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On Our Radar 21 November 2023

7 Shoe Dupes That Rival Designer Favourites

Falling head over heels for this season’s must-have shoes has never been more exciting.

Prepare your wardrobe. Those designer shoes you have been dreaming of (that were a little out of your ideal spending budget) now have dupes. Making them not only easy on the eye, but also the bank account.

Words By Kaylah Baker

1. Alias Mae Pia Dupe for Miu Miu crystal-embellished logo ballerina shoes

Ballet flats are the trending shoe at the moment. While some give us flashbacks to primary school days, others are owning the trend.

The ever-so-popular Miu Miu crystal-embellished logo ballerina shoe is considered a must-have for many people, including us. But while the thought of pirouetting down the street in a pair of Miu Mius sounds enticing, the $2450 price point is a little eye-watering.

This is why we love Alias Mae’s Pia set, which more closely resembles Alaïa’s fishnet ballerina flat. They are a more pared-back version of the Miu Miu flats, without the bells and whistles (ie. the crystal embellishments).

Alias Mae’s take on the mesh ballet flat has been so successful for the brand that we now spot them everywhere. It’s no wonder when you consider that high-end fashion has officially met affordability.

Alias Mae Pia, $199.95, The Iconic

2. Sandler Millie Dupe for Carel Paris Ariana 20mm ballerina shoes

If there is a shoe that needs no introduction, it’s the elegant Mary Jane triple buckled ballerina flats. Following their recent rise to cult favourite, we can’t help but get on board.

In the past, ballet-style shoes were commonly used as commuter shoes. But now their status has changed and they are no longer the shoes you hide away in your bag when you arrive at your destination. They are the shoes that attract all the attention.

While the Carel Paris Ariana ballerina shoe can set you back around $850, its dupe of the Sandler’s Millie shoe sits at a friendlier price of $130.

The only other noticeable difference between the two is the 20mm heel on the more expensive Carel Paris version, with Sandler’s shoe still designed to include the distinct triple strap that made the style iconic.

Sandler Millie, $129.95, The Iconic

3. Alias Mae Jemima Dupe for The Row Harlow leather slingback sandals

Following the Spring/Summer 2023 runway shows, our wish lists have grown dramatically. Particularly when it comes to shoes.

Thankfully some more affordable brands have their finger on the pulse and have provided us with dupes that rival designer favourites.

One shoe style that has been trending across a number of designer brands is the slingback sandal. Fit with a kitten heel and crossover straps, they are the perfect heel for warmer days.

While we are obsessed with the chic Harlow leather slingback sandal from The Row, which sits at just under $1800, the Alias Mae Jemima heel is equally as impressive. The added bonus is its price point which is just over $200.

So, get your ‘jeans and nice shirt’ or slip dress ready, because these heels are about to level up your outfits.

Alias Mae Jemima, $219.95, The Iconic

4. Tony Bianco Marcel Dupe For Saint Laurent Tribute woven denim mules

Denim is back in a big way. As a stand-out trend in Paris Fashion shows, it was no surprise when double denim started popping up everywhere. What may have been a little more surprising, was the denim trend extending to shoes and accessories.

Now we can spot denim on everything from mules to loafers, flat sandals, and wedged sandals. While it can take a little to come to terms with wearing this much denim, we know that once you find the right pair for you, you’ll be a fan.

Saint Laurent has embraced this look by releasing the Tribute woven mules in a denim fabrication. Tony Bianco has also released a denim heel, the Marcel, thereby saving you $750.

We also can’t get past our love for the hourglass heel on the Tony Bianco shoe. We know you’ll be wearing them on repeat.

Tony Bianco Marcel, $199.95, The Iconic

5. Tony Bianco Scooter Dupe For The Row Cybil leather mules

Is there a classier shoe at the moment than a pointed leather mule with a kitten heel? Possibly not.

If you are after a shoe that does it all – work events, date nights, days out with friends – then this is the shoe for you. Delicate in appearance, they have made it into the collections of many high-end fashion brands.

When it comes to classic, timeless designs, The Row is in its element. The luxury brand’s $1700 Cybil leather mule is both elegant and refined and has the sophisticated look down pat.

But, so too does Tony Bianco’s Scooter mule. Adding a few extra details, including a delicate bow, the $200 pair is keeping up with the trend and allowing more people to do so too.

Tony Bianco Scooter, $199.95, The Iconic

6. Tony Bianco Kimmy Dupe For Tom Ford Crystal-embellished suede slingback pumps

It has been clear to see from the Spring/Summer 2023 runway shows that metallic and crystal embellishments are back in. But, while we love the glitz and glam, our bank account doesn’t always agree.

This is why when the Tony Bianco Kimmy heel arrived on the scene, sitting at $200, it was enough for us to breathe a sigh of relief. Complete with a pointed toe, kitten heel, and slingback design, it is a shoe that demands attention.

While the Tom Ford crystal-embellished suede slingback pumps will always have a special place in our hearts, it’s nice to know we can still achieve the glamorous look we are after without having to spend $4000.

Wear the shoes with some jeans or that little black dress, and watch as your footwear steals the spotlight.

Tony Bianco Kimmy, $199.95, The Iconic

7. By Far Black Nef Mules Dupe For Bottega Veneta Tex 100MM Leather Mules

Western-inspired boots have been flooding our socials for quite some time. But the best part of the trend has always been how it continues to evolve.

One particular style that has been making waves after being seen on the runway, is the Bottega Veneta Tex leather mule. Known for its slip-on style, curved block heel, and elongated squared pointed toe, it’s an enviable shoe.

Although sitting at just under $2300, we felt responsible for finding an equally as impressive dupe. The By Far Nef mules, although still costing a pretty penny (albeit not as much), are a good pick if you are ready to invest in the trend.

We can see you now. Strutting down the street, wearing these shoes, and looking on point from head to toe.

By Far Black Nef Mules, $815, SSENSE