supply. Their focus on minimising the environmental and social impacts of production has led to the introduction of sustainability principles and practices.

Their collection of organic and ‘consciously created’ garments exudes carefree summer comfort. The designs are calming and courageous in their commitment to sustainability and ethical integrity.

Sustainable Stripe Crop Shirt, $129.95, Seed Heritage

Seed Heritage
Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine

Revellers of fashion as an artform, Veronika Maine is a stalwart of high-quality construction and innovative designs.

Founded in 1998, Veronika Maine is for sophisticated, style-driven women. And their designs aren’t the only modern aspect of the brand.

Their contemporary vision extends to their sustainably-minded craftmanship. Their collection of Australian-made garments are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA).

Veronika Maine’s commitment to championing Australian-made clothing is not only important for Australian workers, it is a step in the right direction for reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

Veronika Maine is proudly Australian and showcases a vast creative range. The brand has a strong design ethic and empowers women to be bold.

Collage Floral Midi Dress, $339, Veronika Maine


Since its first iteration began in 1964, Cue Clothing has been a revolutionary force in the Australian fashion industry.

Cue has always had their finger on the pulse of worldwide fashion trends, bringing style down under while adding a touch of Australian flair

Since 2008, Cue’s commitment to local manufacturing has been recognised with an ECA accreditation. They ensure their supply chains are transparent, legally compliant, and uphold their workers’ dignity by ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.

While Australian-made production is environmentally preferable, it also allows the brand time to respond to current trends immediately, ensuring their everpresent style.

Cue’s Australian-made selection embodies the brand’s balance of fun and sophistication. Don’t be fooled by the muted colour palette, these designs have an unerring sense of style.

Cotton Linen Twill Midi Dress,$355, Cue



Having well and truly worked their way into our hearts since 2006, Bassike has become the premier destination for luxurious everyday wear.

Since its inception, the brand has focussed on creating universal garments that can be styled diversely and endlessly, from the depths of casual dressing to more structured looks.

Sustainability has been key to Bassike’s success, with their initial collection being a considered edit of certified organic cotton jersey t-shirts and pants made locally in Austalia.

Their exclusive organic cotton jersey is developed and made by Bassike in Melbourne, Australia. It’s biodegradable, produced pesticide-free, and most of their global cotton crop is rain-fed.

Bassike not only considers sustainability and forward-thinking design but promotes practicality and wearability in their garments. These are items designed to be worn season after season.

Waffle Batwing Sweat, $240, Bassike

Country Road

Simple and authentic, Country Road is synonymous with Australian craftsmanship and quality.

Country Road consistently produces beautiful and well-constructed products, with premium fabrics and simple designs. Their hard-wearing garments are designed to be effortlessly approachable and authentically stylish.

Country Road considers their role to be a guardian of the planet we live on and as such, they ensure every resource they use upholds sustainable practices.

Supporting ethical trade and transparency, Country Road is helping reduce waste, increase efficiency, and protect natural resources.

Country Road’s ‘Our World’ edit aims to direct you to their conscious design practises. The collection includes a range of natural fibres like verified Australian cotton and merino wool, recycled materials, responsibly sourced cellulose, and a range of Australian fibres.

Button Through Blouse, $139, Country Road

Country Road

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