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22 June 2022

Winter Getaway Essentials to Fight the Chill

Beat the cold and rug-up in style this weekend.

Your time for a holiday is well overdue, so don’t wait for summer and instead make your winter getaway all the more warmer with Monde’s guide to your five must-have travel essentials.

Words By Kaylah Baker

Puffer Jacket

If you are going away for a winter getaway and have not even considered a puffer jacket, then we are sorry but you might as well not go.

The must-have of all must-haves, it is only common sense to have a classic and dependable puffer jacket in your winter wardrobe.

Thankfully brands have well and truly caught on to the everlasting trend, and have continuously been adding on more stylish numbers that step away from the classic black – dare we say – boring options.

As your ‘most likely to be’ staple, we here at Monde think there is no harm in going all out. Adopt that holiday attitude, and go bold or go home.

The easiest way to do this is with a bright coloured number. As pops of colour are raging at the moment, you honestly can’t go past a blue Balenciaga or Moncler puffer.

As blue as a crisp sky, they are eye-catching and sit on par with the amazing red AMI Paris padded jacket.

Balenciaga BB Logo Puffer Jacket, $3,850, Farfetch

Puffer Jacket
Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag

There is no point shopping for the winter essentials if you don’t even have a bag to pack them in.

Ditch the suitcase for this weekend winter getaway and find your perfect travel item in the form of a duffle bag.

No matter if a true adventure weekend is your ideal or an indoor cottage with a fireplace is more your forte, we have a bag for you.

For the men who don’t really care for details, just efficiency, The North Face panelled duffle bag is sure to hold all your necessities nicely. It also gets extra points for partnering with Good On You and creating a bag that is consciously ethical.

To classy it up and look the part, find your staple duffle in the form of the leather Polo Ralph Lauren duffle bag. With plenty of room, you won’t have any problem packing your winter heavy items.

If you’re someone who cares more about the detailing of having different areas to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste from your socks, then the Cobb & Co is on your side. The perfect blend of classic meets ‘lived in’, it will make you look like a seasoned traveller.

The North Face Logo-print Panelled Duffle Bag, was $222 now $200, Farfetch


It goes without saying that if your hands and your head are cold, you are most likely going to keep feeling the chill.

Beat this dilemma and stock up on winter essential accessories in the form of beanies and gloves.

Whether you like making a statement with your accessories or just like blending in, you are sure to have your pick of many.

But because holidays are all about having fun and going away has its bonuses in the sense that you can be a little more adventurous with your style than you normally would, we say embrace a little extra colour.

Tap into the joy of the holiday mood and lift your spirits even more with The Elder Statesman multicoloured, one hundred percent cashmere beanie.

For a brand that gets straight to necessities of what you need in a glove, Acne Studios wool-fleece gloves will make sure you avoid icy blue fingers and enjoy your holiday without feeling the bite.

Acne Studios Face-patch Wool-fleece Gloves, was $200 now $140, MATCHESFASHION



Is there anything worse than trying to sleep while also having to beat the cold on a wintry, stormy night? We think not.

Save yourself the hassle of tossing and turning only to get wrapped up and twisted in the many layers of blankets you have piled onto your bed, and invest in some quality winter pyjamas.

While cotton can be a great material most of the time, and particularly in the realm of sleepwear, a winter getaway may demand a little more warmth.

Opt for a thermal cotton material instead and get your hands on the John Elliott sleepwear set. The added bonus is that it can also be mistaken for casual wear if wanting to dress a little more low-key throughout the day. No judgement here.

If you consider yourself more of a traditionalist, there are also plenty of warm and cosy flannel options available. Our favourite being the forward-thinking consciously made Tekla long-sleeve which is made from organic cotton flannel.

While being snuggly in bed is an ideal, some nights you will just want to slip into your sleepwear a little before jumping into bed. For these nights, instead of piling on an everyday jacket, reach for the Soho Home robe.

Tekla Flannel Long-sleeve Pajama Shirt, was $184 now $92, Farfetch

Winter Shoes

Winter comes with unpredictable weather, so prepare yourself for walking in the rain and dodging a few puddles with the trendiest winter shoes on offer this season.

Ditch the sneakers this winter and say hello to the latest shoes you need in your winter wardrobe and on your weekend getaway.

As kids there is no denying you most likely loved wearing a classic pair of gumboots, thankfully it is now more than acceptable to sport them as an adult. A big win for the fun-factor of adult fashion.

Our personal favourites are the Bottega Veneta BV Tire boots. Offered in a neutral shade, they make adjusting back to a chunky boot-style shoe that little easier and subtle.

For something a little less designer and suited to getting a little mud and dirt on them, the River Island low moulded gumboots are a good alternative.

But gumboots may not be for all men and we totally get that. Sticking with the chunky looking shoe that is ever-so popular at the minute, the Alexander McQueen readapted high top ‘sneaker’ is worth the penny.

With that being said, be mindful of what kind of winter getaway you are going for and find a shoe to match accordingly.

River Island Low Moulded Gumboots, $80, ASOS

Winter Shoes

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