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Get the Look 21 January 2024

5 Elements Necessary to Nail the ‘Mob-Wife Aesthetic’ Trend

Its the trend taking over your For You page, here's why 'Clean Girl Aesthetic' is out, and 'Mob-Wife' is IN!

As of 2024, the internet is over being minimal, and obsessing instead about a trend thats all about being 'extra'. Based loosely around the style of iconic fictional characters like Carmela Soprano and Fran Fine, Mob-Wife aesthetic is characterised by an explosion of animal prints, black leather, and all-gold everything. Lets dive in.

Words By Brittany Lyons

Oversized Fur Coat

The idea of this trend is no new phenomenon, and actually, the aesthetic is deeply imbued in the style of New York city and surrounds, in the 1980’s-2000’s.

Specifically, mob-wife lends itself to the winter season, a time where rugging up with layers upon layers of extravagant outerwear seems the most appropriate. Which leads us into our first must-have item to nail mob-wife; an oversized fur coat.

A statement of opulence back in the days when real fur wasn’t such a faux-pas, an oversized fur coat adds a not so humble nod to the fact that it’s wearer has cash to throw around, and not afraid to flaunt it.

To replicate this opulence without the animal cruelty, we’ve put together some faux-fur options that rank highly on the mob-wife scale! A personal favourite has got to be this Raey Oversized Faux-Fur Maxi Coat in a beautiful white and cream leopard (more on this later) design.

For something a little less pricey, we’re obsessed with the versatility and classic design of this option from Unreal Fur.

Stand Studio Beige Everleigh Faux-Fur Coat, was $1,325 now $742, SSENSE

Everything Leopard

Speaking of leopard, lets dive right in.

Leopard print has always been synonymous with opulence, maximalism and fabulous tackiness, all the things a mob-wife lives her life by!

When it comes to animal print in the world of the mob-wife aesthetic, the more the merrier, and when we say more we mean MORE.

Thankfully the resurgence of this particular aesthetic has come at a time where the offering of leopard print fashion, shoes and accessories is beyond plentiful.

If you’re new to leopard, then allow us to entice you with an accessory that won’t have you feeling too overstimulated. This Bellamy Oversized Headband by Loeffler Randall screams Fran Fine from The Nanny and ticks all the boxes of mob-wife aesthetic.

For a leopard duo that would be an ideal wardrobe addition, no matter the season, why not consider ASOS DESIGN’s 2 in 1 cardigan and cami top in leopard print? Pair with some slacks or a micro mini (more on that later) and you’ve got the foundations of a perfect mob-wife look.

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-jacquard Stretch-cotton Chenille Midi Dress, $3,500, Net-A-Porter

Big Hair, Big Shades

One of the hallmarks of a mob-wife, and one of the first things you’ll notice about her, is her voluminous hair. Allow us to paint a picture for you, Absolutely Fabulous’ Edina (Eddy) Monsoon’s chic up-do, Amy Winehouse’s beehive, the higher the hair, the higher the score as a mob-wife!

The best way to achieve a voluminous up do is with product such as a mouse or a texture spray, and if you havent been blessed with textured or wavy hair, a curling wand or brush.

Another accessory synonymous with the mob-wife is a pair of oversized sunglasses to ensure anonymity and whatever you’re recovering from the night before.

For mob-wife chic, the bigger the sunnies, the better! Preferably they should be black, with dark lenses and additional points are offered for a gold brand mark to the side of the shades. The Blaze Oversized Shades from Saint Laurent are the PERFECT mob-wife pair of sunglasses.

Another iteration that would be ideal have got to be this pair of Versace Tribute sunglasses. The ideal balance of tacky and terrific!

Saint Laurent Eyewear Mica Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses, $605, Net-A-Porter

Leather Heeled Boots

Seeing as this trend is deeply rooted in a New York City (or adjacent) winter, the mob-wife trend begs for a killer pair of boots.

The preferred boot for the mob-wife aesthetic is undoubtedly a heeled boot, and almost always it should have a stiletto heel and a pointed toe. It also helps if the boots end at the knee or higher, to keep you warm and slaying all winter long. We don’t make the rules!

The quintessential mob-wife pair of killer heels almost identically should look like these Stiletto Leather Knee Boots by Paris Texas. Crafted in Italy from black leather, they have pointed toes and Western-inspired paneling at the front. They are timeless and perfect!

A dupe for the above can be found at ASOS. The ALDO Milann stiletto heeled knee boots in black leather are an exceptional mob-wife pair of knee-high black boots, at a fraction of the price of their luxury counterparts.

Paris Texas Stiletto Leather Knee Boots, $1,548.22, Net-A-Porter

Micro Skirt

Last but certainly not least, in every good mob-wife’s wardrobe you will undoubtedly find a fair few mini (or micro mini) skirts to take her through each and every season.

For the sake of the current mob-wife trend running rampant on the likes of TikTok and Instagram, lets preface this cohort of mini skirts by saying that to reign true to the New York City in winter vibe, these micro skirts can and should be worn with a pair of semi-sheer black tights. Thats the look!

Every mob-wife and mob-wife in waiting needs a black micro mini in their repertoire. For those with an appreciation for the finer things in life, we are obsessed with this tiny black leather skirt by Khaite New York. If you’d prefer something with a more approachable price tag, then allow us to offer the Wrap Suiting Mini Skirt by Cotton On, as an affordable option.

To add a little extra mob-wife flare to the mini skirt game, we couldn’t help but want to offer this Balmain embellished number as an option. Its gold buttons, figure hugging shape and gingham pattern nails the mob-wife aesthetic!

Khaite Jett Leather Mini Skirt, $2,950, Net-A-Porter