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24 August 2023

5 of our All-Time Favourite Brow Gels

Our Beauty Editor, owner of a thick set of brows, lets us in on her favourite eyebrow gels to keep those brows in check.

Being well endowed with thick and full brows is something I can thank my parents for but keeping them looking exactly the way I want them too (all day) is something I can attribute to the cohort of below products. Take a peek inside my ride-or-die eyebrow gels that have served me well over the past two decades!

Words By Brittany Lyons
Refy Brow Sculpt

Refy Brow Sculpt

This one is the newest favourite on my radar and honestly one of the best brow gels I have ever used. The Refy Brow Sculpt has deservedly gained notoriety on apps like TikTok (thanks to creators such as @meredithduxbury) thanks to it’s versatile clear formulation and it’s hidden double applicator.

The gel itself appears as a white paste-like consistency, thicker than most others, and the iteration I’ve included here, dries completely clear. Personally, I prefer a clear or not so pigmented gel as I’ve got enough hair to start with, but there are versions of this product in different shades, too.

One of the best things about the Refy Brow Sculpt is the hidden brush duo underneath the lid of the applicator. I didn’t actually know this hidden gem was there when I purchased the product, but a quick check on socials confirmed the helper indeed was to be found inside. This half comb half brush wand is essential to the perfect application of the sculpting formula.

I start by brushing out my brows with the brush end, trying to remove any excess product by wiping the applicator wand on the sides of the tube, and going right in and backcombing the product in before setting them in place. A word of warning, you must continuously clean your brush tool after each use, or some sticky residue might accumulate and make your brows looks too waxy or not allow the wax to set clear.

REFY Brow Sculpt 8.5ml, $26, Selfridges

Benefit Gimme Brow+ Eyebrow Gel

On a nostalgic note, Benefit was one of the first brands I invited into my brow routine back when I started experimenting with makeup in my early teens. I remember my sisters consistently pleading with me throughout my youth not to pluck my brows and thin them out. I was compliant, and so they treated me to my first ever brow wax at Benefit’ concession at Myer.

Benefit are renowned for their revolutionary formulas and quirky branding, but I think, are known best for their collection of eyebrow products. One that will always have a special place in my heart, is the Benefit Gimme Brow.

When this was released back in the early 2010’s it was at the forefront of innovation thanks to the inclusion of small, coloured fibres within the gel to help create the illusion of a thicker brow. When it was released in 2013 there were only two shades available, but thankfully has now evolved into more inclusive offering!

Not only does the Benefit Gimme Brow literally give you more brow, it also offers a strong hold to keep your brows in place all day long. The short application wand also makes applying a dream! I’ll always think of this product with adoration.

Benefit Gimme Brow+ Eyebrow Gel, $48, Myer

Benefit Gimme Brow+ Eyebrow Gel
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

The (almost) undisputed queen of brows herself, Anastasia Beverly Hills, may have made a serious name for herself thanks to her cult-status lamination product, the Brow Freeze, but we think her brow gel is a fabulous contender, too.

This clear formulation offers the perfect versatility to any coloured-brow owner, and is the ideal option for when you’re after a laminated look but nothing as severely laminated as the Brow Freeze. The gel is also a fabulous follow up to set your brows in place after shaping and filling with a pencil or whatever product you decide to use.
My favourite way to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel is to first use a spoolie to brush through the brow, making sure they’re completely clean, and using brushing up motions. Before applying the gel, ensure you’re scraping any additional product back into the barrel, before gently brushing upwards and waiting for the formula to set in place!

A little hack for you, I also sometimes use this on my lashes if I’m looking for a natural lash lift, without the addition of heavy black mascara. It makes you look like you’ve just been I for a beautiful and natural looking lash lift, the perfect accompaniment to the no-makeup, makeup look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel Clear 7.93g, $42, Adore Beauty

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper

Another honourable mention goes out to Bobbi Brown’s Natural Brow Shaper, another product that is available in both clear and an array of coloured formulations.

I discovered this product by chance, after trying to move into a more natural, fluffy brow look. The Brow Shaper is perfect for achieving a natural-leaning shape, that holds in place all day long. If you’re after a more defined brow that isn’t so fluffy, you can always pencil or shade in your shape beforehand and use this as a way to create movement and blend.

The formula itself is very lightweight which is amazing for buildability. If you’re anything like me, some days just a lick of brow gel suffices, when we don’t require them to be totally frozen in place! To achieve a very natural look, simply apply a mere coating in an upwards motion to your brows and, voila!

I especially love this product as the applicator itself is so short, this means doing small strokes in the thinner parts of the brows doesn’t mean you get product on your skin that you need to wipe away later. Easy peasy!

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper, $50, Adore Beauty

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper
Patrick Ta Major Brow Lamination Gel

Patrick Ta Major Brow Lamination Gel

Just like many things Patrick Ta puts his mind to, the Major Brow Lamination Gel is all about precision.

The wand itself is built to work with the performance of the formula. Meaning there is not a brush but a mascara like comb that seeks to coat every single layer of hair precisely and leave it securely in an upright direction.

The formulation itself is clear, which for all intents purposes, seems to be my preference when it comes to a gel pretty much because my brows are so thick and dark to begin with. This particular clear gel will set quickly, so to achieve the intended outcome, you must move fast!

Start by using a clean (we already know why it has to be clean) spoolie to brush up your brows and ensure no makeup or gunk remnants are present. Then take the wand with the formula to brush upwards, coating each individual hair. Once you’ve achieved your desired level of lamination, use the reverse side of the wand application to press and set the brows. Let sit for a moment and admire your perfectly curated and laminated brow!

Patrick Ta Major Brow Lamination Gel 5g, $45, Sephora

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