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22 March 2022

Why Body Brushing Needs to be Part of your Wellness Routine

The benefits of dry brushing and the best way to integrate it into your daily life.

A wellness ritual that has had deep roots in Ayurvedic medicine for well over a century, dry brushing the skin has intrinsic benefits that far exceed just the surface. Adored by hippy-leaning Hollywood celebrities and those who prefer natural remedies worldwide, this glow inducing, lymphatic draining beauty alternative is certainly a habit worth the effort. Let’s see what all this fuss Miranda Kerr swears by is all about!

Words By Brittany Lyons

Classic Brushes

Just as the name suggests, dry bushing is all about making contact with a mid to firm naturally bristled brush and dry skin in sweeping motions. Ideally performed pre jumping in the shower (for obvious reasons) the traditional way suggests brushing from the feet to the head in an upward motion toward the heart.

The intrinsic benefits of brushing the skin with a firm bristle and pressure are to rid the dermis of dead cells, promote cell regeneration, support lymphatic drainage and boost your circulation. And if you’re not 100% convinced by the wellness benefits the process yields, you can consider the process as a moment of rest, self-care, and a nice massage that you so rightfully deserve.

When you’re looking for the perfect traditional hand-held brush, seek a size that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and one with a strap that ensures it won’t slip out when you’re applying the pressure you require.

If you’re inclined to choose beauty products that are kinder on our earth, opt for brushes with bristles made from natural fibres such as cactus to ensure it decomposes as quickly and naturally as the organic matter should. Our pick below from Hydrea London is perfectly considered.

Salt By Hendrix Dry Body Brush, $29.95 – available at Adore Beauty

Classic Brushes
Long Arm Brushes

Long Arm Brushes

Like any exfoliation to the skin, it’s recommended that you keep the process to 2-3 times a week minimum to avoid over-exfoliation and the irritation and degradation of the skin’s barrier. Dry brushing too should be kept to an-every-other-day ritual.

If your skin is on the already sensitive, eczema-prone or acneic side, it’s best to err on the side of caution and begin your dry brushing journey once or twice a week.

An option for those with sensitive skin is to opt for a brush with bristles a little softer than the options mentioned above. Whilst cactus, coconut husk and other natural fibres offer a deep exfoliation, softer alternatives such as SHAQUDA’s option from NET-A-PORTER below harnesses the gentle powers of goat hair and synthetic fibres. This softer alternative still offers similar benefits, without risking the integrity of the skin.

In order to properly obtain the holistic benefits of dry brushing, it’s also important to brush all the hard-to-reach, nook and cranny-esque parts of the skin. To get to these little pockets of the back and behind the legs, a dry brush with a longer arm is absolutely necessary (if you don’t have a buddy to help you), some fabulous options are below.

Shaquda Suvé Body Brush Long – Soft, $295.12 – available at NET-A-PORTER

Brush & Oils

To further lean into the Ayurvedic offering that dry brushing provides, it’s recommended that post brushing you shower to rid your skin of all the dead cells and follow it up with a nourishing body product as your skin is thirsty post exfoliation.

You can always use your regular body moisturiser but an excellent way to sink deeper into the holistic bliss and ritual is to opt for a body oil full of botanicals and nourishing essentials. These all-purpose oils are natural, free of nasties, and can be used on the hair, skin, and nail beds, wherever needs a surge of nourishment. You’ll be surprised at how well your skin will drink these products up, so be liberal with your application and don’t shy away from areas like the elbows and knees which need that additional hit of product.

When it comes to nourishing body oils that make us feel especially hydrated and glowy we love the range offered by Aesop. Known so well for their exceptional scents and impeccable packaging, the generously sized body oil from the Melbourne-based brand is a go-to. The ‘Breathless’ variety is a personal favourite, with a generous amount of Vitamin E for healing, Jojoba for replenishment, and almond oil for hydration.

Aesop Breathless 100ml Body Oil, $39.00 – available at Myer

Brush & Oils

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