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Beauty Bytes 14 January 2022

Why Gold Skincare is Worth the Hype and the Products to Try

Luxurious & transformative, these 24 karat-loaded skincare products are worth their weight in gold.

Gold’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been a known phenomenon for quite some time, so it seems only fair that our very cleaver beauty industry has harnessed these powers and brought them into the skincare world. While sceptics might consider the addition of the precious metal unnecessary, there is scientific proof that gold can help slow down the ageing process, reduce inflammatory concerns such as rosacea and induce a glow unlike any other. These are the luxurious and effective gold products we swear by.

Words By Brittany Lyons


Exfoliants should be an essential part of every holistic skincare routine, and a very important one for those with concerns of inflammatory conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation.

Whilst relying on both AHAs and BHAs to provide a chemical exfoliation is an amazing way to induce cell renewal and the healing process, the addition of gold’s anti-inflammatory abilities can add yet another layer of help.

One of the most renowned exfoliating products harnessing the power of gold alongside other active ingredients is Alpha H’s Liquid Gold Exfoliating Treatment.

Boasting a formulation of lactic acid and our secret weapon, gold, this deep yet gentle exfoliation seeks to jump-start the skin’s metabolism delivering lighter, clearer and an even skin tone.

For skin types without great concerns of excess sebum or congestion, Korean Beauty brand AHC has well and truly harnessed Midas’ touch with their Brilliant Gold toner, featuring actual flakes of gold within the essence.

This dual exfoliating and hydrating product is the perfect prep to use before your serums.

Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial, $99, Sephora


Serums are one of our favourite types of cosmeceutical products because they’re where we can really affect positive change to specific concerns.

Highly concentrated, super charged and where clever science really comes into composition, serums are the most transformative products for us to play with.

The benefits of incorporating gold into these power packed elixirs is to further affect positive change. Due to gold being an efficient natural antioxidant, it makes the perfect ingredient to use in age management/anti-ageing efforts.

Our skin’s natural ageing process is accelerated by harm caused by environmental damage.

Elements like the sun and pollution cause free radical damage which regresses all our solid efforts in looking after our skin.

To effectively negate this from happening, antioxidants should be used every single morning, then followed by sunscreen.

Murad’s Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum harnesses the antioxidant powers of vitamin c alongside gold to not only protect from free radical damage, but to brighten the complexion, which is perfect for sun damaged, pigmented skin. Two birds, one gold.

Clarins Plant Gold L’Or Des Plantes 35ml Serum, $75, Myer

Eye Products

One of the product categories where the natural powers of gold can truly shine, is within the treatment of the under-eye area.

For those battling with dark circles and the loss of volume, antioxidant rich masks and creams can brighten and plump your eyes back to life.

For a product finessing the concoction of vitamin C and gold, we adore Antipodes’ Kiwi Seed Gold Luminous Eye Cream.

Bringing together the anti-aging, vitamin c-rich kiwi seed oil and light reflecting 23 karat gold particles, this formula not only treats the dark area but creates an illusion of beautiful glowy brightness.

This vegan certified, organic product is a natural and effective way to lighten and rejuvenate whatever bags you may have.

Another way to trick everyone around you that you’ve had a restful 8 hours is with Aceology’s Anti-Aging Gold Eye Mask.

These individual gel-based and infused masks are doused in a unique blend of anti-ageing nutrients, peptides, collagen and gold to restore elasticity and rejuvenate.

To get more out of these wonderful little things, keep the pack in the fridge to quicken the de-puffing results.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream with Lime Pearl AHAs 15ml, $109.95, Activeskin


If bougie masks are what you’re after, then do we have a treat for you!

Providing the leading self-care element of all the skincare products available, masks are the once, twice, or thrice a week treats we love to indulge in when in the bath or taking a moment for ourselves.

What better way to deepen your state of relaxation and luxuriousness than with the addition of a mask containing none other than 24 karat gold? Right.

Like serums, masks work best when chosen for your specific concerns. If your skin is on the oily or congested side, AHAVA’s 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask combines the purification properties of mineral mud, and the anti-inflammatory magic of gold, and presents it in a luxe mask to calm and brighten the skin.

A sensory pleasure and a whole lot of posh, this ethereal goop will leave you luminous, soft and feeling like a true goddess.

For those looking to accelerate the bougie level even more, Lancome offer their Absolue Regenerating Brighten Cream Mask with 24K Gold as a beacon in luxury regenerative masks.

Packed full of botanicals, extracts and our all-important gold, these foil masks promise to leave your skin brighter, plumper and glowier. Extravagant- yes, excessive- never.

AHAVA 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask 50ml, $79.95, Facial Co


The last step in any good night-time routine (an AM routine finishes in SPF) is a hydrating product to lock in moisture and nourishment.

Lucky for us, we’re spoilt for nourishing and hydrating products available in a myriad of delivery systems.

Whether you prefer an enriched and thick night cream, a light spritz of hydrating essence or a beautiful oil, we have all of the above harnessing the saintly benefits of gold.

As mentioned earlier, gold holds a great ability to calm, firm and protect the skin simultaneously.

Rodial’s Rose Gold Deluxe Moisturiser seeks to firm and smoothen the skin thanks to technology reliant on 24 carat gold, White Rose Fresh Cells and Regenerative Bioactive extract.

This trilogy in nourishment works to promote elasticity, improve the look of wrinkles as well as drip feeding moisture into the skin all night while you sleep.

If you like to have your gold right where you can see it, you won’t be disappointed with the speckled display of 24 karat chunks in Esmi Skin Minerals’ Nourishing Face Oil.

Featuring flakes of gilt within the nourishing oil seems obnoxious but it’s necessary! A beautiful hydrator with antioxidant benefits, we live for this face oil.

Vanessa Megan Group 11 Active Mist (100ml), $49.95, Flora and Fauna