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The It List 23 May 2022

5 Ways to Work Out Your Winter Active Gear

Warm up to keeping fit and healthy this wintertime with the best of the best in tailored performance equipment and active accessories.

Working out shouldn’t be drag, but sometimes in the colder months, it can be hard to get up and go. Finding the right activity and equipment that suits you and your needs is imperative to sticking to a routine and staying fit and healthy all year long. Scroll on for all the work out essentials you need for whatever kind of exercise you prefer for any aesthetic appeal that’s sure to elevate your weekly active time.

Words By Ruby Staley


Bring out your inner Zen with a yoga, Pilates or meditation practice.

Perfect for those of us with busy schedules who need a moment of peace and quiet to help unwind at the start of end of the day, a slow practice can sometimes be the most beneficial.

Starting out well before our movement, staying hydrated first and foremost is key.

To do so in a stylish manner, Larq’s White and Taupe Movement Bottle is the perfect size for gentle activity, and it’s self-cleaning!

When regularly stretching and moving, investing in a good yoga mat means your muscles and joints are supported in the long run.

While there’s many to choose from, from colourful and printed to textured and neutral, we suggest starting out with a foundational mat like Museum of Peace and Quiet’s Logo Yoga Mat.

For added cushioning and support, Walden’s Meditation Cushion and Mat is ideal for relaxing into and finding your inner peace.

Add some complexity to your yoga routine with Alo’s Uplifting Yoga Block, Bala’s Weighted Bangles or Casall’s Yoga Strap.

Simply pop on a matching yoga workout set before or after work, grab your stretching gear and prepare to reach new heights through your daily intuitive practice.

Bala Set of two Bala Bangles – Pride, $107.83 – available at NET-A-PORTER

Team Player

For those who like to be active and social at the same time, playing a team game is your forte.

Whether you’re a competitive type who like to be on the winning side, or is just looking to have some fun, having access to modern and sleek sport equipment is a sure-fire way to impress your teammates.

Test out your kicking skills at a game of soccer with an entire portable set-up, so you’re ready to play anywhere.

Start with a quality round ball like the black leather soccer ball from Modest Vintage Player. Paired with a group of friends and this set of training cones and soccer goal net from SKLZ, you’re ready to play.

Show off your skills and shoot some hoops with ease with the Hyper Grip Basketball from Jordan. Simply find a ring and the game is yours for the taking.

Try out something new and dust off your racket skills with a beach bat set from Frescobol Carioca that’s not only great for summertime. All you need is a partner to bounce the ball back and forth and you’re set.

Make a game out of every day with the perfect equipment, sure to make you the best player on the team.

Modest Vintage Player Black Leather Soccer Ball, $120 – available at SSENSE

Gym Lover

Pumping iron and smashing your personal best is your idea of a good time.

Treat yourself to a high-quality assortment of equipment that will enable you to be your best self, every time you step through the gym door.

Push yourself to new heights and track every step of the way with a handy fitness watch like the Fitbit Inspire 2 and a pair of wireless headphones like the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

For mornings and nights when it gets a little cooler in and out of the gym, PAS Normal Studios workout Control Arm Warmers are the perfect addition to your workout outfit to keep you warm and ready for movement.

A great gym bag is also a gym-lovers staple. Nike’s One Club Bag is the right size to fit all of your workout essentials, from drink bottles to weights, and is super easy to carry with a long top strap.

At the end of your workout session, either at the gym or at home, de-stress your tired muscles to stay in the best shape with Nike’s Recovery Foam Roller, or something a little more heavy duty like The Good Gun Massage Gun.

Pas Normal Studios Black Control Arm Warmers, $100 – available at SSENSE

At-Home Sweat

From your loungeroom to your at-home gym spaces, being in the comfort of your own house can sometimes be the most motivating place of all.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have transitioned to solely working out at home to be safe, save money and personalise our routines to our liking.

Whether you’re following along with an online workout, or have a tailored regime that you enjoy following, finding a space with ample room either inside or outside your home is a great place to start.

From old school party tracks to inspirational beats, broadcast your workout playlist as loud as you like while at home with the JBL Flip 5 Portable Speaker.

Mix up your sessions with some solo or partnered boxing. These Pro Leather Boxing Gloves from Modest Vintage Player are ideal for keeping your fingers protected while you test your strength.

Add an element of difficulty to your floor workouts with a PowerTube from PTP, a pair of Stainless Steel Dumbells from Kenko or the Lipova Push Up Bars from Pent.

Stretch out and rest like a pro at the end of every session with the Nike Dual Recovery Roller, perfect for cooling down and improving your gains.

Nike Black Dual Recovery Roller, $45 $37 – available at The Iconic

Active Wearer

Curated for the fashion-forward fitness lovers who are opposed to breaking into a sweat.

If you love a brisk walk to unwind after work or some slow exercise in the mornings usually with a takeaway coffee in hand, you need the perfect collection of stylish work out gear to get you moving.

Perfect for carting all of your active essentials around, P.E Nation’s Gravity Bag is beautiful enough to double up as an everyday tote or statement handbag.

For something a little more compact, P.E Nation’s Stellar Utility Belt fits your phone, keys, wallet and absolute necessities when you’re on the go.

While on a relaxing walk, listen to your favourite new album or podcast with a pair of sleek and wireless Beats by Dr Dre.

Bring your pet along in style with a luxurious dog lead like this leather look one from St Argo.

No ordinary bottle will do, keep hydrated while walking, resting and chilling out with an iconic and glittery Collina Strada Rhinestone Water Bottle designed with a metal handle at the top for easy carrying.

With these sporty must-haves, you can prove working out can be glamorous.

P.E Nation Gravity Bag, $219 – available at The Iconic